Mark your calendar and make sure to set a reminder for every 4th Thursday of the month to visit us. Join us between 5:00 and 8:00 pm to mingle with our talented local artists and immerse yourself in a world of creativity and inspiration. We can't wait to see you there!

Upcoming Art Walk: June 27th!

Click here for more info on Art Walks!

June Featured Artist

Dru Duffey - Watercolor

These large paintings have been resurrected and will be in the display window this month along with some abstracts and other nature paintings. It was fun to bring them back to life.

Camano Drift Wood and Figures of Cabo

Northwest Icons

Gina Hanzsek - Collage, Montage and Assemblage

Gina has 6 collages on display at the Parklane Gallery in

Kirkland through the end of June.

Bill and Nancy Dewey - Photography

Gray Fox Tree

Tammy Pool

Midnight Majesty - Acrylic on 11x14 wood canvas

Kathryn Sterley - Oil

Julie Kraut - Watercolor

David Demarest - Photography

Rearing Kigers Enh and Boys Being Boys Enh

Mare and Foal

Joan Pinney - Watercolor

Mt. Rainier

Snohomish River Calm

Are you looking for more paintings to frame?

Fran Martiny - Jewelry

Sonya Lang - Photography

“Each dent and scratch is a chapter from its past.” author unknown

Had a Good Run - 12x18 canvas

Bryson Alden - Blacksmith


Annika Elizabeth - Acrylic and Watercolor

Below is the link to Annika's current class

Blend and Flow: An Intuitive Art Class June 10, 2024

and another one July 8, 2024.

Click Here for Art Class Information 

Work in Progress - Acrylic

Tea Blanket Tears - Watercolor

Susan Dawson

9x12 Pastel


Please welcome our newest Guest Artist Morgaine Larson. Her work is located in our foyer.

Morgaine is a metal artist who is consistently growing, learning, and enjoying every minute of it. Aside from metal, she practiced many artforms, especially mixing assorted mediums to make one piece. Morgaine tends to be inspired by a lot, but nature, music, and people are her top three. Everything she does starts with a vision and a lot of thinking, a sketch, and then she feels her way into materials and how she will start to bring it to life. 

She has always been an artistic and creative person since she was a child. Morgaine started her art education going to school for graphic design, but then switched her degree once she realized she needed to work with her hands more than a computer. Morgaine has taken an abundance of art classes throughout the years, from Drawing, Oil painting, Acrylics, Pottery, Photography, and Lampworking. For the past 6 years she has been focused on metal and wood working, and at times combining the two. She enjoys working with metal so intently that she decided to switch her degree to Metal Fabrication at Everett Community College and graduated in 2021. Metal is what peaks her passions the most.

Morgaine started her small business this year, Pyro Metals LLC, centered on plasma cutting, CNC design, welding, shaping, and flamework. She loves texture, colors, and things that glisten or capture light, so she tends to do a lot of grinding and polishing of her metal pieces. Once she finishes prep work, she will either spray paint or heat color the steel and then finish with a clear coat. Morgaine is always trying new things and finds that art is limitless. As of late she is making garden art, wall décor, small sculptures, and wood hanging metal mobiles.

Watch Below: Two cecropia moths entangled video.

Steve Kennedy - Oil Pastels

Calla Lily Bloom and From the Meadow to the Mountain

James Cooper - Acrylic

Olivier Peter Contesse - Pottery

Michele Marquardt - Fused Glass

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