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June 2024 / V7

Why Shop When You Can Adopt!

- A Second Chance for the Innocent





Featured Monthly Articles:

--Canine Community:

National "Dog Dad's Day"

Dog Dad Definition: Someone who is willing to sacrifice their own freedom to provide the lifestyle their dog expects and deserves, including professional ear scratcher, belly rubby and best walking companion ever!

We celebrated moms last month, this month we celebrate all "Dogfathers". The official dog dad day is celebrated every year on the day before "Father's Day". This year that day falls on Saturday June 15th. The bond between dogs and their dads is special and this is a day for dads to spoil their tall waggers. So dads, go fire up the grill and play fetch with your fur baby!

To all "Dogfathers" out there "Happy Dog Dad Day!"

Dog Dad's Day

--Safety Tip of the Month:

Hurricane Season Starts June 1st

With the onset of hurricane season we need to be prepared by having a disaster kit ready and packed, as well as having a written emergency plan in the event of evacuation. Do you have these same plans for your tail wagger? Pets need a packed emergency kit, paperwork and plans on where and how to evacuate with them. Do you have a "ditch bag" (also known as a grab and go bag) packed and ready for your tail waggers? We are attaching below the following downloadable check lists:

  • Emergency Ditch Kit items to pack
  • Pet Care Paperwork
  • Disaster Planning Flyer by Ready.gov

Keep your pets safe by planning ahead, including seeking out pet friendly shelters and hotels.

Ditch Kit Checklist
Pet Care Paperwork
Disaster Planning Flyer

--Dog of the Month: Meet Cobe

Make this Father's Day truly memorable by taking a look at this sweet 9 1/2 year old male Shih Tzu, Cobe.  Cobe is known around here as "Mr Personality", and for good reason. This boy was surrendered with three strikes against him, one non-visual eye and the second with a quickly growing cataract (which can potentially be corrected with surgery, just like people have). Top that with Diabetes, for which he receives insulin twice daily and is doing well. You'd think with this trifecta going on, he'd be morose and listless, however, Cobe is just the opposite. In fact, he can be an example to anyone of how attitude creates altitude. Just take a look at the Cobe's video on our website. What you will see is an energetic, happy little guy who clearly enjoys walking on the leash, romping in a bunny-like run, getting rubs and playing with toys. 

If you are moved by Cobe's story and think you'd like to give him an opportunity to live his very best Shih Tzu life, please take the time to fill out an application. This offer does not expire on Father's Day.

 Adopt Cobe


We have had several followers e-mail us since the newsletter began telling us about their gratitude and love for their shelter adopted dogs. We wanted to share those testimonials with you below.

Please send us your testimonials. We'd love to hear from you!

--Daisy had a wonderful time at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in February! She is beyond amazing. She's smart, lovable and perfect! We love her and take her everywhere. Thank you for our baby! Best Gayle

--We adopted Mickey and Minnie a few years back. Unfortunately, Minnie passed away, but Mickey still going strong and spoiled as ever on his stroller walks. We feel very blessed we got to take care of them in their golden years.  ~~Graham and Marci 

--So happy to be Cooper’s dog Parents! He brings us so much joy! He loves to fetch (although he might not bring his squeaky toys back to us) lol his tail never stops wagging and he loves people and snuggle time! Thank you Shih Tzu rescue for this wonderful boy! We love him, he’s perfect and happy! Happy national dog day!  ~~Barbara and Bobby

--Just sharing this picture of Milo James as we celebrate our 2nd anniversary of his adoption. We love him! ~~Clint Bowers

--Why Donate?


While we desperately are in need of cash donations, we are also grateful for donations of supplies and treats. Did you know that we have a wish list on Chewy.com? In addition to items listed on our wish list we also need towels. Please help treat our pups to treats this month!

It is so rewarding to see the change in each dog once fed, treated and loved! Won't you help us be a part of their success.... Click the link below to see our wish list.

Chewy Wish List

Monthly Trivia Question:

Which US President declared Father's Day as an official US holiday?

For every correct answer this month we will donate $5 to the shelter in your name.


Our trivia winners last month were Claudia and Wayne who correctly answered the gestation period for female dogs normally ranges from 57 - 65 days. A donation was made in your names to the rescue.

Thanks to all who participated in the trivia quiz - hopefully you all enjoy the challenge!

E-mail all trivia answers & birthdays to: loyalk9@icloud.com

Birthday Shout-Outs:

Does your fur baby have a birthday in the month of June? If so let us know and we will give a birthday shout-out in our next monthly newsletter.

Birthday Shout-outs:

Mom Mary sent in her Shih Tzu family who all have May birthdays (she thinks): Prince turned 15, Allie turned 4 and Precious turned 11. Happy Birthday to all!

We also have a June birthday - Tennessee will turn 9 on June 27th! Thanks for sending in ahead of time :)

Shih Tzu Rescue - About Us

Shih Tzu Rescue is a 501(c)(3) non-profit public charity devoted to rescuing and finding quality lifetime homes for Shih Tzu's and other small, medium and large companion dogs in South Florida. We are a "no kill" shelter and sanctuary housing dogs with special needs and who have not yet been adopted. The shelter and sanctuary was established in 1995 by Eric and Harriet Rickenback, a couple passionate about giving a second chance for the innocent!

Won't you become a part of our family by adopting a senior and/or special needs dog. If you cannot adopt please consider sponsoring a dog by sending in a recurring donation. You will be rewarded with licks & wags!

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Eric, Harriet & the gang at Shih Tzu Rescue


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Father's Day Quotes of the Month:

"Happy Pawther's Day to the best dog dad I know"

"Spending time with you on Father's Day is the leashed I could do"

"I Shih Tzu not, my dad is the best dog dad in the world"

happy guy sitting on a sofa and looking at dog