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It’s June! By the calendar we’re nearly halfway through the year. By the seasons we’re about to enter summer — halfway through our journey around the Sun, on Planet Earth. This month marks the summer solstice — the longest day of the year. While it’s barely noticeable, that means the days will slowly — gradually — begin to grow shorter.

Change is inevitable. Sometimes it happens slowly and is only evident as it accumulates — like the days changing. Sometimes it happens quickly. At New Horizons, you may notice some of both kinds of change. We are seeing more members stop in or log on for programs as well as for lunch. The trends are positive. We are also seeing new members join our community. We continue to add new programs, new topics for lectures and new twists on older, already well-loved programs.

This month at New Horizons we celebrate our wonderful volunteers, without whom our work would be more challenging, if not, in many cases, impossible. We hope that you will celebrate with us on June 14. The next week, as a nation we stop to celebrate and give thanks for the end of slavery — Juneteenth.

We all have so much to give thanks for — not least, for each other. I hope you will stop by the Center and say hello soon. Please share our community.

Keep reading below and also refer to the calendar and our website for everything going on at the Center this month.

Can't make it in person? We will always try to welcome you via Zoom if we are able. That being said, not every program or activity works well online.

We are here for you!!

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Center Programs



How to Register | Click the Buttons below to register, or call 610-664-2366

or email caroline.nhsc@gmail.com

Grab & Go Meals

Tues, Thurs, & Fri

11:30 AM - 1:30 PM

Meals are distributed on

Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays at 

Narberth Borough Hall .  

Please sign-up using the link below.

RSVP Online Here

In-Person Tech Support

Tuesdays, 10:30 AM - 12:00 PM

with Gerry Hébert

Bring your device and tech questions to Gerry. In person on Tuesday mornings.

(Register in advance.)

Tech one-on-ones are free for

members; non-members can sign up for ONE free 30-minute session. 

RSVP Online Here


Aileen McGovern leads Seniors in a series of healthy, gentle, invigorating exercise routines, using weights and stretchy bands. 

Open to Everyone. 

MONDAYS at 1:00 PM by Zoom


either IN PERSON at Borough Hall

or by ZOOM

RSVP Online Here


Join Betsy Klausman in a fun, fast-paced class designed to improve balance and strength while teaching easy dance steps. No experience necessary. Just wear comfortable clothing and come prepared to dance!

Join Betsy on Fridays at 1:00 PM in person at Borough Hall!

(by Zoom on request)

Please Note: On Friday, June 14, we are holding a special Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon. Dance Class will not occur

RSVP Online Here

Protect Our Planet

Tuesday, June 11 at 1:00 PM In Person

(by Zoom on request)

with Pauline Rosenberg

Join in this discussion of different ways that you can restore nature and create a healthier planet. By taking care of our planet, we take care of ourselves!  Led by Pauline Rosenberg. 

RSVP Online Here

Mother Earth has changed: her anger shows.

How much time left? Only she really knows!


We need to change our attitude

And show a little more gratitude


We need to be more ecologically-prone;

Start small, like recycling your own cell phone,


And planting trees, composting food scraps,

Buying organic and donating clothes, perhaps.


Using rags instead of towels from paper;

Eating lower on the food chain, a daily caper.

Ride a bike to the P.O. instead of a car

Return to using leftovers in a washable, glass jar.


Purchase fewer clothes, and make them organic.

Use both sides of white paper, no need to panic.

Find one thing each day that you can change,

Like planting a garden, on your patio to rearrange.


Make a list of all the changes you can do,

And add them to your daily routine; Yes, I mean YOU!


Check off each item as it becomes a habit,

Don’t run scared, like a small baby rabbit.

With list in hand you can proceed slowly or fast,

Just be sure the habit will last,


Until it becomes a change in your life,

Like eating your food with a fork and a knife.


Change is manageable in very small bites,

Until it becomes a true “passage of rites”


Just making small changes, one thing at a time

Is a perfect end note for this post-Earth Day rhyme.

Ellen Sue Jacobson


is not hosting classes on Wednesday, June 19

Have a relaxing Juneteenth!

Low-Cost Wills at New Horizons

Next Available Day:

On Hiatus until September 2024

9:30 AM - 12 Noon

with Heather Turner, Esq.

Heather Turner, Esq. is available in person second Tuesdays of each month at Narberth Borough Hall to help any Senior 55 or over create a Will, Power of Attorney, or a Living Will, or to update an existing document.

(Register in advance.)

$35 For Members, $50 For Non-Members


All Programs are FREE for Seniors unless otherwise noted

We have great programs onsite at Borough Hall on Tuesdays, Thursdays and

Fridaysincluding our Grab and Go meals.

We also have wonderful remote programs available five days a week.

Keep an eye out: we hope to resume community dining at the Center soon!

