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The objective of the Gunsmith/Retail position is to provide maintenance, repair, or alteration service on firearms in order to comply with customer requirements and specifications.

Responsibilities involve cleaning, parts installation, mounting and bore sighting optics, as well as a variety of other gunsmithing tasks and general shop maintenance tasks. This person will also be working sales counter to sell for our retail store and indoor range.

This is a part time 30 hours per week/ 4 days and makes the employee eligible for Health and Dental insurance.
Please Note: All Firearms Prices are for In-Store Sales Only.
Training Classes Are In Full Swing!
We offer a full array of Training Classes to help make sure you feel comfortable firing your new weapons. From our Intro to Modern Handguns Class to our advanced Functional Carbine Application 2 class, all our courses are designed for safety first and foremost and then getting you comfortable firing your weapons. 

Some of these courses are available to women only to help make you more comfortable during the class, so please check the class descriptions carefully.
Upcoming Classes
Trauma First Aid
June 30
Trauma First Aid is a 3-hour class designed to develop basic medical skills that can be successfully employed in life threatening situations in and out of the home. Management of traumatic injury until EMS can arrive is the focal point of this training. As students, you will receive and take home as a part of the course a tactical medical kit valued at $150.00.
Women's Intro to Handguns
July 14
WISR’s Introduction to Modern Handguns course runs approximately 4 hours and is designed for the first time or novice student to learn safe gun handling skills. We will cover the skills needed for personal protection or home defense. You will have the opportunity to shoot 50 rounds of ammo at the end of the class. Ammo can be purchased at the store.
College Campus Safety Awareness
August 18
Ideal for young people about to start college, this class will help them learn how to identify and avoid dangerous encounters; discourage an attacker; use verbal commands & simple self-defense techniques; and effectively and responsibly deploy pepper spray.  All participants will also leave with a Sabre Key Chain Pepper Spray for attending the class
We are proud members of Glock's Blue Label Program, which supports those who protect and serve communities across the country and around the world.

Qualified buyers will receive a discount on any GLOCK LE pistol of their choice, with up to two purchases per year. *Excludes colored pistols.

New and Used Firearms For Sale
We have a wide variety of antique firearms on sale - come see our selection!
We also offer appraisal services!
Save Lives - Give Blood!
We are hosting a Blood Drive here at Windham Indoor Shooting Range!
Mark your calendars for July 23 to stop in and donate!

Door Prizes include:
  • 3-Month WISR Membership
  • $50 Gift Certificate from Freedom Massage
  • Smitty's Cinema Gift Bag - 2 tickets, 2 drinks and Candy
Our team at the Windham Indoor Shooting Range is here to make your experience a success, so please feel free to reach out to us in person, by phone or through our online support with any questions you might have and we will be happy to help. 
Let gun safety be your target!
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