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Fratelli Pinna

Santa Teresa

$0.50 off/lb

Item # 1864 (2/5lb)

Santa Teresa Pecorino Sardo Dolce DOP is a semi-soft sheep milk cheese imported from Sardinia, Italy. Highlights of lemon and thyme are balanced by the creamy texture of this delightful cheese. A great addition to a summer picnic spread, accompanied by fig jam and a glass of Prosecco or Vermentino.

Carr Valley

Bread Cheeses (12/6oz)

$4.00 off/cs

# 1031 Plain; # 1031-1 Goat

Bread Cheese is Wisconsin-made, modeled off of a traditional Finnish cheese called ‘Juustoleipa,’ translating to "cheese bread". This perfectly pre-toasted cheese is made to be heated in a pan, in the oven, on the grill, or in the microwave until warm and gooey. Perfect for grilling on Father's Day!

LaClare Goat Cheddar

$1.00 off/lb # 2040 (1/5lb loaf); $4.00 off/cs # 2028 (12/6oz chunks)

LaClare Goat Cheddar is made from whole pasteurized goat milk. It has a fresh, fruity, light flavor with a creamy body. As the cheese ages, it becomes rich, nutty, and increasingly complex with a creamy body.

LaClare Chandoka

$1.00 off/lb

Item # 2014 (1/5lb)

This award-winning American original is a mild fruity cheese with rich cheddary notes. Crafted with fresh cow and goat milk, creating a wonderfully flavorful cheese with both sweet buttery and tangy notes and a bright finish of fresh citrus.

Lively Run Dairy

Blue Yonder

$1.50 off/lb

Item # 9304 (1/4lb)

Blue Yonder is a cow’s milk blue cheese. Both subtle and complex, this creamy cheese is very approachable. While the rich Holstein milk from which it is made gives the paste lovely yellow tones, it is marbled throughout with pockets and veins of deep blue.

Lively Run Dairy

Cayuga Blue

$1.50 off/lb

Item # 9302 (1/4lb)

Marbled throughout with blue mold as deep in color as the lake that it was named after, Cayuga Blue is a true rarity: an entirely goat’s milk blue cheese. Subtle and complex, Cayuga Blue is rich with earthy and mushroom flavors.

Jasper Hill Farm

Moses Sleeper

$1.00 off/lb

Item # 7008 (4/1.2lb)

Moses is an approachable and nuanced soft-ripened cheese inspired by a classic, French Brie. Beneath its thin, bloomy rind lies a gooey, milky core showing a complex array of flavors: cauliflower, crème fraîche, and toasted nuts. Moses is perfect for a festive cheese board or baked for an elegant dessert.



Item # 7070 (1/7lb)

pre-order only*

Caspian is a Jasper Hill Farm original take on a tomme-style cheese with stylistic roots in the French region of Savoie. On the palate, Caspian presents a vibrant range of flavors. Its bright, lactic, herbaceous center evolves to cultured butter and mushrooms along the outer edges. Enjoy with pork rillettes, crusty bread, and seasonal fresh fruit for an elevated cheese board.

Limited Edition Pre-order Cheeses


pre-order: due 7/19

Q4 shipping: 11/4 - 12/30

Item # 7012 (5/13oz)

A take on the Jura Mountain classic Vacherin Mont d’Or, this decadent raw milk cheese is made only during winter months when Jasper Hill’s Ayrshire cows are giving rich, hay-fed milk.

Open ordering starting 1/1/25.

Withersbrook Blue

pre-order due: 7/19

Q4 ship dates: 10/7 - 12/9

Item # 7069 (2/4lb)

Withersbrook Blue is an ice cider soaked, natural rind blue cheese made with raw milk from the Jasper Hill Farm herd. After 60 days of maturing in the Cellars at Jasper Hill, the cheese is inserted into a pouch along with a hearty pour of local Eden Ice Cider. Withersbrook has a fruity profile with notes of honey and roasted hazelnuts.

Moses Reaper

pre-order due: 7/19

available ship dates: 9/9 - 9/23

Item # 7066 (4/1lb)

With an ashed rind and an annatto-dyed jack o’ lantern-orange paste, this limited release is perfect for spooky-season cheese spreads. Just like the classic, Moses Reaper boasts a supple, buttery paste with a delicate, mushroomy rind and savory vegetal notes..

Sandeman Porto-Washed Harbison Mini

pre-order due: 7/19

available ship dates: 10/7 - 10/28

Item # 7067-10 (10/5oz)

Jasper Hill Farm Harbison Mini is a petite,

soft-ripened, bark-wrapped cheese with a

spoonable, creamy texture. Jasper Hill partnered with Sandeman Porto to produce a richly colored Port-washed Harbison Mini, just in time for fall festivities.

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