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July 2014
securityWhy we are sticklers about data security
Occasionally, we get questions about why we use weird passwords, why everyone needs their own
login and why we do not use an easier method of processing credit cards in
Webtix. Recently we received a postcard about a class action suit against one of our competitors regarding identity theft losses that illustrate what can happen if you aren't very security-minded. Read more about what happened and our thoughts.
backgroundHow to change your
Wintix background 
Whether you're into internet cats ...

Dream vacations...

Or the newest addition to your family ...

You can have whatever picture or background you want in Wintix in a couple of easy steps. Here's how to do it.
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A few tips on licensing rights to a show
We learn so much from our customers! Steven Roberts, House Manager at The Village Players of Birmingham, recently shared some valuable tips about the changing structure - and costs - of licensing rights to a show.

pricecatagory  Run a daily sales report by price category
Do you want to run a daily sales report that shows you how many tickets were bought in each price category?

This is a very easy and valuable way to see who your patrons are.

Are people buying more senior tickets that students or vice versa? Knowing how many tickets are bought in each price category can help your marketing efforts and deciding what kinds of entertainment will really draw in the crowds!

Click here to learn more!
integrityreport Run an Integrity Report to find problems with seats not attached to transactions

As part of your daily box office maintenance, you need to make sure that all transactions are connected to your seating charts and vice versa, if you are using reserved seats. You can find that information at the bottom of your Daily Sales Report, but did you know there is a handy little report that just shows you if there are any problems with a sale called the Integrity Report?


Read more about how to run an Integrity Report.
expoAt least indoor venues don't have to worry about hailstones and wild winds

We are always amazed at the variety of personalities and types of venues that we have. In our 28 years in business we have dealt with theatres, but also circuses, ice skating rinks, flea markets, baseball teams, virtual reality rides, and ghosts.


One of our customers is Taylor County Expo, a 5,400 seat venue in west Texas. They have an interesting variety of events - concerts, dances, professional wrestling, rodeos, monster trucks, chuck wagon cook offs, horse races, Harley Davidson conventions, and Western heritage events. It's all run by Rochelle using Wintix.


The weather offers some significant challenges, too. Once, she called for help with a minor network permission issue in Wintix. It was load-in day and hundreds of businesses were setting up tents and booths. Then she told us, "We had a sudden thunderstorm. Seventy mph winds. Tents and booths are blowing down." Her radio then crackled. She gave a loud sigh and told us the largest tent had just blown down and had fallen on top of a power line.


They had another weather adventure: Texas-sized hailstones destroyed cars on their grounds and in nearby Abilene. 


 "My grandmother came from Georgia to New Mexico in a covered wagon and flew on a 747 to Hawaii," Rochelle joked. "I've survived from counting hard tickets to this technology! We've come a long way, baby!"


And, she deadpanned, "If you don't like the weather in Texas, just wait five minutes."

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