News & Updates
June 2021 | Issue 6

President’s Message
“Flying and Growing Together”
Haven’t you always been fascinated by the flying formation of geese? There is an article written by Dr. Robert McNeish that describes the reasoning in simple terms. He reports that as each bird stretches out its wings and flies, this flapping creates an uplift or an aerodynamic orientation that reduces friction in the air. Birds behind each other therefore have less difficulty or air resistance. When the birds fly in a ‘V’ formation, the entire flock of birds add at least a 71 per cent greater flying range than if each bird flew on its own. This creates a huge advantage and as a result, the entire flock of birds can greatly benefit by simply flying together in this ‘V’ formation. Referring to this phenomenon, Dr. McNeish stated, “It exemplifies the extra power gained by those who contribute to each other and share a common direction and a sense of community. They also get where they are going with less effort, quicker and easier.” Think about the distances these geese fly and the apparent obstacles they must overcome to reach their destinations. In order to do so, they must obviously work together and help each other.

Naturally this got me thinking about our own set of circumstances. As with the geese, a successful completion of the journey for us all, means that we all have to work together and help each other through this long and deliberate journey out of this pandemic. So how can that be done? We all want to get out of this pandemic and to increase our ability to get back as close to normal as possible. In order to do that, we need to do it together. We should be able to get there quicker if we continue to work together and help each other because we can benefit from the momentum set by us all. There’s more to it. There’s the formation or routine or daily life, itself. When one goose falls behind, it would feel the result of the air resistance and then it would quickly try to recover its positon in the formation in order to regain that momentum. This is a good time to ask for or seek help.

Some of us may find these times quite difficult. There’s no time like the present to ask for help. We are going through an adjustment period and could use the help of each other. My hope is that as we ease ourselves out of this difficult time, that we embrace the notion of Networking. MASWA provides an excellent vehicle of sharing and caring and imparting knowledge to its interested parties. Again, as we continue to “open up” let’s remember the lesson learned from the birds who “flock” together and who support each other.  Let’s do it, together!
Best Wishes for a Continued Fabulous Spring and Summer!

Georgene Connelly
MASWA President