Twelfth Sunday in Ordinary Time

June 23, 2024


One of my favorite modern spiritual writers is Joyce Rupp. She wrote a book titled “Praying our Goodbyes.” She said that “goodbyes are part and parcel of the human predicament.” She asks a poignant question in the introduction to the book: Who of us has not said farewell to someone and felt a great heartache and a deep sadness, wanting to stop the process and wondering when the ache would ever leave? She then goes on to give the original meaning of the word “Goodbye.” She wrote that “the word goodbye – originally meant “God-be-with-ye” (God-be-with-you.)


In that sense “goodbye” acknowledges that God is a significant part of the going. On the other hand, it means the time for parting has arrived and no one can stop the process. Therefore, goodbye is the proclamation in the belief that when we part, God is with us—for it is God who calls us.


Goodbye to the traveler means that, the other people cannot keep the traveler from his journey, they know that his leaving is essential for his growth. So go, go with God.


Throughout Sacred Scriptures, God calls his people to “relocate.” Think of Abraham, Moses, of Mary and Joseph, of Peter, the simple fisherman who left his job and eventually became Jesus’ apostle. When God calls we can always say no. But what if we say yes?


When Fr. Joseph Benedict, the Vicar for Priests, asked me if I would accept the assignment as pastor of St. Justin immediately without hesitation I said “Yes” because I knew that was God calling me to “relocate” for his purpose. 


I remember deeply in my heart my Archbishop in the Archdiocese of Manila, the late Jaime Cardinal Sin, who ordained me and whom I served for many fruitful years. He always reminded that “priests do not have a permanent address… you go where the Lord leads you…we are just a donkey where Jesus gets a free ride… be always ready to say good-bye…”


As I get ready to bid goodbye to all of you, I am filled with gratitude to the Lord for the gift of you, St. Martin of Tours community. I bring with me your love and support and many memories of praying together at the altar of the Lord.


I thank Fr. Saju who is also transitioning as Judicial Vicar of the Diocese of San Jose. He is a friend and a brother. He is pastor with a pastoral heart. I thank too the staff of the parish and school. They are a wonderful team – very dedicated and zealous to serve you.


Having said this, I now anticipate encountering another faith-filled community, St. Justin Parish. In fact, it is not too far, just 12 minutes or 3.3 miles away from St. Martin of Tours.


I only have one wish: please remember us in prayer. I promise to pray for you as I always do.


As I say goodbye, I say God-be-with-you!


Priests leave, but Jesus remains always… and Jesus is waiting for me at St. Justin’s.


Thank you so much! God-be-with-you!


Fr. Gener  

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June 22 -28, 2024

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