The EPN Consulting Newsletter No. 094 - June 2018
Dear Colleague,

Some time ago I read an article on the British newspaper "The Telegraph" about the shameful truth behind what happens to all your leftover hotel toiletries.
A clever US company started to collect these half-used supplies and re-utilise them.

This reminded me of what I had written in the May 2017 editorial about the hotel industry that should introduce a robust differentiation policy of waste generated during hotels stays. Besides, this industry should also think of sustainable mobility for their guests.

Next 25th June 2018 EPN Consulting is organising in London a Conference on " Smart Transport for Sustainable Tourism" (more info below) where we will describe - among many other topics - some clever solutions that a few towns in Austria and Slovenia adopted about promoting the use of public transport among visitors by giving them smart cards, providing Park&Ride areas where to park their private cars and enjoy several kinds of alternative transport including electric vehicles. This is the right strategy to follow.

Especially in small- and mid-sized towns it is difficult to learn about public transport services and in particular for short holidays people tend to focus on places to visit rather than which kinds of transport to use for these visits and choosing private cars unfortunately turn to be the easiest solution. But in high-peak seasons the high number of private cars circulating in towns and, in particular, in smaller ones generate a devastating impact on the environment and quality of life of residents.

That's why hotels associations and tourist offices should design and actively implement effective campaigns of sustainable mobility in their areas. This can be achieved by offering bundles that combine cheaper public transport fares and discounts on tickets for parks, museums, restaurants, etc. 

If towns are too small to organise campaigns alone, they could link to neighbour towns and cities for global multi-modal and multi-disciplinary tourist packages. This will generate beneficial effects on the local economy while protecting the environment: indeed, a win-win solution!

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Horizon 2020 & other calls close to deadline

21 June 2018 -  Deadline to submit proposals to the H2020-European-i-Capital-Prize-2018 call (The European Capital of Innovation Award - iCapital)

28 June 2018 - Deadline to submit proposals to 10 different calls for proposals. Go to the Events Section for more details

12 July 2018 Deadline to submit proposals to No. 68 topics of the H2020-CS2-CFP08-2018-01 call (RIA, IA - Clean Sky 2 Calls For Proposals 08) 
12 July 2018 -  Deadline to submit proposals to the EIT-Manufacturing-2018 call (Added-value manufacturing: a cross-cutting challenge) 
12 July 2018 -  Deadine to submit proposals to the EIT-Urban-Mobility call (Urban Mobility: a cross-cutting challenge) 
EPN Consulting is happy to help SMEs and any kind of organisations assess their project ideas, convert their ideas in robust and valuable proposals and manage the entire project cycle once the proposals are eligible for funding.

Get in touch for a FREE consultation.

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Commission's Chief Scientist Advisors examine Carbon Capture and Utilisation

23 May 2018 -  Can "Carbon Capture and Utilisation" technologies contribute to mitigating climate change? And if so, how should we choose in which of these various technologies to invest?

These are some of the issues explored in the fourth scientific opinion of the European Commission's Group of Chief Scientific Advisors. Carbon Capture and Utilisation (CCU) technologies remove CO2 from the atmosphere and use energy to convert it into various useful products such as fuel, building materials or plastics.

But at present, there are no accurate methods to determine the climate mitigation potential of these technologies. This has hindered investment and thus their deployment.

EFSI Investment Plan Results 

23 May 2018 - It was published the Investment plan results of the  European Fund for Strategic Investments  (EFSI), with a  breakdown by country and sector.

EU-wide results as of June 2018 are:
  • EFSI expected to trigger €294bn in investments
  • 93% of the original €315 billion target met
  • 412 Infrastructure and Innovation projects approved
  • 418 SME financing agreements approved
  • around 644,000 SMEs expected to benefit
In particular for Transport a connected, resource efficient and low-carbon transport system is essential for the future competitiveness of Europe. There remains a significant investment gap for EU transport investment and the EFSI as the central pillar of the Investment Plan, or so-called Juncker Plan, is helping to address this gap. The Transport sector faces significant challenges in attracting sufficient funding for pipeline building, planning and structuring.

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The Different Words we use to describe Male and Female Leaders  

25 May 2018 -  We like to think of ourselves as unbiased and objective in our employment decisions, but with two equal candidates, who are you going to promote?  Someone who is described in their performance evaluations as analytical or someone who is described as compassionate?

