June 2023
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Creating Belonging: LGBTQ+ Episcopalians share their journeys to inclusive faith communities
The House of Deputies celebrated Pride Month. Throughout the month, the House featured a video series entitled “Creating Belonging: LGBTQIA+ Episcopalians share their journeys to inclusive faith communities.” In this video series, we shared stories of struggle, acceptance, and finding a supportive community within the church.

We invite you to watch and share these Episcopal leaders’ stories.
Rev. Charles Graves
Louisa McKellaston
Rev. Susan Russell
Rev. Gwen Fry
House of Deputies Chaplain's June message
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President Ayala Harris with chancellors who are deputies to the 81st General Convention
Creativity and Governance: A Love Story 

Good afternoon, colleagues! 

Wow, Episcopal Chancellors you all are a wonderful group! I can honestly say that I never thought I could have so much fun while standing in front of a room full of church lawyers! 

For my time with you today, I want to begin with some remarks and then we will spend the rest of the hour in question and answer, getting to know each other better. Is that a deal? Is this agreement satisfactory to everyone? Do we need to sign something first? 

"It's All About Love Festival"
We are thrilled to invite you to the highly anticipated It's All About Love Festival, an event that promises days filled with inspiration, connection, and delightful experiences. Join President Ayala Harris and Presiding Bishop Michael Curry in this celebration of community and love. 

At the heart of this festival is the opportunity to engage with President Ayala Harris in a casual and friendly atmosphere. The President will host a networking lunch that all church geeks are welcome to attend. This lunch gives you the chance to meet deputies and leaders from across the church as well as the President herself. This occasion provides an excellent platform to share your ideas, ask questions, and gain insights from a community of engaged church leaders like yourself. 

In addition to the lunch meet and greet, President Ayala Harris is curating a panel that will lead discussions centered around the future of the church. With the panelists, we will delve into insightful conversations, exchange ideas, and envision a future that embraces inclusivity, innovation, and diversity. The panel promises to be an enlightening experience that will challenge perspectives and encourage meaningful dialogue.

To top it all off, President Ayala Harris will deliver a powerful closing sermon on July 12th and it is sure to be a highlight of the festival. If you loved her 80th General Convention sermon, then you won’t want to miss this!

Join us in Baltimore July 9-12!

Joint Nominating Committee for the Election of the Presiding Bishop
There’s still time to suggest bishops whom the Joint Nominating Committee for the Election of the Presiding Bishop should consider nominating for election as the 28th presiding bishop. Bishops who believe they are called to participate in the process may also submit their names. The deadline is Saturday, July 15
The committee released a profile in May which will guide the nominations for electing our next presiding bishop. The committee has surveyed church members, interviewed church leaders, and met extensively together to discuss and pray about what they have heard.
You are encouraged to read the profile and consider whether a bishop you know may be called to serve in this capacity. It is expected that the bishop being nominated will be informed before the form is submitted.
The profile and nomination form are available in English, Spanish, and French on the General Convention Website
The election by the House of Bishops is schedule for Wednesday, June 26, 2024, during the 81st General Convention in Louisville, Kentucky. After the election, the House of Bishops will report of the result of the election, including the number of votes cast for each nominee on each ballot, to the House of Deputies. The deputies will then vote to confirm or not to confirm the bishops’ choice of presiding bishop.
President Ayala Harris visits St. Paul's within the Walls
Watch the video of President Ayala Harris's sermon on June 19
President Ayala Harris honored World Refugee Day with a visit to the Joel Nafuma Refugee Center (JNRC), a ministry of Saint Paul's Within the Walls Episcopal Church in Rome, Italy. At the Joel Nafuma Refugee Center, President Ayala Harris witnessed firsthand the remarkable work being done to support and empower refugees from various backgrounds. 

