It's June! Summer is literally just around the corner so start counting down the days. School's out, and fun times begin. It's not always fun for dogs who are discriminated against due to their breed, so we'll give you all the information to
 keep you informed. If you've never fostered a pet, it could be something to  consider. The benefits are endless. You'll help an animal and yourself. Have you heard of TNR? Trap-Neuter-Return is a program that was started to help free-roaming cats. We'll explain it in detail and how it helps cats. All the informati on is right here in this month's Pet Tips and Treats newsletter, which is filled with valuable information. Remember to watch for our periodic special discount "treat" just for you and your pet to enjoy. Don't forget to share the love and send our newsletter to others who also cherish their pets.

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June 2018

Celebrate June with Adopt a Shelter Cat Month and Hug Your Cat Day. Don't forget to celebrate Pet Appreciation Week and all the other great special animal days.

ASPCA's Adopt a Shelter Cat Month
National Pet Preparedness Month. This month, timed for the first month of hurricane season, urges people with pets to make preparations in case they should be hit by a disaster.
June 3-9, Pet Appreciation Week
June 4, Hug Your Cat Day
June 8,  World Oceans Day
June 10, World Pet Memorial Day
June 18-22, Take Your Pet to Work Week®
June 18, Take Your Cat to Work Day®
June 22, Take Your Dog to Work Day®

Breed Discrimination and What It Means for Dogs and Owners

Dog lovers should be aware of the acronym BSL, or breed-specific legislation. It is specific to certain types of dogs, discriminating based on appearance and a perception of being dangerous.

The Benefits of Fostering a Pet

Pet fostering is kind and selfless, but what exactly is it?
Fostering provides essential "temporary care to shelter animals who, for a variety of reasons, need to live in a home environment prior to adoption," according to the article, "What is pet fostering?" at Petsforpatriots.org.

How TNR Helps the Feral Cats in Neighborhoods

You may have seen free-roaming cats in and around your neighborhood, and you are not alone. Sometimes, the cats you see have owners who allow them to roam, sometimes they are lost, and oftentimes they are feral or free-roaming cats living in communities.

Employee of the month :
  Amanda Elder, Guest Services Attendant 

As a child Amanda Elder wanted to be a veterinarian, so it's not surprising that taking care of the dogs and cats at Second Home Pet Resort is her priority. As Guest Service Attendant, "my job is to take care of the pets of people who are going on vacation," she said. She is able to give them lots of love, take them for potty breaks and comfort them while their families are away.
While growing up, her family had a variety of animals. "I rescued any stray that we saw and took them home," she said. "We always found homes for them."
As she comes up on her one-year anniversary at Second Home, Amanda said, "The rescues are absolutely my favorite. I feel like I'm making a difference in some way."
Amanda also works in doggy day care and gets to work with those pet parents. "They know how much I love their pets," she said. "When their pets recognize you, it's so exciting."
Although Second Home is a temporary home for pets, it's truly a home for them while people are away. "We treat your pets like family; they are our first priority," Amanda said.
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