June 2024 Newsletter

School's out for the summer! Don't forget to sign up early for camp to lock in the early registration price!

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Summer Camp Registration is Open! We are hosting 3 unique camps this year with some super fun new additions only brought out at Camps and special events! Come try out our new air tumbling track and foam pit for flips and tricking as well as the Ninja Warped Wall! You won't want to miss our summer camps!

Ninja Camp:

Open for all ages & belts, non-students welcome.

June 24-28

Advanced Camp:

Open for Red Belts - 2nd degree Black Belts ages 8+!

July 15-19 Early Bird Discount ends JUNE 15!



Date: Sat - June 29

TIGERS: 3:30pm KIDS/ADULTS: 5:00pm

Belt Test Review:

Friday, June 28

5:30-6pm: White-Green

6-6:30pm: Purple +up

Belt Test Forms


In honor of Father's Day, and to thank all the wonderful TKD dads, we invite all dads to attend Family classes and Adult classes for free during the month of June!

No need to schedule classes or sign any agreement... just sign a waiver and come when you can.

FREE Private Lessons for Kids with Special Needs

Mr. Colton is graciously kickstarting a program that offers free private lessons to kids with special needs. If you have a child who you think would benefit from this program, please contact Mr. Colton at cstinnett47@gmail.com

Email Mr. Colton

KC CLOSED - Summer Break - July 1-6

We will be closed for all classes from Monday, July 1 to Saturday July 6 for our annual summer break. Classes will resume as usual on Monday, July 8!

Reminder of our Pause/Cancel Policy:

Students are permitted to pause their accounts for up to 2 months per year. 

All Pause/Cancellation Requests must be submitted VIA EMAIL to Billing@kctkd.com. A conversation with Master Cam is not sufficient. Please follow up with Ms. Stephanie via email!

Pause/Cancellation Requests require 30-days notice to take effect.

** Forms & Self-Defense Class with Mr. Grant are OPEN GYM on BELT TEST REVIEW Days ONLY! On Belt Test Review Fridays, you may drop in and out during Mr. Grant's class!**

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We will be discussing this word at the end of class!

Please take the time to talk about this work with your children.

A Focus on Personal Responsibility...

At KC, we believe in shaping each individual into well-rounded, responsible, respectful people. Historically, part of these lessons in responsibility and accountability was our enforcement of consequences for students arriving late or not coming to class in appropriate attire (Uniform pants, either KC T-Shirt or Uniform top, AND BELT). Since the COVID shutdown, we have been pretty relaxed on the enforcement of these rules. However, effective immediately, we are going to re-up our commitment to helping our students become more responsible and self-aware.

Students must be on the mats on time! This means arriving to the dojang 5 minutes before their scheduled class to allow time to get shoes and coats in the cubbies, tie on belts, or whatever else they need to do.

Failure to arrive on time will result in students needing to ask for permission to enter the mats and performing one push-up per minute they are late. 5 minutes late? 5 push ups. Students arriving more than 15 minutes late to any class will not be allowed to join class as it is unfair and disruptive to the other students.

Students must attend class with their appropriate attire: Uniform pants, either KC T-Shirt or Uniform top, AND BELT.

We have a "strike" policy for not arriving in proper attire/belt:

For WHITE - HIGH PURPLE Belts, you get two strikes before you will not be allowed to participate in class.

For BLUE-HIGH BROWN Belts, you get one strike before you will not be allowed to participate in class.

BLACK BELTS: you will not be allowed to participate in class without appropriate attire and belt.

If students are disallowed from participating in class, they may sit quietly on the side of the mats to learn from watching or practice in the back room.

Please encourage your children to take responsibility for their uniform and belt at home, know where their belongings are, and plan ahead of time to ensure they have their gear ready on TKD days.


All Dates Tentative Until Officially Announced


Aug 24

Oct 26, Dec 14


September 14


Weapons: June 3-7

Ninja Camp: June 24-28

Advanced TKD: July 15-19


December 14


KC Taekwondo

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