St. Paul's Within the Walls, located in the heart of Rome, provides a safe haven for those fleeing conflict, persecution, and hardship. It offers essential services such as language classes, legal aid, medical assistance, and psychological support, enabling refugees to rebuild their lives with dignity. "I am inspired by the dedication of the staff and volunteers to find ways to not only meet the basic needs of their guests with clothing, hygiene products, and education but also to connect their guests to nature, the wider community, and meaningful relationships" said President Ayala Harris. The visit to St Paul's Within the Walls JNRC highlighted the Episcopal Church's commitment to social justice and compassion for all people. President Ayala Harris emphasized the importance of ecumenical collaboration in addressing the global refugee crisis, recognizing that it is a shared responsibility transcending religious boundaries.

After visiting the JNRC, President Ayala Harris met with Anglican Communion leaders at the Anglican Centre in Rome, including Archbishop Ian Ernest, The Archbishop of Canterbury's Representative to the Holy See. Their meeting focused on strengthening the partnership between The Episcopal Church and the Anglican Communion, exploring ways to work together. Both leaders expressed their shared commitment to promoting peace, justice, and reconciliation in a world marked by division. 
Left to right: Rev. Austin Rios, President Ayala Harris, Archbishop Ian Ernest, Kamala Ernest, and Maleah Rios
Video clip of a section of the opening remarks
Good morning, Executive Council, churchwide staff, and our distinguished guests. 
Before I begin my opening remarks, I need to acknowledge that this morning is different. 

I’ve joked in the past that it’s always hard to follow the presiding bishop at these meetings, and yet today I so wish that he were here with us in person. I miss his prayerful and catalyzing presence among us.

This distance has reminded me that our church–our common life together–is only as strong as our relationships with one another. It is our greatest asset in ministry and mission of our church. Our presiding bishop is my colleague, my partner in ministry and sometimes my partner in crime, and my brother in Christ. 

Let us pray together for our leader and our brother. 

General Convention Office announces site for the 82nd General Convention
Communication from the Office of General Convention:

We are pleased to announce that the city of Phoenix in the Diocese of Arizona has been selected as the site for the 82nd General Convention of The Episcopal Church slated for the summer of 2027. After hearing a report from the Executive Committee of the Joint Standing Committee on Planning and Arrangements, that committee voted to recommend Phoenix. Pittsburgh in the Diocese of Pittsburgh, and and San Juan, in the Diocese of Puerto Rico, were also considered. That decision was confirmed through canonical consents as outlined in Canon I.1.13c.

Task force survey seeks to identify language needs across Episcopal Church
The General Convention Task Force on Translation and Interpretation, formed by Resolution A024, has released a survey to help its work of developing recommendations for determining and prioritizing written materials that should be translated and meetings where interpretation should be provided within The Episcopal Church.

The online survey is available to the entire church but is being directed to all dioceses and to those parishes that have identified that they use languages other than English in their worship, operations, and service to their communities.

The survey is available in the following languages:
The 81st General Convention draft schedule
The draft schedule for the 81st General Convention is now available.The schedule was built to allow for common listening among members of both houses to the presentation from the Joint Nominating Committee for the Election of the Presiding Bishop, to the church-wide budget and process, as well as time for wellness and community-building.

A reminder that the published schedule is considered a draft until formally adopted by the Convention.

C009 Deputy Certification Compliance
Communication from the Office of General Convention:
Information regarding Deputations

As previously, once your deputation has been elected, please submit that information in the online Deputation Certification Form.

If at any point your deputation changes, please submit that information in the online Deputation Change Form.

New for 81st General Convention 

The new rules of order for the House of Deputies regarding deputations, which are available online, require all deputations to have formation in racial reconciliation and for that formation to be reported back prior to General Convention. The reporting will not be required until early 2024. We did want you to be aware and prepare for this reality as you begin to elect your deputations. 

The whole Rules of Order, which are a part of the Constitution and Canons 2022, are available online in English and Spanish here: https://www.generalconvention.org/publications#CandC

For more questions, contact the General Convention's Office
Around the House
We want to hear about what's happening around the House. 

The House of Deputies is full of members that are not only working on resolutions but are also doing fantastic work in their congregations, dioceses, and the country. If you are a deputy doing amazing work or know of someone who is, share it with us today.

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