Flag Day and Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon

Friday, June 14 beginning at 11:00 AM

IN PERSON ONLY at Narberth Borough Hall, 2nd Floor

Join us for a tasty Luncheon at New Horizons. We will be celebrating all our dedicated volunteers as we look back on a great year at the center. Everyone welcome!

$5.00 for Non-Members. Members and Volunteers eat for free. (Volunteers may bring 1 Guest for Free as well)

Lunch will be a choice between Beef Hot Dogs and Hamburgers, or a Vegan option (Mediterranean Platter). All meals come with Salad, Potato Salad, Cole Slaw, and a Dessert.

RSVP Online Here

Birthday Party!

Tuesday, June 18 at 12:30 PM

IN PERSON ONLY at Narberth Borough Hall, 2nd Floor

Come and enjoy a sweet treat while honoring various Members as they reach milestones in their lives. Everyone welcome!

RSVP Online Here

Book Club:

"Sophie's Choice" by William Styron

Friday, June 21 at 11:30 AM

In Person at Narberth Borough Hall, 2nd Floor

(by Zoom on request)

with Chris Jackson

Read the book, then join the discussion with other Book Lovers. Hosted by Chris Jackson. 

This Month: "Sophie's Choice" by William Styron

Winner of the National Book Award and a modern classic, “Sophie’s Choice” examines the historical, moral, and psychological ramifications of the Holocaust through the tragic life of a Roman Catholic survivor of Auschwitz and her two housemates at a boarding house in Brooklyn.

Click here to order the book on Amazon.

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Chair Yoga at New Horizons

Every Tuesday in June at 10:30 AM

with Roe Pietropaula, CYI, RN

IN PERSON ONLY at Narberth Borough Hall, 2nd Floor

Join other members at New Horizons in this one hour class taught by Roe Pietropaula, CYI, RN. Learn yoga theory, seated and standing poses, breathing techniques, relaxation poses, and more!

RSVP Online Here

Virtual Film Club:

"Dirty Dancing"

Viewing: Wednesday, June 12 at 1:00 PM on Zoom

Discussion: MONDAY, June 17 at 12:00 Noon on Zoom

with Ellen Sue Jacobson

Meet virtually with other film enthusiasts to watch great movies and then discuss them on Zoom later in the month.

This Month: "Dirty Dancing"

Starring Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey, this 1987 classic love story set in 1963 tells the tale of an innocent seventeen year old girl, Baby, and the sophisticated dance instructor she stumbles upon at a Catskills resort where she and her parents are vacationing.

RSVP Online Here

Game Day at New Horizons!

Tuesdays in June, from Noon to 2:00 PM

IN PERSON ONLY at Narberth Borough Hall, 2nd Floor

Come and indulge your love of games! Bridge, Mah Jongg, Pinochle, Canasta, Puzzles, Scrabble, Checkers and more! New Horizons hosts weekly Game Days, Tuesdays from 12:00 Noon to 2:00 PM. Bring an old favorite to Narberth Borough Hall or borrow from the Center’s collection. All Seniors welcome! 

Due to a scheduling conflict, our Chess Tutoring Program is temporarily paused. We will post a new schedule when available.

RSVP Online Here

Because some games require a set number of people to play, we ask that you inform us when you sign up which game(s) you are interested in and if you will be bringing friends to play with you. We try to make sure there are enough players for each game.

Guided Meditation for Well-Being and Stress Relief

Mondays, June 10 and 24, at Noon on Zoom

with Eileen Abrams, MA, M.Ed.

Join Eileen Abrams and try this gentle way to bring more calm and contentment into your life. Please note the change in time from 1:00 PM to NOON!

RSVP Online Here
Wool yarn in different colors with wooden double point needles. The needles are being used for knitting socks_ mittens or other projects joined in the round.

Knit and Chat with Friends

Thursdays in June at 10:00 AM

with Chris Jackson

IN PERSON ONLY at Narberth Borough Hall, 2nd Floor

Join Leader Chris Jackson and other knitters for a session of friendly chatting and helpful knitting hints. Bring your latest project or something you just want to try. All Knitters welcome!

RSVP Online Here

Tai Chi for Balance, Coordination, and Mental Focus

Fridays, June 21 and 28 at 10:30 AM

IN PERSON at Narberth Borough Hall, 2nd Floor

(by Zoom on request)

with Rosalie Pressman

Rosalie Pressman, certified tai chi instructor, teaches Seniors Yang Family Style Tai Chi. Improve your concentration and balance, while lifting your spirits, with this meditative exercise.

