10 Years of IDDSI - Tools for your Toolkit

In our April and May 2023 ebites, we outlined how the IDDSI Framework provides standardised terms and descriptions of food textures and drink consistencies commonly used in dysphagia management. In developing the framework, the IDDSI Board of Directors recognized the importance of having more objective methods to determine when a food is “soft and bite sized” or a liquid is “mildly thick”.  The IDDSI Testing methods help provide objective measurements which utilize simple, inexpensive, and accessible “tools” that can be easily used by individuals with dysphagia, their caregivers and health care providers. Food Testing methods have options for using spoons and forks but also chopsticks and fingers, for regions of the world where some utensils may not be used or as accessible. 
The IDDSI flow test for liquids uses a 10 ml syringe with a barrel size of 61.5 mm to quantify the flow rate when 10 mls runs with gravity through the syringe for 10 seconds. The remaining liquid in the syringe determines the IDDSI level of thickness. Access to the correct sized 10 ml syringe proved to be challenging for some regions of the world so the IDDSI funnel was developed and tested. The funnel offers an alternative to the 10 ml syringe or when the correct 10 ml syringes are not available.  
For more information about the development and science behind the testing methods, see our Testing Method documents and our FAQ sections. Testing Methods and FAQ
So be sure to pack spoons, forks, chopsticks and your 10 ml syringes or IDDSI funnel into your dysphagia tool kit! 
Tickets are out now!
Check out IDDSI'S 3 Upcoming Festivals:
IDDSI’s hardworking team of volunteers and IDDSI Reference Group leaders are excited to bring you three upcoming events featuring panelists, speakers, food, funnels and much more! 
Asia IDDSI Conference - September 15, 2023
(Sheraton Imperial Hotel - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)
The Asia IDDSI Conference will feature Dr. Julie Cichero, Past IDDSI Co-Chair as our keynote presenter with an opening welcome & IDDSI global update from Peter Lam, IDDSI Chairperson & CEO. The conference will also feature presentations from Dr. Catriona Steele, Dr. Luis Riquelme, Dr. Mershen Pillay, Janice Duivestein, Dr. Ben Hanson and many others. Participate in educational and practical sessions on how to implement IDDSI and much more! Come and enjoy the beautiful weather and fantastic food that Malaysia has to offer, meet exhibiting vendors and explore IDDSI possibilities, at the best location in the heart of Kuala Lumpur!  
Early Bird Registration (extended to July 31, 2023) RM450. Groups of 5 or more can register at a 30% discount. 
After July 31, 2023, registration will increase to RM600. Register early and secure your spot at this conference! Tickets will only be sold until the purchase deadline, August 31st, 2023 4:00 PM

Get your tickets before July 31, 2023 to take advantage of the early bird rate: Buy ASIA tickets here
UK IDDSI Festival - September 21, 2023
(Reach Events Centre, Derby, UK DE24 8HY)
The International Dysphagia Diet Standardisation Initiative (IDDSI) is delighted to be hosting its 3rd IDDSI Festival in Derby, UK on Thursday, September 21st, 2023. This event is an ideal opportunity to engage with you and share best practices being demonstrated around IDDSI in Health and Social Care settings. The event is open to all who deliver IDDSI framework, including clinical professionals, dieticians, speech and language therapists, caterers, chefs, patient groups and suppliers. 
We will be joined by a host of speakers and chef demonstrations enabling delegates to put theory into practice, that will support their IDDSI delivery when catering for residents and patients with Dysphagia. 

Get your tickets to secure your spot before they sell out: Buy UK Tickets here
Canada IDDSI Festival - October 26, 2023
(Humber College, Toronto, Canada)
The International Dysphagia Diet Standardisation Initiative (IDDSI) and the Canada IDDSI Reference Group are delighted to announce that we are hosting our first annual Canadian IDDSI Festival on Thursday, October 26, 2023, at Humber College in Toronto, ON. This event is an ideal opportunity to network, discuss best practices and learn about innovations to support IDDSI implementation in Canada. The event is open to everyone who supports and/or implements the IDDSI framework. 

