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Give Yourself Permission                                                            June 2014
Give YourSelf Permission
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Whose rules do you live by? Usually your internal do's and don'ts are picked up in your childhood. As you grow up you learn the 'right' way to do things, which can simply be what's acceptable or traditional in your family or culture. As an adult it can be incredibly liberating to question the hidden rules you live by and ask if they actually contribute to your happiness.
One person who has done this very successfully is author, Hoffman graduate and life coach Priya Rana Kapoor. She shows you what a difference giving yourself permission can make in her new book Give YourSelf Permission to Live Your Life which is featured in this month's newsletter. 
One effect of giving yourself permission to step outside what's familiar to you is the capacity to be innovative and to have a far greater impact on the world than you may ever have imagined possible. Bob Hoffman was certainly someone who did that when he founded the Hoffman Process to 'bring peace to the world one person at a time'. Recently Hoffman centres around the world met in California to celebrate that vision and to continue his example of constant evolution. We feel he'd be proud to see the first ever Hoffman Process taking place in Russia this month. What a fantastic achievement.
If you'd like to experience more fun, freedom and expansion in your life, join our experiential Introduction Day on Saturday July 12 or come to our Information Evening on Tuesday June 3 in London or Wednesday June 18 in Dublin. 
If you're a Hoffman graduate and interested in re-experiencing the Process you have an opportunity to join our first Graduate-Only Process - July 5-11. We also have a Support Call - Wednesday June 11 on Listen to Your Body
Wishing you a month of fun and freedom
The Hoffman Team
Hoffman Article - by Life Coach & Author Priya Rana Kapoor                                     Back to Top
Give YourSelf Permission....to have fun!
Priya Rana KapoorHow often do you do something for the sheer joy of doing it? Never mind if it achieves anything or has a point to it - it's just glorious fun. For Priya Kapoor guilt-free fun was a distant memory until she did the Hoffman Process in 2009. With a Master's degree in counselling psychology, and after working for years as a therapist, she felt that Hoffman was very much a 'last ditch effort to save my personal life'. The gifts that she left with surprised her. Five years on she says:
'By the end of the Process I understood and felt how supportive and loving relationships could be and most importantly the Process gave me permission to have fun! Honestly, I went around my whole life feeling guilty about doing joyous things. I always felt I had to attach some productive meaning to everything I did. I never really realised that I could just have fun for the sake of it and that would not only enrich my soul, my well-being, my motivation but also many of my relationships.'
Priya's new book Give YourSelf Permission to Live Your Life has just come out to rave reviews. It has been described as 'insightful and compassionate' by Shawn Achor NY Times bestselling author of The Happiness Advantage' and frequent guest on Oprah's Super Soul Sunday  .... '  Read this interview and book extract...   or    Read other archived articles
Hoffman International Conference - 2014                                                                    Back to Top
Hoffman International Conference 2014

During the week of May 12-17 Hoffman teachers and organisers from all around the world met in Napa, California at an historic spa resort dating back to the gold rush in 1852. White Sulphur Springs, which happens to be the main site for the Process in the USA, was a perfect setting for Argentinians to talk to Australians and Italians to exchange ideas with the Irish. After sessions on new ideas for teaching and best practices for pre and post course support, the evenings were spent dancing and simply getting to know each other, with the grand finale being a loud and passionate Mariachi band from Mexico getting everyone moving. 


The main theme of the conference was 'A Fresh Start'. How to keep our work fresh and alive, and for this we had sessions on Neuroscience, on the latest research about our particular methods, on learning styles, and even on the music that different centres now use as a backdrop. John Grey, author of Men Are From Mars, Women are from Venus was the key note speaker. John was highly entertaining on the subject of relationships and shared some tips on how to keep love alive. There were over 30 Hoffman teachers at the Conference, some who had been trained by Bob Hoffman and have known each other over 25 years, and others who were meeting for the first time. It's only every two years that we come together like this and with so much passion shared for the Hoffman work, the energy was high and most of us stayed up far too late! 


The feeling of being a united community was something cited by all, along with a fresh commitment to continue delivering this work of healing and growth in the best way we could. For many more years. The next conference will be in Venice in May, 2016.


Read Tim Laurence's article - Culture Clash?

Do you know people overseas who you think would like to do the Process? Hoffman International website 

Graduate only Process: July 5 - 11                                                                  Back to Top

 Have you ever wished that you could
 do the Process again? 

For many years, we've heard previous participants tell us, 'I loved the Process - and now my life has changed, I'd really like to do it again.' Well, you now have the opportunity to join us on a Process held exclusively for Hoffman graduates from July 5-11 - and now in the 7 day format.
Our 2014 Graduate only Process will be held at our popular venue Florence House in Seaford, East Sussex. For the first time couples, siblings and friends can do the Process together. The Process starts on Saturday and ends the following Friday.
'I did the Process in my 20s. It was so valuable. Now that I'm 42, I have such a different perspective on life. I became a parent, I've been married for 10 years, I'm ready to look at things I couldn't look at the age of 22, because I hadn't experienced them yet.' Hoffman graduate 2014 USA 
There will be only 24 places available, and we expect these to go quickly. 
To register for this Process, click the link below, or call 01903 889 990 
Date: Saturday 5th July to Friday 11th July
Venue: Florence House, Seaford, East Sussex 
Everything you need to know about the Hoffman Process                                            Back to Top
Hoffman Information Evenings
This is a great opportunity to meet the Hoffman teachers and Process participants, ask questions, hear people's experiences and decide if the Process is right for you now, or in the future. They start from 7.30pm and finish around 9.30pm. They're free and there's no need to book. 


