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Skyland Community Church
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10:30 Sunday Service
June, 2013
Minister: Stephen Glauz-Todrank
Church phone: 408-353-1310


Project Earth Results


The UCC Mission 4/1 Earth has ended. Although the goal of 1 million hours of earth service, 100,000 trees planted and 100,000 thousand letters of earth advocacy written was not reached, our small church certainly contributed our share. I am missing one week of data but here are our results:  1280 hours, 105 trees planted and 188 letters written. Well done everyone.  


The total hours  for the project:  522,225 hours of service; 94,965 trees planted; and 48,674 letters written.


I believe the real goal of this effort was to help everyone be more aware our role in our planet's future and the kinds of things we can do together and individually to preserve its health for our children and grandchildren.  That goal was attained.


 Congratulations to all.   


--Jackie Seymour


Altar Flowers


still life withflowers  

Flowers in a field

Perfect purple harbingers

Of pain and passion.


-- Kathryn Darden


We have some vacant Sundays in the next two months: June 23 and 30; July 7, 21, and 28. If you would like to bring flowers on one of these dates, please sign up on the calendar in Whitaker Hall.


-- John Heyes



Run at a Glance


WhereRadonich Ranch, 25140 Highland Way, Los Gatos, CA 95033


When: Saturday, July 6, 2013




7:15 a.m., Registration 


8:30 a.m.: 10K run, 5K run/walk 


9:45 a.m.: Kids 10 & under 1K Fun Run 


Thereafter: Pancake breakfast! Prizes! Raffle! Live music!









Skyland Community Church
Minister's Column


Dear Skyland Friends,


Some Sundays are more full of life-changing energy than others, and this past Sunday (June 2) was one of the big ones. First, during worship, we heard from Matthew Colbran-Patterson, who is a pre-med student at UC Davis, about his upcoming summer internship working with HIV-infected children in Tanzania. We cheered him and blessed him in prayer together and began a collection to support his work. One of the great joys of life in church together is to see our young people, and some not so young, take on challenging and important humanitarian projects. He promised to bring us a report in September. His trip is paid for already, so he will be able to use our contributions directly with children he works with. So exciting! Please make out checks to Skyland Church, with a note in the memo field to indicate support of Matthew's internship, and mail them to Gerry Alonzo at Skyland Church, P.O. Box 245, Los Gatos CA 95033.


Secondly, at our congregational meeting, we discussed transitioning the Skyland Run to another organization on the mountain. We shared our thoughts and concerns together and a committee will be appointed by the Church Council to study the possibilities and bring a recommendation to our next all church meeting in January. This coming run will be our 21st and it is clear that energy is flagging at the same time that costs and location issues are rising. Please be in touch with moderator, Larry Cooke, if you would like to be a part of the committee. I particularly admired how lots of people spoke and the rest of us listened with real attention. I am sure we will come up with a plan that will serve the needs of the church and the community.


I have been championing the idea recently that God is still creating, partly through inspiring and energizing us. I see in both these projects and many more the hand of Inspiring Love creating new things and letting go of others so that something new can be created. Thank you to all of you for letting God create through us one wonderful church community.


Cheers and Blessings,

 -- Stephen

Skyland Mountain Run turns 21 July 6


Put on your running shoes and come join us on July 6 for the 21st Annual Skyland Mountain Run.

2012 start


Runners in the 5k/10k races break through the fog 

at the start of the 2012 race.


Invite your family, and friends; there are events for all ages (see "Run at a Glance," in the left column below.)


All profits are given  to charities selected by the Skyland Mission Board.


If you don't want to walk or run, we need volunteers to help in preparation and on the day of the run. Check in with Anne Evans (408-691-6814), or Paula (408-425-3345) or Terry Leary (408-921-4343).


Registration is $25 before 11 p.m. on July 2, and $35 on race day. For more information and photos from 2012 go to www.skylandrun.com.


A popular tradition of the run is the raffle. Participants receive raffle tickets in their entry packet, and our fabulous prizes motivate runners, friends and volunteers to purchase additional tickets. When Skyland folks donate wine, toys, gift certificates/cards, and other items, there are no overhead costs to the raffle and all the money goes to the nonprofit organizations supported by the run.


Please bring your items to church or contact Anne or Jan Parker (408-761-0634) to arrange for pick-up. If items can't be used at this event, your contribution will be shared with Harvest Festival. Thank you for your giving spirit. 


-- Anne Evans and Jan Parker   




Raffle winners check prizes at last year's run 
De-clutter Your Life Saturday June 22


Ellie Lavender of Skyland Church, a certified Feng Shui consultant, will lead a workshop on how to de-clutter your life Saturday, June 22, from 10 a.m. to noon. The workshop offers methods to increase health, vitality, happiness and success in three steps: 1) clear mind clutter; 2) de-clutter and organize the home/workplace; and 3) incorporate mindful interior design.


Fee:  Please write a check to Skyland Church for $25.00 and bring it with you to the workshop.  Proceeds will go to Skyland Church. Family, friends and neighbors are welcome at the same fee.


Registration: Please email ellie@lavenderdesign.net or call (408) 858-8947 by June 17.