The Canada IDDSI Festival will feature Dr. Catriona Steele, ASHA Fellow, Canada Research Chair in Swallowing and Oral Food Processing and Marianne Katusin, Director of Support Services, Halton Healthcare as our keynote presenters with an opening welcome & IDDSI global update from Peter Lam, IDDSI Chairperson & CEO. There will also be a panel discussion to address IDDSI challenges, innovations and solutions. Participate in practical demos and hands-on learning workshops. Visit with vendors and discuss with them your IDDSI wish lists. The event aims to inspire delegates to put theory into practice to support residents and patients with dysphagia. Whether you have fully implemented IDDSI or are just getting started, there is something for everyone at the Canada IDDSI Festival! 

Reserve your tickets before September 15, 2023 to take advantage of the early bird rates: Get Canada Tickets here
IDDSI Funnel
Recently, we’ve been asked: 
‘Why do the IDDSI funnels cost so much more than the syringes?’
1. The IDDSI funnels are designed to be durable, washable and reusable! 
(Yes, even in commercial dishwashers…) 
Thanks to Ginnette Morrin, CIRG member, this funnel has been washed 550 times in a commercial dishwaher from April 1 to May 25. The markings on the funnel are still visible and there is no alteration to the shape and function of the funnel. 
Photos provided by Karen Pitkanen & Jean Helps, Deer Lodge, Winnipeg, Manitoba. These funnels have been washed for 30 cycles in their commercial dishwasher. 
Debbie Martinussen, CIRG member & facilitator of the IDDSI Mentoring Moments workshops, reports that the IDDSI funnel they tested was washed in their dish machine (high heat type) 30x and there was no visible changes to it and was fully functional (no warping or functional changes).
2. The IDDSI funnels are easy to use and environmentally friendly. 

There is no need to use 2 syringes or throw away the plungers. The funnel is designed with a custom spout so you can pour the liquids into the funnel easily. Markings for each level are indicated on the funnel and makes it easy to identify the thickness of what you are testing. The material used for the funnel allows it to be recycled when they are no longer usable. (From the wash and wear test results, it looks like it may take a while to wear through one funnel!) 

3. Every funnel you purchase goes to support the access of the IDDSI
funnels in resource constrained areas of the world.   

The proceeds of the IDDSI funnels goes to support a reduced cost for those areas of the world with limited resources. IDDSI is international and our goal is to do as much as we can to support the ability to use IDDSI everywhere! 
The IDDSI Funnel is the only widely available funnel that was designed with the IDDSI Flow Test in mind. The IDDSI Funnel is designed to be easy to use with IDDSI levels already marked on the funnel itself, and it is re-usable and recyclable. The funnel store (including ordering and fulfillment) will be managed by our licensed manufacturer, Sparrow Solutions Ltd., and will be an official channel to order your IDDSI Funnels 

Some important information:

  • IDDSI Funnels are sold in packages (100 funnels per package) or cartons (1000 funnels per carton)
  • Once you enter your shipping information, shipping quotes/options will be provided during the checkout process. Please note the shipping cost does not include any duties or taxes that may be charged on the shipment.
  • All major credit cards are accepted. We use PayPal as our payment processor. Please follow these step-by-step instructions to check-out. Step by Step Instructions
  • If you have Business or Tax ID (or other special instructions), please include them during the check-out process.
To go with the new IDDSI Funnel, we have created the following new resources, which can be found collected here. (These four resources will also be found in their respective locations, such as under Testing Cards, the IDDSI Flow Test, or our YouTube channel.) 

