Welcome to Summerfest. This is Orem City's time of Celebration. It is a Celebration of fun, food, and entertainment. It is a Celebration of Summer. And mostly it is a Celebration of coming together as friends and neighbors and taking time off to enjoy being outdoors and building a sense of community.

I love seeing the police and firefighters meeting with the residents. I love the many booths selling homemade items. I love the carnival rides. I enjoy looking at the old cars. The food is great. I love the Orem Rotary charity pancake breakfast. I appreciate the Community Day of Prayer. I am thankful for the old military vehicles to remind me of those who used vehicles like that to fight for our freedom. I love the entertainment and storytelling. The fireworks are fantastic.

And most of all I love to see all of the citizens line the streets for the parade. It truly is a celebration of our heritage and our future. I love Cooper's Run and what it stands for. It is exciting to have Jenny Oaks Baker and Dallyn Vail Bayles performing at the Shell.

Orem is a wonderful city with great residents. It is fun to get relaxed under the summer skies and feel the companionship and friendship of all those who attend. This is a time for all of us as a community to come together and feel happy and relaxed and enjoy the good things of summer. It is a time to gain strength that comes from being part of a wonderful community of families, friends, city employees, and visitors.

May your attendance at Summerfest put a smile on your face. May you feel happy and welcome in Orem City's Celebration of Summer. And may you feel the strength of community in coming together here at the festival.

Mayor Brunst