Location:  Whitaker Hall, Skyland Church, 25100 Skyland Road, Los Gatos, CA 95033.


Refreshments:  Cheese, fruits, Lavender cookies, tea, coffee.


-- Ellie Lavender


Matt Colbran-Patterson volunteers at Tanzanian orphanage


Matt writes:


I'd like to tell you about an exciting adventure in store for me this summer: I have the opportunity to volunteer at the Baobab Home in Tanzania in East Africa and to raise funds for services for the kids. An NGO, Baobab is an orphanage for abandoned children, many of whom are affected by HIV/AIDS. It is a school providing life skills and early education, and a feeding program for HIV positive people in the town. Anne Evans guided me toward this opportunity, and you may have heard her speak of it at Skyland.


I'm determined to go to Africa and help these children as part of my goal of becoming a doctor and making a difference in the world. I have already raised my travel and subsistence costs, and now I want to raise direct funds for the program so that some of the kids can receive the additional services they need. My goal for them is $5,000 - although of course the more I can raise for the program the better. Amongst other needs at the home, kids often require services not available locally; and one of my jobs may be to take them to bigger cities for aid. The staff at the home have other plans for my time -- teaching, mentoring, helping serve food in the town, and even building a chicken house, something I did recently at my house in Davis. I understand I may also have the opportunity to work in the local hospital. 


Last year I worked with young children at a summer program in the U.S., and I have always been passionate about the under-served and medically needy. I worked all year driving buses to fund my education at UC Davis, and I'm now looking to raise the funds to provide much needed direct services to the kids.


Baobab Home is a 501(c)3 NGO registered in the U.S., and donations for the kids are tax deductible to you. You can read about it here.Please send checks made out to Skyland Church, with a note to indicate that the funds are to go to Baobab Home. (Mail them to Skyland Church, P.O. Box 245, Los Gatos CA 95033.


I have also set up a site on the web for credit card donations here. If you have any questions about this, or anything else regarding my trip, please do not hesitate to contact me.


This trip will probably change my life forever. Time is short as I hope to leave at the end of June. I'll be there for 2 1/2 months. Please help me reach my goal.


With thanks in anticipation,


Matt Colbran-Patterson

(408) 355-5540


21670 Oak Flat Rd, Los Gatos, Ca 95033

Art Benefit by Mayan Kids a Rousing Success


Well over a hundred visitors came to admire the work of students from the "Help Me to Paint My Future" school on Lake Atitl´┐Żn in Guatemala, where Skyland Church contributes to the scholarship fund, on May 25-26 at First Congregational Church in Santa Cruz.  They bought more than $2,300 worth of paintings, weavings, and jewelry to benefit the work of the school, which trains poor Mayan children to become professional painters.


Jose Mendez, co-founder of the school, and Miranda Talbott-Pope, the American social worker who lives in San Pedro la Laguna, where it is located, were grateful for the response and delighted by having so many people admire the work of the students.


"We want to thank Skyland Church for their efforts to make this event successful,"  said Talbott-Pope "...arranging the event, helping with setup, and participating with us both days. As always, we feel great pride in talking about our project with people. Conversations with the attendees - especially those who have visited Guatemala in the past, or want to in the future - are wonderful experiences for us.


"Thanks to those who purchased paintings or textiles, and those who donated outright. Your help is indispensable to us in realizing our dreams for the children and families of the project.  We hope you enjoy your purchases."


Talbott-Pope said that the returns from the show may allow the school to offer tutoring to some of the children who are struggling  because their parents do not read or write (about 75% of the mothers) or speak Spanish (about 65%). The tutoring also sets aside time dedicated to homework - "which is not a high priority for many of the parents in their difficult workdays," she added.


The benefit show took place at First Congregational Church in Santa Cruz, which contributed its spacious reception hall for the event. Many thanks to, to Pastor Dave Grishaw-Jones, parish administrator Brooke Graff, and to Roger Erickson of the maintenance staff, who kept the show rolling by setting up tables and display panels and helping us provide credit card services by making the FCC wi-fi network available to us. 


Special thanks too to Jan Parker and Bruce Berwald, who made their home available to Jose and Miranda during their stay, to Bruce, who treated everyone to dinner at Tramonti restaurant in Santa Cruz Saturday night,
to Anne Evans, who shepherded the scholarship award through the Mission Board, and to Carolina McCall, who recruited gifts of art supplies from her colleagues at 17th Ave. Studios in Santa Cruz.


-- Cliff Barney



From left, Anne Evans, Jose Mendez, 

Miranda Talbott-Pope, and Carolina McCall 


Financial report May 2013      

At this time, we have received 32 pledges for a total of $109,760. If members who have not yet pledged do renew the same pledge, the total will be $124,160. If you have not pledged, please send in your pledge cards, with an increase if possible.


Pledge gifts are $4,856 less than planned for this fiscal year. The  income includes the addition to "Other Income" of all our previous general fund surplus of $8,706.


Finally, fiscal year income was $1,954 less than planned and expenses were $155 more than planned.  


Summary of Operating Finances to May 2013


May 2013


Jun 1, 2012 to 





















$      36






--Gerald J. Alonzo