Global Updates
If there is IDDSI implementation activity happening in your part of the world and you do not see the information on the IDDSI website or mentioned in the e-bite, please contact us and let us know, We will be most happy to acknowledge your contribution and let the rest of the world know what you are doing.
Take a look below to see what global and different reference groups are doing to support IDDSI Implementation.
Congratulations to Dr. Catriona Steele and team who recently received the 2023 Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Most Downloaded Original Research (or Review Article) Award for the paper entitled Creation and Initial Validation of the International Dysphagia Diet Standardisation Initiative Functional Diet ScaleThis award recognizes the original research (review) paper published in the Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation that has received the most downloads lifetime.  Find this publication here https://www.archives-pmr.org/article/S0003-9993(18)30085-6/fulltext
CIRG: The Canada Reference Group has posted their newsletter for June and it is focusing on busting myths about IDDSI! Have a look for the full details here and
don't forget the Canada IDDSI Festival coming up in October.
For information about the CIRG, email canada@iddsi.net or visit their webpage here
HKIRG: Hong Kong recently launched the IDDSI guidelines to the public. The guideline is based on the IDDSI framework, and includes the testing methods and descriptions. It also included our recent data on the texture and viscosity properties of 62 local foods and dishes across the levels. The data is targeted for food manufacturers interested in producing modified diet. A media event was organized and it was widely covered by local media. The guideline can be downloaded from the link below: 

A website on 'Care Food' recipes and IDDSI managed by The Hong Kong Council of Social Service can be accessed here: https://www.carefood.org.hk/ 
MTIRG: The Malta Dysphagia Special Interest Group together with the Malta IRG is currently busy preparing for the first ever Focus Day on the 12th December 2023. The scope behind this full day event is to inform and educate SLPs on assessment and intervention strategies for dysphagia groups, as well as workshops to increase familiarity with IDDSI testing methods. To learn more about what happening with out IRG, email us at malta@iddsi.net or visit our webpage here: IDDSI - Malta
PEDIRG: The Pediatric IDDSI Reference Group (PEDIRG) is made up of pediatric specialists from reference groups across the globe who work with infants and children with dysphagia. There are over 20 countries/regions participating in the PEDIRG. As we grow, we invite pediatric clinicians from all of the IDDSI reference groups to consider joining us and representing your particular country. If you are interested please contact us at pedirg@iddsi.net.

We have divided the members into subcommittees to target specific areas of interest related to pediatric dysphagia and IDDSI. The subcommittees include the following:
·        Food texture/preparation/recipes
·        Thickening and textures
·        General/family education
·        Implementation
·        Communications
·        Research

Our thickening and textures committee is working on a survey for various countries to complete regarding thickening practice for infants and children. The responders can provide information on how each country/regions thickens liquids for infants and children based on their resources and institutional culture.
Stay tuned for our Pediatric IDDSI 101 video where we review strategies and challenges related to pediatrics with IDDSI testing and implementation. If you have any questions regarding the PEDIRG please contact: pedirg@iddsi.net
THIRG: The Thailand IDDSI IRG has published a “46 Menus to Train Swallowing According to International Standards (IDDSI)” – Thailand’s first cookbook based on Thai and Asian cuisines for caregiving of the elderly and those with difficulty swallowing.
We have worked together with the department of Nutrition and dietetics, Chulalongkorn University and the Thai Dietetic Association to research and develop innovative food and beverages for the aged and patients who have difficulty chewing and swallowing their food. For more details:
USIRG: The US Reference Group wants to wish everyone a happy, healthy DYSPHAGIA AWARENESS MONTH! Check out the US IRG's feature piece here and you can access the full newsletter in July by visiting the US IRG's website here or email usa@iddsi.net 
Welcome two of our newest IDDSI IRGs:
Long Term Care and Türkiye

