June 2023



8 Pam Gibbon

11 Norma Hartz

23 Sarah Kellogg

25 Ken Rrozycki

25 Pat Donnelly

29 Brenda McCloskey


2 Don & Connie Griffith

3 Brian & Michelle Bish

7 John & Pam Gibbon

10 Bill & Brenda McCloskey

11 Mike & Becca Dillon

Steak Fry

Last Call for Reservations!

RESERVATIONS MUST BE IN BY JUNE 14th AS STEAKS MUST BE ORDERED ON JUNE 15th AT 9:00 A.M.  Steaks will be ordered through Vey’s Pub and Grille at restaurant cost to the club.     Cost is $30.00 per reservation.  Please make your reservation as soon as possible. 

We may not be able to accept late reservations.  Your check is your reservation.    Make checks payable to Pymatuning Century Club and sent to Sue Porter at 4137 Lake Rd., Jamestown, PA 16134 or they may be placed in the drop box at the club.  You may also use the PayPal option which can be found on our website at www.pymatuningcenturyclub.com.

As in the past, we have relied on our club members to donate either an appetizer or a dessert. If you are willing to do so, please notify the Porter’s which you are planning to bring at attyspc@earthlink.net or at 330-307-6769.











The sailing season is finally underway.  Boats have been launched and some have even been sailed.  The causeway mark has already been rounded, so you’d better get on it if you want to compete for the prestigious title this year.  The club is open and ready to be enjoyed by all.   


We did have an issue this past weekend with the sewer grinder pump being out of order.  All of our sewage goes from the clubhouse to a grinder pump at the end of the sidewalk that grinds and pumps it to the state sewage system.  After being down all of the holiday weekend it was discovered this week that a washcloth was stuck in the pump.  This was removed and the pump is back up and running but this serves as a good (and costly) reminder that other than human waste, toilet paper is the only thing to be flushed down the toilets.  Wipes (even flushable wipes), diapers, feminine hygiene products, washcloths, rags, etc. must not be flushed down the toilets.  Please be aware of these rules and also be sure to remind all guests of these rules to prevent a repeat occurrence.   


There are still lots of projects to be done around the club.  If you are feeling handy and want to contribute to the well being of the club, please contact Bill Gray, Ron Gallagher, or Dale Lewis and we’ll be sure to get you involved.  There is a lot of work to keep things going and improving and it takes many folks to lighten the load.  We are still working on quotes for the roof replacement and hope to complete that project this season.  The dock repair projects have been completed and the docks are once again moving freely on their pipes with no binding.  Please ensure your boat is tied up properly to avoid and dock damage.  Also, as a reminder please be sure you have your 2023 Mooring Decal on your boat whether it’s in the water or still on the hard.  If your boat is in the water and has an engine is must have a current PENNSYLVANIA registration.  Remember, if your registration sticker says “23” on it then it’s expired.  They expire March 31 of the year they have on them so it must say “24” or “25”.  Park Rangers do stop by the club and may issue a citation if your registration is expired. 


See below for a great list of upcoming events at the club.  The PCC party season gets underway this month with the Steak Fry and the Family Picnic and Fireworks at the Dam are not far off either.  The club is looking great and the weather has been generally good for sailing so get out and use the club.  

Hope to see you soon. 

Bill Gray


The Century Club extends a big welcome to our newest members,

Dave and Leetha Buser

Christopher Kimrey

Nate Boyle

We hope you enjoy all our club has to offer and take advantage of the planned gatherings this summer as well as the sailing!

Members, be on the look out for new faces :)

May Hors D'oeuvres Party

What a fun gathering for those that attended. So may frilly and fancy hats! Congratulations to Kathy Soriano for coming in 1st place with a fine feathered creation. Congratulations also go to Sue Valetsky who really knows how to pick a good bourbon. Her pick received the most votes from all the tasters so be sure to ask her what she brought if you like a good bourbon.

Mark Your Calendars

Wednesday, June 21st Steak Fry

Saturday, July 1st Family Picnic/ 4th of July Celebration

Saturday, July 29th Summer Party - Luau

Saturday, September 9th Fall Party - Low Country Boil

June Hors D'oeuvres Party

June 3rd at 5pm

The June Hors D'Oeuvres party will be held at the club on Saturday June 3rd at 5pm. Make plans to come and share a favorite dish with your sailing friends. Right now the weather is predicted to be 85 degrees and beautiful. The Century Club is the place to be when we've got weather like that ! :)

Sailing School is off to a great start!

We are off to a great start at our sailing school with new and returning students. In May we completed 2 theory sessions discussing the basics of sailing, starting with water safety, parts of the boat, sailing terminology and points of sail. We practiced some basic knots, tiller switch behind the back and learned how to fold sails. Looking forward to getting out on the water in our next class (this weekend) and finding our way on the lake!

We also want to express our gratitude for all and any donations, big and small, that have been coming our way - whether it's a round up on your Dues and Fees Statement, or donating any amount as a token of appreciation - it's all very helpful as we finish up our shed and continue to improve our fleet. Thank you!!!

Youth Sail Camp 2023


New in 2023, the Youth Sail Camp will be a 2-day (Saturday & Sunday, June 24 & 25) Sail Camp for kids ages 10-17. This class will be taught on club owned Sunfish, Topper and American 14.6. Participants will learn to handle a small boat independently or as a crew on the American. We will discuss basic sailing terminology, parts of the boat and their functions, helm commands, sail trim, points of sail, basic seamanship and rules of the road. Camp will be taught by our US Sailing certified volunteer instructors. This class will be limited to 12 participants, and will be only offered to PCC Members, Family and Friends. Please visit our website for more information and to download an application! Email Lidia (or txt 724-967-1910) with any questions. We hope to see you there!

Babes on the Bay

August 19 1PM-6PM


Babes on the Bay will be an introductory sailing class for LADIES ONLY! Join us at PCC as we de-mystify sailing. We will begin with water safety, boat terminology, how to read wind and water, why does the boat heel, points of sail, as well as tacking and jibing (turning).

Weather permitting, we will go out on the water with our volunteer PCC skippers! Skippers - we need your help! Please txt, call, or email Lidia if you're willing to assist with giving rides!

We will finish with a capsize recovery demo. Optional pot-luck dinner to follow. Message us with any questions!

RSVP's required: szarak2000@yahoo.com or 724-967-1910

Racing season is upon us!

Our Wednesday night racing series officially kicked off on Wednesday May 30th. This is a keelboat (JAM) and Flying Scot race day. Races start at 5:09 (for the Scots) and 5:15 (for the keelboats). Racing offers a great opportunity to fine tune your sail trim skills as well as provide some camaraderie with fellow sailors. Visit our website for more information or contact our Race Liaison Ross Cummings with any questions!

Input to our monthly newsletter is encouraged and greatly appreciated! Please email articles and photos to Heather at jager6@zoominternet.net or text photos to 814-795-7135 by the 25th of each month.

Board of Directors

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