Summer Fire Treatment, New Guide to Online System, and the Asparagus Festival!
June 2019

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Summer is well on its way! With all of the cold and rainy weather of early spring, and now some warmer, sunny stretches coming about, we are all starting to feel the beginnings of summer... and with that, much soil is getting tilled and planted in the valley, busy end-of-school-year for many a teacher and student, and LOTS of flowers and trees budding and blooming, with all that entails, beauty and pollen alike!

In this newsletter, we announce the second annual Summer Fire Treatment , with our Five Element-trained acupuncturist, Anne Louise, which will take place on June 21st - these limited spots go fast! So if you're interested, book right away! If you aren't able to get a spot, you can still support your Fire element this season, with some regular acupuncture treatments, or as needed.

We also have a new, updated Guide to the Online Scheduling System - in case you've not been sure how to navigate it, or all that you can do - see below for a few tips. The system hasn't changed; we just compiled a more specific guide to navigating the system.

Additionally, the annual Hadley Asparagus Festival commences June 1st- TODAY! - in support of the great Hippocratic adage, let food be thy medicine - we, along with so many in the Valley, support the locally grown food movement, whether eating, growing, purchasing, or all of the above!

With Much Gratitude , for the community YOU bring to NCA when you come in for acupuncture, and for the AMAZING, relentless, undeniably hope-ful, ability of the body to heal itself, again and again ~ Rachel & Anne Louise
Fire Element Treatment coming on June 21st!
Anne Louise Smallen, Lic. Ac.

In Chinese Medicine, Fire is the emperor of all the elements. Due to its importance and influence on the health of the entire body, four of the twelve meridians are dedicated to balancing the fire element: the Heart, Small Intestine, Pericardium and Triple Heater . Other elements only have two meridians associated with each one.

The fire element will be at its peak on Friday evening, June 21, at the summer solstice , around 9pm. The clinic will be opened between 8:00 and 9:30 pm to those who wish to come and feel the acupuncture benefits of a fire element treatment in the Five Element tradition. 

Fire rules the “shen” or radiance of being and presence. It is also the element that rules the heart and the arteries, helps circulation , cardiovascular health and the distribution of fluids (blood, lymph). It fortifies the endocrine system and rules the hormonal system . On an emotional level: an excess of the fire element may cause manic type behavior, decreased emotional control and/or inappropriate behavior; while a deficiency may cause inability to feel emotions or have sympathy for others.

A balanced fire element helps the heart and circulatory system, promotes emotional well-being, and creates balance between all parts of our system and our lives, especially for those of us who are vulnerable to imbalances and symptoms in the above listed areas. The seasonal fire treatment was created to help achieve this balance, and support you as we transition into this season.

Schedule opens June 1st online and at the clinic. Please note there are limited spaces available and they fill up fast!

Date: Friday, June 21, 2019
Time: 8:00pm-9:30pm
Cost: $35 or one treatment from a 6 or 12 treatment package

For more information, please contact me directly:
 You do not need to be a regular client at the clinic and all are welcome to apply. I will send more information about the treatment itself to those who register.
A New Guide to Using the Online System - with a few tips and tricks!
DID YOU KNOW..... that you can do all of these things, and more, using our online system?

* Reset your password

* Schedule an Appointment

* Cancel an Appointment (as long as it's at least 24 hours before the appointment time; if it's less, you'd need to contact us directly to cancel - and we appreciate your doing so. The 24 hour cancellation policy continues, with exceptions-see the website for more info)

* Purchase an Appointment or Package

*Check to see how many treatments are left on an existing package

*Check your schedule of upcoming appointments

Click on this link, to see our new, updated Guide to Scheduling, Canceling, or Paying for Appointments Online . This link will also be available on the website's Schedule Appointment page, and we will have copies available at the clinic.
2019 WGBY Asparagus Festival in Hadley

Kick off your summer festivities with an annual tradition, celebrating one of our "local heroes" of the valley - Asparagus!


Did you know that Hadley was once considered the "Asparagus Capitol of the World" ? Indeed, back in the late 1800's, Hadley was experiencing a labor shortage and decline in farming, and large numbers of immigrants began to populate the region. Among them were Polish immigrants, who were later credited with saving Hadley's farmlands and restoring its fertile soil, and it was around that time that asparagus grew in popularity. Despite a disease having wiped out much of the crop in the 1950s, Hadley is still known today for its tradition of growing the beloved early summer vegetable.

The event is Free, 10am-6pm, and fun for the whole family (with a recommended gate donation of $5/person or $20/family).

For more information, click here: WGBY Asparagus Festival 2019 .
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