Glenwood Table, one of FPC's partner ministries, has started a podcast and a YouTube channel to create spiritual resources for people seeking faith for the 21st century. Their series include:

  • "Lectionary in a Human Voice", a weekly reading of the four lectionary texts
  • Interviews with people who have gone on spiritual journeys and experienced transformation
  • Pastor Lance's and communication manager Emmie's writings about faith and life
  • Faith in action conversations when political situations arise, such as the increased fighting in Israel and Palestine

Their Instagram and Facebook pages are full of spiritual content. They feature:

  • A series of reflections and questions about the Lord's Prayer
  • "Sunday Love" from Pastor Lance
  • "Everyday Moments" with Emmie

Click here to listen to the podcast (or search "Glenwood Table" on your favorite podcast app), here to watch it on YouTube, here to like Glenwood Table on Facebook, and here to follow on Instagram.