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Featured Publication: Growing, Harvesting, and Preserving Herbs
FAQ of the Week: My cucumbers are blooming heavily but aren't producing many fruit. Why?
Bloom of the Week: Lilies
Yard & Garden: Strawberry Care
Yard & Garden: Orchard Owners Should Be on the Lookout for Fire Blight
Pest of the Week: Squash Bug
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Garden Variety Podcast: Contain your plants, not your excitement

All About Container Gardening

Container gardens are an excellent way to grow plants in limited spaces and to add variety and interest to the landscape. Container gardening is relatively easy but there are several things to know before you get started. Included in this article are several resources to help with container gardening.

Garden Trivia

What common vegetable garden pest has become resistant to more than 50 different kinds of insecticides?

Read on to see the answer!

How to Protect Gardens from Rabbits

As cute as they may be, rabbits can cause considerable damage to home gardens, especially in flower and vegetable gardens. When control becomes necessary, a combination of fencing and habitat modification, among other things, typically provides the best results in the home landscape. Learn more about preventing rabbit damage in the garden during the growing season and over winter.

New 4-H Horticulture Judging Publications Available

The 4-H horticulture judging publications have been officially updated! Access these new resources just in time for the county fair. You can find them at the Extension Store or the Yard and Garden website.

Growing Okra in the Home Garden

Okra thrives in the heat of summer and can be successfully grown in Iowa and other Midwestern states. Learn about planting, care, and harvest of this unique vegetable crop. 

AAS Winners are Great Plants for Your Garden

All-America Selections trial sites and display gardens are spread across the US and Canada, including nine gardens in Iowa. Reiman Gardens is proud to be both a trial site for multiple categories and a display garden highlighting recent winners. See a few of the winners in this article.

Other Items of Interest

Garden Trivia Answer

Colorado potato beetle. This difficult-to-control pest has earned the title of ‘super pest’ because its diverse gene pool allows its many populations across the U.S. to quickly develop resistance to nearly all insecticides. Learn how to manage this destructive potato (and tomato, eggplant, and pepper) pest in this article: Colorado Potato Beetle Control in the Home Garden.

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