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June 2024

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Updated Guideline: Substance Use Screening, Risk Assessment, and Use Disorder Diagnosis

This guideline for use in primary care and other adult outpatient settings in New York State has been updated by lead authors Drs. Jennifer McNeely, Leah K. Hamilton, and Susan D. Whitley, with the NYSDOH AI Substance Use Guidelines Committee.

Additions and changes to this guideline include:

  • Rated recommendations added in Patient Engagement and Interventions section
  • SIS-C (Single-Item Screen-Cannabis) added in Screening Tools section
  • Resources, citations, and references updated throughout

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Hepatitis C Virus Screening, Testing, and Diagnosis in Adults

Conversations With CEI Podcast

Hepatitis C virus (HCV) is a pathogen spread by contact with blood from a person with HCV infection. Prevalence among the U.S. obstetric population rose nearly 10-fold over the past 20 years and approximately 6% of infants born to people with HCV become infected during pregnancy or delivery. The New York State Hepatitis C Elimination Plan outlines over 30 recommendations to eliminate HCV in the state by 2030, including implementation of universal screening for all adults. In 2023, state legislators approved expanding the existing HCV testing law to include screening during each pregnancy; changes went into effect on May 3, 2024.

The Impact of Hepatitis C Screening During Pregnancy: This special edition of “Conversations with CEI” will provide important information about pregnancy, HCV, and substance use from the perspective of a client with lived experience, with a focus on providing affirming services for all pregnant persons and their infants. Listen Now

Best Practices for Working with People Who Use Substances: This special edition of "Conversations with CEI” describes common barriers people who use substances face when seeking health care services, particularly HCV screening during pregnancy. The conversation also identifies best practices clinicians can implement in practice to provide responsive care for people who use drugs, including pregnant persons. Listen Now

Best Practices for Hepatitis C and Pregnancy: Screening Advice From a Fellow Clinician: This special edition of “Conversations with CEI” describes best practices for screening and identifying hepatitis C and substance use in pregnant persons and linking people to care and treatment. The conversation identifies key steps clinicians can take to support pregnant persons in their care, including ways to operationalize critical health systems for universal hepatitis C screening among pregnant persons. Listen Now

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