Lawn watering Times

Watering times are averages. Adjust your watering minutes based on rainfall, type of grass or plants, sunny or shady locations, and other characteristics.

Whenever possible try and water early in the morning hours and not in the evenings. Watering at night leaves excess moisture on the turf for extended periods of time and can cause some fungus issues. South and west full sun exposures will need extra water, where shaded and north and east sides of the property will need a little less. Adjust your zones to compensate for these differences in heat and sun exposure. Doing this is best for the lawn and will make sure your water bill is going to the best use for your landscape.

Watering two days a week should be sufficient during most of the summer. If needed, water a third day during extreme heat or dry periods. Water trees and shrubs as needed, but not between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. Shrubs and perennials need half as much water as lawns.
There are no assigned watering days, but never water a zone more than three days per week. As always should you need supplemental watering for your trees please call our office.