RSVP Online Here

Tai Chi for Arthritis and Fall Prevention

Last Class Friday, June 7 at 10:30 AM

IN PERSON ONLY at Narberth Borough Hall, 2nd Floor

with Rosalie Pressman

Join Rosalie Pressman, certified Tai Chi Instructor, in a special 8-week Tai Chi course. The class is designed to support joints, to help improve strength, flexibility and balance, and to reduce pain, stiffness, and the risk of falls. Learn this daily healing practice that helps in the overall function of your heart, lungs and muscles, and helps with relaxation, vitality, posture, and immunity.

Registration for this class is now CLOSED. If you would like more information on upcoming sessions of this program, please click the link below.

Click Here for More Info

Travel Club

Wednesday, June 26 at 1:00 PM on Zoom

with Tour Guide Betsy Klausman

We’ll take you there in no time at all! Adults 55 and over can travel to amazing and exciting places all over the world … without needing to worry about the hassle of trip expenses or large crowds. All welcome!

Next Stop: Return to Greece! (Santorini)

After a delightful hiatus exploring the Greek islands, we are continuing our Big Fat Greek Adventure at long last! Join us as we return to Santorini and then head on to Istanbul and Kusadasi with Tour Guide Betsy Klausman.

RSVP Online Here
Joyful group of senior friends wearing warm clothes walking along park alley and chatting animatedly with each other_ picturesque view on background

Walking Club

Every Thursday in June at 10:30 AM

with Pauline Rosenberg

Seniors meet at the Conway Entrance to Borough Hall (by the Fire House) each Thursday for an hour of socializing and exercise while enjoying a leisurely walk around Narberth. Everyone welcome!

Weather permitting call Center to confirm. Please be sure to come to the 2nd Floor of Narberth Borough Hall to check-in after your walk.

RSVP Online

World Affairs Discussion Group

Thursdays, June 13 and 27 at 10:30 AM 

with Bob and Sue Bond

IN PERSON at Narberth Borough Hall, 2nd Floor

(by Zoom on request)

Local historians Robert and Susan Bond lead Seniors in a lively discussion of current events. All views and political orientations welcome!

RSVP Online

Zoom Lecture Series:


Wednesday, June 5 at 1:00 PM on Zoom

with Marisa Jacobs, PharmD

Join Marisa Jacobs, PharmD, in a discussion about the most common allergies, and learn how to lessen your worst symptoms. Bring your questions!

RSVP Online

Guest Speaker Program:

"Talking with Your Doctor"

Tuesday, June 18 at 1:00 PM

with Deborah Jankowski, Senior Services, MontCo

IN PERSON ONLY at Narberth Borough Hall, 2nd Floor

Join Deborah Jankowski, and learn how you can take an interactive role in your healthcare. Tips on how to communicate effectively with your healthcare provider for optimal visits and follow-up.

RSVP Online

Guest Speaker Program:

Healthy Body: "Blue Zone Foods"

Tuesday, June 25 at 1:00 PM

with Ellen Sue Jacobson

IN PERSON ONLY at Narberth Borough Hall, 2nd Floor

Join Ellen Sue Jacobson to discuss why certain people live longer than others and learn about the "Blue Zone" foods and lifestyle that are recommended to a live happy, healthy, and most of all, longer life. Bring your questions!

RSVP Online


Servers and Grab and Go Helpers: Can you assist us with our Lunch Program on Tuesdays, Thursdays or Fridays from 10:00 AM to Noon? Are you willing to be on call?

Volunteers are always welcome. We need instructors, instructor's assistants, lecturers and all-around general helpers. Unsure if this means you? It does!

Contact us at our Main Number (610-664-2366) if you would like to help in any way! Thanks!!

Regularly Scheduled Programs

Regular Weekly Programs include:


Support Groups: "Full Circle Discussion Group" and "Transitions and Changes"

Exercise Classes: Dance Fitness, Healthy Exercise Class,

Tai Chi for Arthritis and Fall Prevention, Walking Club

Chair Yoga (every Tuesday in June at 10:30 AM)


Creative Writing, Knit and Chat




No programming on

Wednesday, June 19 Juneteenth!


Additionally, we offer Personalized Assistance Sessions, including Computer Tech Tutorials. Our Computer Guru, Gerry Hebert, will be IN PERSON at Narberth Borough Hall on select Tuesdays, from 10:30 AM.

Call 610-664-2366 to make an appointment.



NEW COVID-19 vaccines are available. Two doses at least four months apart are recommended by the CDC for ages 65 and over.

Tech Tip of the Month

Android Theft Detection Lock Knows When Your Phone Is Stolen

In a world where rapidly advancing technology leads invariably to ever smarter thieves it is necessary to adapt quickly in order to protect your personal information and devices. Fortunately, there are many companies out there that are dedicated to doing just that.   CLICK HERE to learn about a recent announcement by Google that will aid Android users tremendously in protecting their phones.

To learn about Gerry Hebert's Private Classes, Click Here.

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