On the other end of the employment spectrum, if you're downsizing and have to fire someone and the two people in jeopardy are very similar, who are you going to fire? Someone perceived as arrogant or someone perceived as inept? Leadership attributions in performance evaluations are powerful...

Estonia is making Public Transport Free

01 June 2018 -  Five and half years ago, the Estonian capital of Tallinn introduced free public transport after officials asked residents to vote on the proposal in a public referendum - 75% said yes. All people had to do was register as a resident of the city, and pay €2 for a "green card". However, visitors, including those from other parts of Estonia, and tourists have to pay to use Tallinn's network of buses, trams, trains and trolley buses.

Even so, the scheme has proved so popular that the Estonian government is planning to roll out free bus travel across the country.
From 1st July 2018, every county in Estonia can implement free public transport for its residents, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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EU Budget: the Commission proposes most ambitious Research & Innovation programme yet

07 June 2018 -  For the next long-term EU budget 2021-2027, the Commission is proposing €100 billion for Research and Innovation.
A new programme - HORIZON EUROPE - will build on the achievements and success of the previous research and innovation programme (Horizon 2020) and keep the EU at the forefront of global research and innovation. Horizon Europe is the most ambitious research and innovation programme ever.

While continuing to drive scientific excellence through the European Research Council (ERC) and the Marie Sklodowska-Curie fellowships and exchanges, Horizon Europe will introduce a number of new features.

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EPN Consulting Limited

EPN Consulting News  

EPN Consulting invites you to the "Smart Transport for Sustainable Tourism
" conference, the last event of the EU-funded S.T.R.E.E.T. Project

EPN Consulting is partner of the S.T.R.E.E.T. project, funded within the Erasmus+ scheme, aiming to define a new professional profile: the Expert of Sustainable Mobility and Tourism that will be focused on alternative mobility solutions and Sustainable Tourism.
The project was divided in Basic Course and Specialised Course, where the latter included Study Visits in London, Werfenweng (AT), Bled (SLO) and Turin (IT).

EPN Consulting is now organising the London Multiplier Event, final dissemination of the project's goals, activities and results that are described in the Toolbox , the project legacy, whose preparation in charge of us.

You are invited to attend this FREE event by registering  here.

Social Media discussion: #STREETproject | #EPNconsulting  | #LondonMultiplierEvent

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Would you like to join the EPN Consuting Network? Visit the membership webpage.

Upcoming Professional Events in Europe

19-20 June 2018 - Milton Keynes -  ITS+TRA -  CITY TRANSPORT & TRAFFIC INNOVATION Exhibition 2018
19-20 June 2018 - Cologne (DE) -  ICT+ITS+TRA -  THE FUTURE OF TRANSPORTATION 2018 World Conference
25 June 2018 - London (UK) -  ENV+EUP+ITS+PRO+TRA -  S.T.R.E.E.T. Project - LONDON Final Conference organised by  EPN CONSULTING 
25-26 June 2018 - Sofia (BG) -  EUP+ICT+LEG -  EU DIGITAL ASSEMBLY 2018
26 June 2018 - Edinburgh (UK) -  ITS+TRA -  MaaS Scotland Annual Conference 2018
27-28 June 2018 - Sofia (BG) -  ENE+ICT+ITS+TRA -  2018 EIP-SCC (Smart Cities & Communities) GENERAL ASSEMBLY

The Website of the Month:  EU BLOCKCHAIN Observatory and Forum
The mission is to promote blockchain in Europe by mapping existing blockchain initiatives, analysing and reporting on important blockchain themes, promoting blockchain education and knowledge sharing and holding events to promote debate and discussion.

The EU Observatory and Forum is open to the public through its online Forum, which consists of a large network of entrepreneurs, researchers, professionals and other parties interested in contributing to the Forum through fact-finding, suggestions, or comments.

In its inaugural theme, "Blockchain innovation in Europe", the Observatory and Forum looks to examine the current state of blockchain development in the EU through original research and interviews with practitioners, academics and other experts, cataloguing Europe's strengths as well as challenges in terms of developing a vibrant blockchain ecosystem and speeding up uptake of the technology.

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