Tricia Inlow-Hatcher Receives the William L Turner Award for Outstanding Contributions to Extension and Continuing Education
The Osher Institute at North Carolina State University had the pleasure of celebrating Tricia Inlow-Hatcher - OLLI at NC State’s former director and 2023’s winner of the William L. Turner Award for Outstanding Contributions to Extension and Continuing Education.

The William L. Turner Award for Outstanding Contributions to Extension and Continuing Education is awarded to an individual whose significant contributions and accomplishments have enhanced and reinforced extension and continuing education as an integral component of engagement at NC State. With more than 25 years at the helm of Encore/OLLI at NC State, Tricia played a key role in extending the university to adults in retirement and, even more so, in shaping the field of Learning in Retirement on a national level. 

According to Dr. Chuck Korte, founder of Encore and OLLI Advisory Council member, “Tricia had the perfect touch for OLLI. Older adults can be strong-minded. Tricia had to be in charge without making people feel like she was in charge. Tricia listened to others and followed a consensus process, but she was also determined.” As OLLI Director, Tricia created and honed a structure of member committees and processes that embraced member-leadership and enhanced member engagement in the program. In a society that privileges youth, Tricia created a structure that simultaneously serves and elevates the voices and skills of older adults.

Submitted by: Eliza Kiser, Director, OLLI at North Carolina State University
Celebrating 20 Years of Our Osher Lifelong Learning Institute
The Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at San Francisco State University marked 20 years of enriching the lives of older adults on March 23 with a special reception that featured a proclamation from San Francisco Mayor, London Breed, accolades from public officials, and high spirits among the 150 attendees at the university’s Seven Hills Conference Center.
“For over 20 years, SF OLLI has created community through its variety of courses, interest groups and outings,” said SF OLLI Director Kathy Bruin (center in photo). “It was truly gratifying to have San Francisco OLLI recognized by the university president and administrators, lawmakers, instructors, and our champion, The Bernard Osher Foundation. It demonstrates that our program is an asset not just to our lifelong learners, but to the city of San Francisco.” 

Among those acknowledging OLLI were San Francisco State University President Lynn Mahoney, who spoke of the university’s commitment to serving a broad learning community. OLLI received congratulatory letters from U.S. Senators Dianne Feinstein and Alex Padilla, U.S. Congressional Rep. Kevin Mullen and State Assembly member Phil Ting. State Sen. Scott Weiner and San Francisco Supervisor Myrna Melgar were welcomed guest speakers. 
In a video message, Speaker Emerita and San Francisco Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi thanked “the legendary” Bernard and Barbro Osher for their generous philanthropic contribution in establishing and “enabling San Francisco OLLI to flourish.” To OLLI members, Pelosi said, “Thank you for all that you’ve done to make San Francisco a city where you can live a long, rich and fulfilling life. Your enthusiasm for staying active, informed and engaged continues to be a blessing to our community.”
“We’re so excited to serve our OLLI members,” Bruin said. “We’ve had some exciting and challenging times, but our OLLI is thriving and we are looking forward to strengthening our commitment to lifelong learners in San Francisco.”

Submitted By: Kathy Bruin, Director, OLLI @ San Francisco State University
Curriculum Corner
Osher Institute at Saginaw Valley State University
Springtime in Killarney

Course Length: One session
Course Instructor: Patrick Twomey, travel guide, tour operator, author and adventurer lives in Canada but has Irish roots. He embraces virtual travel as an ethical option and has guided many people on interactive, virtual tours throughout the Americas, Asia, and Europe as well as traditional in-person group tours.
Course Delivery: Live online event to a group on campus but originating in Ireland.
Course description: OLLI at Saginaw Valley State University (SVSU) enjoyed an April 2023 member tour in Ireland. They designed an innovative group event for members who were not on the trip to experience a taste of the sites in Killarney, Ireland with their friends. It was a live, virtual tour with experienced tour guide and virtual travel instructor Patrick Twomey as they visited a few landmarks and rode along the roads of Killarney. The technology and added value of the trip for those back at OLLI was an exciting and innovative way to expand the experience for members. Take a look at how this event turned out in this video recording.
Of note: Sue Brasseur, SVSU senior director of the Center for Adult Learning and director of OLLI, says, “Patrick conducts virtual travel as well as being an excellent tour guide. He was our OLLI tour guide in Western Canada and in Ireland. I would strongly recommend reaching out to him. Virtual travel keeps our members connected when travel may not be an option, but the adventure can still happen, online.”
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