Volume XXVIII | June, 2018
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I hope you all are having a wonderful summer. As you prepare for what I hope will be a delightful July 4, and a quiet week with minimal email, let me share some updates with you.

O&N Member American Grassfed Association has taken on the USDA "Product of USA" standard that allows foreign raised beef that is packaged in the States to be labeled as being from here. This is having a devastating effect on farmers who adhere to the Association's grassfed standards, and is completely deceptive to consumers. The deadline for filing comments is August 17. Let's keep CAFO out of collagen.

Our vitamin D health claim petition patiently awaits FDA's next move. The Agency has until July 13 to respond to us. We hope to be asking you to submit written comments of support before the end of July.

The Farm Bill has now passed both the House and Senate and now heads to Conference Committee. We are tracking language relating to organic (Senate version), and the potential coverage of multi-vitamins for SNAP beneficiaries (in the House version). Senators Hatch and Scott were unsuccessful in efforts to pass an amendment that mirrors the House language.

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Read below to hear the work of our Scientific Advisory Committee as they educate consumers across the country. I'll see several of you at the NBJ Summit where Carole and I will accept the NBJ Education Award. Also, work has begun on our 2019 Annual Conference - our Keynote Speaker is......(scroll down). If you have companies you would like to invite to the Conference, please email me !.

Happy 4th of July!


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