Tuesday 3rd June - Regent's University, London

Wednesday 18th June - Brooks Hotel, Dublin 
Tuesday 1st July - Regent's University, London
Tuesday 29th July - Regent's University, London  More Info
Hoffman Introduction Day - Saturday 12th July

This 'stand alone' workshop is for curious people who wish to learn more about what the Hoffman Process offers and what to expect from this week-long residential course.

This can be especially useful for partners/family members of people who have completed the Process. It allows them to find out and understand what their loved ones have experienced.   
More info & book online 

Can't make this one? The next Introduction Day is Saturday 18th October

PhoneHoffman Information Phone-In
Join our monthly Phone-In, Tuesday 10th June to find out whether the Process is right for you. These calls are led by a member of the Hoffman team and often include previous course participants who can help answer your questions. Call from anywhere in the world. 7.30pm - 8.30pm GMT.  Call instructions and FAQs        
Can't make this date? Next call is Tuesday 22nd July
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Process Dates                                                                                                               Back to Top

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June 6th - 13th, The Old Rectory, Ireland - SRA - 2 Left

June 21st - 27th, Florence House, East Sussex - FULL
July 5th - 11th,Florence House, East Sussex - Graduates Only
July 19th - 25th, Florence House, East Sussex 
August 9th - 15th, Dunford House, West Sussex - SRA  
For full listings of UK Process dates: More info & book online    
SRA = Some Single rooms are available upon request
Support Call - Listen to your Body                                                                             Back to Top

This month's Support Call - Wednesday 11th June is Listen to your Body and is led by Supervising Hoffman Teacher, Matthew Pruen - 7.30pm - 8.45pm.


How engaged with life are you?
How are your energy levels?
Are you leaping into the day or dragging your feet?  


These calls are ideal when you finish your post Process Support Groups and want to reconnect to the Process tools. We also welcome Hoffman graduates who've been 'out of the loop' and want a fresh perspective. In short - if you've done the Process - wherever you live - this one's for you..!

More info & book online

Q2: 3-day Refresher - October 3rd - 5th                                                                           Back to Top

Are you missing the Hoffman connection? 

The Q2 allows you to build upon your Process work, providing an opportunity to explore some of the areas that you wish to investigate further. It enables you to focus on a particular relationship or challenge as well as deepening your Process experience. 


Date: October 3rd - 5th
Venue: Florence House, East Sussex

More info & to book

Workshops for Everyone - Refuel your Relationships                                                   Back to Top

We are delighted to announce the next Hoffman Relationship workshops. The perfect opportunity to revitalise your relationship with each day full of powerful tools and experiences that can support good communication, deepen connection and make intimacy blossom in your lives. Open to all, whether you have done the Process or not. 

Also if you have attended either of these workshops, Donna & Matthew are now running a Part 2 to these events, for more details click here.
Couples Workshop - Part 1: Saturday 14th June
Time: 9.30am - 5.30pm, London

Cost: �300 per couple  


Couples Workshop - Part 2: Friday 5th September
Time: 9.30am - 5.30pm, London

Cost: �300 per couple

"The relationship workshop allowed my husband and I to take a quantum leap forward in our relationship; far more than conventional couples counselling. Five months on, this is still true!" Caroline                   


Individuals Workshop - Part 1: - Saturday 4th October

Time:  9.30am - 5.30pm , London

Cost: �150 per person  


Individuals Workshop - Part 2: Saturday 25th October
Time:  9.30am - 5.30pm in London

Cost: �150 per person  

"I wanted to thank you again for the super Singles Workshop in April..! Since the workshop I have met the loveliest man. Whilst I don't know how things will go in the long run, I am very hopeful that we might actually continue to have a marvellous long-term and loving relationship." Ann   


Closure Dates - Hoffman Graduates Only                                                                    Back to Top

Hoffman Logo
Closure is a wonderful opportunity to reconnect with the Process and nurture yourself. 

Thursday 12th June: The Old Rectory, Co Wicklow, Ireland
Teachers: Jeremy & Gabi
Thursday 26th June: Florence House, East Sussex
Teachers: Matthew, Lisa & Tim
Thursday 10th July: Florence House, East Sussex
Teachers: Matthew, Mairi & Matt

Please book in advance: 01903 88 99 90 or email the office. For more about Closure Click here

Hoffman Reconnection Day - September 20th                                                               Back to Top

There's still time to book your place and reconnect with some of the Hoffman tools and techniques to refresh your Process experience. Rekindle your vision, clarify your direction and connect with other Hoffman graduates and teachers old and new. Come along and laugh, smile, have fun and wend your way home full of insights, inspiring visions, joy and light...


Date: Saturday 20th September
Time: 10.00am - 5.30pm (arrive from 9.30am for refreshments) 

Cost: �90 per person or �160 for two
Venue:  Cecil Sharpe House, 2 Regent's Park Road, London NW1 7AY
Nearest Tube: Camden Road, Euston & King's Cross St Pancras 


Book this event online 

New Self Support Group - Stay connected in your area                                                Back to Top

Jacquie would love to hear from grads in Mallorca to join the Self Support Group
Mathieu would love to hear from grads in Amsterdam or Haarlem areas to join the Self Support Group
Bruce Harris runs the Central London Self Support Group and would love to hear from grads.
Sara Liddle - Self Support Group would love to hear from grads in Jersey.
Rona Miller - Self Support Group would love to hear from grads in the Glasgow area.
Zeb Shaw -  Self Support Group would love to hear from grads in the Edinburgh area.
Aubyn de Lisle's Self Support Group would love to hear from grads in the Leicester area.
Mal Barritt - Self Support Group and would love to hear from other grads in the Manchester area.
Green Strip
Sun in Hands

'...and as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same'
Marianne Williamson 


Warm Wishes                                                     
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