Effective immediately, Arizona Benefit Plans is now able to quote the full suite of Blue Cross products. Arizona Benefit Plans specializes in all things self-funded. Whether that is small, to mid-size group level funding, or stop-loss protection and TPA services for unbundled self-funded accounts.  

The Blue Cross level funded options are a perfect fit in our product portfolio. In addition, we will have access to the Blue Cross fully insured options as well. We realize you have a choice when it comes to where you get your level funded quotes from. We appreciate the opportunity to be of service to you, and look forward to bringing you the best and most innovative products in the self-funded space.
On June 8th, Arizona Benefit Plans and 6 Degrees Health hosted a Spring Brunch n’ Learn event. Our attendees had the chance to gain valuable knowledge on a variety of topics such as:

  • Cost Containment
  • Reference Based Pricing
  • Innovative Stop Loss Solutions from Granular Insurance & Matrix
  • & The NEW Essential Health Plans

Thank you to all of those who attended. Follow us on LinkedIn to view the rest of the event photos & to be the first to hear about new events!
We are pleased to introduce our newest stop-loss partner, Granular Insurance Company.

What makes Granular unique is that it underwrites based on a “Precision Risk” model that allows a mix of as many as 22 underwriting or ISL cohorts within a single Group.  This underwriting methodology reduces the volatility , and provides more consistent value from year to year, which is why Granular is able to offer three to five year rate guarantees.

Granular partners with Verily (data management company), Google, and Swiss Re to manage data and make it to where it can be easily used in developing underwriting strategies that provide long term stop-loss solutions.

This is a great new product that were very excited about. 
If you want to know more, contact Mike Hoffman at mikeh@azben.com
EMI health is adding additional plans to the Charter School Pool, and the Professional Pool.

The Charter Pool is adding a $7,000 deductible, 100% PPO plan, and the Professional Pool is adding $6,000 deductible, $6,500 OOP qualified high deductible plan.

In all Pools, you can offer 2 plans for groups 5-25 enrolled, and 3 plans for groups of 26+ enrolled.

The pricing spread for groups of less than 50 lives enrolled is 50% between the lowest option plan and the highest option plan. This does not apply for groups over 50 lives.
From EMI President and Chief Executive Officer Steve Morrison:

We have some exciting news to share: EMI Health has acquired Total Dental Administrators (TDA)! 

Some of you may be familiar with TDA as a friendly competitor in the dental marketplace. Now we are joining forces to become partners capable of offering a larger variety of products to more people faster than either company could accomplish on its own. This is a strategic acquisition that will help us fulfill our mission to provide the best possible benefits at the lowest cost. 

Those of you familiar with TDA know that this is a great match. For those of you not familiar with TDA, they have a similar history to EMI Health’s. Originally founded as a small, regional dental company, TDA has grown into a national insurance benefits company, specializing in dental, life, disability, and vision. In addition to the PPO plans we are most accustomed to at EMI Health, TDA also offers DHMO (dental health maintenance organization) plans, which provides an exciting opportunity for expansion.

The purchase is pending approval of the Arizona and Utah Insurance Departments. We are thrilled about this partnership and what it means for our company, employees, members, and partners!
Trustmark is now able to do GRx underwriting on groups of 20-99 enrolled. The process is a bit different on the 20-50 life segment than it is with the 51-99 life segment, but the process starts with making sure the base rates are competitive. So we will initially send you base rate quote on Trustmark. If the Group is interested in Trustmark, we will then collect the information needed for Trustmark to run a GRx rate.
Effective immediately, Trustmark is offering hybrid RBP plans that provide network based coverage using Multiplan for outpatient services like physician visits, therapies and alternative medicine, and RBP for inpatient and facility services.

This type of plan takes approx. 90% of the encounters into a familiar networked based system, and moves the remaining, high cost encounters into RBP.

The price differential on this product can be significant depending on the Groups location.

Trustmark also offers a dual option scenario for groups of 26 or more enrolled where a CIGNA PPO plan can be offered next to a full RBP product. A minimum of 25 must be enrolled on the CIGNA PPO plan.

Trustmark is leading the way when it comes to small to midsize Group RBP products and alternatives!