LTCIRG: The Long Term Care Reference Group welcomes participants as it continues to meet monthly. Please join us the second Wednesday of the month at 12pm CST for discussions regarding all things IDDSI, specific to long term care in various countries and regions. Our goal is interdisciplinary, international collaboration for the purposes of coming together to support, educate, and act as a reference point for IDDSI-related needs specific to the population. For more information please contact longtermcareirg@iddsi.net
TUIRG: IDDSI Türkiye için referans grup oluşturulmuştur. Referans grup IDDSI'ın türkçe çevirisi için çalışmaktadır. Yakın zamanda Türkçe IDDS gönüllülerin incelemesi için web sitesi üzerinde incelemeye sunulacaktır.
IDDSI için Türkiye’de bir referans grup oluşturulmuştur. Türkiye IDDSI referans gruba katkı sunmak isterseniz, lütfen turkiye@iddsi.net üzerinden iletişime geçiniz.
An IDDSI reference group has been assembled in Türkiye. The reference group is working on the Turkish translation of IDDSI. The Turkish IDDSI framework will be submitted on the website for volunteers to review soon.
An IDDSI reference group has been assembled in Türkiye. If you are interested to participate in the Türkiye IDDSI reference group, please contact turkiye@iddsi.net
For more information, access the TUIRG's website here
IDDSI Reference Group Volunteering
If you are interested in joining an IDDSI Reference Group, please email the contact for the group. We welcome everyone who wants to help with guiding & fostering IDDSI implementation. Being part of a reference group is a great opportunity to meet IDDSI friends in your local, regional area. And you never know, something amazing may happen when great brains come together!
Don't see an IDDSI Reference Group for your practise or regional area? Interested in starting an IDDSI reference group to help support IDDSI implementation in your regional or practice area? Fill out the form here.
Webinars & IDDSI Learning
Did you miss our most recent webinar IDDSI Truth or Bare? Join one of our upcoming rebroadcasts and listen to Dr Luis Riquelme and Dr Michael Crary discuss IDDSI hot topics such as:

  • Is IDDSI an Assessment Tool?
  • IDDSI is too restrictive!
  • Does IDDSI promote the use of thickeners?
  • How to "do the IDDSI?”
  • Role of Food Service in Implementation

The broadcast will happen on 3 different dates over July and August, over various time zones. Click on Show In My Time Zone on the registration page to see your local time.

If you attend any of our rebroadcasts, you will automatically receive a Certificate of Attendance after the session.
You can also watch at your leisure on our YouTube channel here
If you have any suggestions for webinar topics, we’d love to hear them! Head over to our Contact Us form, choose subject “Webinars”, and let us know what you’d like to see in the upcoming months. 
Previous Webinars and Recordings
Missed any of our other webinars? All our webinars are recorded and can be found on here, but please note rewatching the webinars on YouTube will not provide you with a Certificate of Attendance.

If you register and then cannot attend a webinar, PLEASE make sure to cancel so we may open another spot up for someone else.  Thank you very much for your consideration. 
IDDSI in Action

  • ANFP 2023 Annual Conference & Expo (ACE) – New Orleans, LA, USA (June 25-28, 2023)

Many thanks to the Association of Nutrition & Food Service Professionals https://www.anfponline.org/ for providing IDDSI with an exhibitor booth. It was great to interact with so many conference attendees and hear about IDDSI success stories!
Omar Humes, Immediate ANFP Past President and Peter Lam, IDDSI Chairperson
Campbell's Food Service
Gordon Food Service
Hormel Foods
IDDSI and our amazing sponsors at ANFP ACE 2023
  • III CLAD - Third Latin American Dysphagia Congress
The third meeting of SLAD (Latin American Society on Dysphagia) will be held in conjunction with the Chile Dysphagia & Nutrition Society in Santiago, Chile from July 19 – 22/23. Several international speakers from outside Latin American are invited speakers, including our Vice Chair, Dr. Luis F. Riquelme. Luis will be conducting a pre-conference workshop on the application/implementation of IDDSI that includes a laboratory practice session. In addition, he’ll be presenting two keynote lectures throughout the conference. 
Many thanks go to Dr. Renata Mancopes, Brazil IRG, for her coordination of the IDDSI booth at CLAD, as well as a meeting of all the Latin American IRGs. The event is sure to stimulate discussion regarding IDDSI implementation- including how to approach implementation in different settings. 
For more information, go to: https://sochiorl.cl/web/evento.php?id=128
Translation services will be available.  
Upcoming Events:

  • Asia Dysphagia Society Conference: New Era of Dysphagia Management in Asia - Suwon Convention Center, Korea November 9-11, 2023 1st_ads.pdf (asiandysphagia.org)

  • ESSD 2023 13th Annual Congress, Deglutition: what a junction! Toulouse, France  November 28-December 3, 2023 https://essd2023.org
Take a look to see where different regions are in respect to supporting IDDSI Implementation.
Interested in starting an IDDSI reference group to help support IDDSI implementation? Fill out the form here.