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All summer memberships expire August 31, 2022 regardless of purchase date.
Heel + Toe Hook Clinic | Tuesday, May 31, 5-7pm

Learn the ins and outs of heel and toe hooks with Julian!

Heels and toes are great tools for hookin’ holds! Whether you’ve never heard of a heel or toe hook, or you feel like the captain of hooks (see what we did there), come learn how to improve your technique!
The 2nd Tuesday every month, we invite our members to branch out from their normal climbing sessions and engage with the Edgeworks’ community and staff.

Tuesday, June 14, 2022

Because stacking and climbing crash pads is fun ... and harder than you might think! The person atop the highest stack wins the prize. How high do you think you can go? Find out when you join us for the fun, Tuesday, June 14.

We'll also welcome Ryan Hansen of Elevate Chiropractic | Rehab offering free consultations and we'll have a small selection of used holds on sale. Get here early to enjoy all the fun!
Ages: 5-6 years

Introducing our new 6-week introduction program for youth climbers with little or no climbing experience who want to have fun in a climbing atmosphere while learning basic climbing technique and skills.

Activities include: climbing (top-rope, traversing, beginner introduction to bouldering), quality instruction, safety, knot tying, team-building games, fitness and lots of fun!
Ages: 7-9 years

Beginning Climbers is a 6-week program for youth climbers with little or no climbing experience who want to learn basic climbing technique and safety skills. The coaches at this level are focused on having fun while building strong, fit, and motivated climbers!

Upon graduation, climbers who can pass a belay skills check will be encouraged to advance to our Junior or Club Climbers programs. (based on space & program availability)
Due to an ongoing issue with the City of Seattle and a broken sewer line located under Market Street, our toilets remain out of order and we're continuing to ask folks to use other facilities in the building.
The building owner has filed a claim with the City of Seattle and we're continuing to push them both to settle on a conclusion as to how and when to repair the sewer line. If you happen to know anyone who can help move this process along, please let us know!

We also know that patience is not a resource that comes in an unlimited quantity and thank you for adapting to a situation that has been frustrating for everyone.

Thank you for your continued support as we push for a resolution.

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