July 2021

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Update on the Land:
Tell us if You Want
Into the Gatehouse
We are ready for you to tell us if you want to buy a unit in the Gatehouse.

We continue to plan for a pre-sold unit model for building the Gatehouse, our future home. That approach requires three actors: buyers, a builder, and an investor (to buy the land, architectural drawings, and permits). We have the builder, plans, and the builder has identified investors. We have estimated prices for units, although we don't have a price for the land yet. In order to negotiate a price for the land, we need to show them buyers.

We think 60 or more families on our mailing list are waiting to hear the prices and maybe buy a unit. It's time to find out if that's the case. If you have been hoping for a Gatehouse unit and co-housing, please complete the survey in this link. There's no commitment, but be honest. We really want to know how many co-housers / buyers are out there.

The builder's estimated price for a unit is what we've been saying for the last year in our Video Chats, about $460 / square foot. They based the estimate on the 12-unit conceptual drawings on our website halfway down this page https://www.ralstoncreekcohousing.org/a-unique-place/. We expect to have a maximum of 12 units sized from 500 to 1,250 square feet, probably laid out as in the conceptual drawing. If someone wants more space, we could put together 2 units. Parking is separately priced. The first floor business space could be connected internally to the units above it as a live/work unit or it could be sold separately. We expect to buy the land in the next few months, break ground in 2022, and move in in 2023.

To become a Ralston Creek Co-Houser, you join RCCH and (fairly soon) put down a deposit on a specific unit. The size of the deposit will likely be determined by the number of buyers we have, and we expect to have about 12. You have to qualify for a mortgage at the time of the sale. While they build the Gatehouse, we build the co-housing. If you think that under these circumstances you'll want to do this, please take the survey about what unit(s) might interest you.

The survey is at https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/3RKRWNW. Please send questions to Tori at welcome@ralstoncreekcohousing.org.
August Community Meal
Sunday, August 22, 5 pm

Yes! We’re back to face-to-face community meals. This one will be at a park held near our proposed site. We have experienced co-housers visiting us from California. Ralston Creek Members bring the food. You come ready to have fun. RSVP to Tori at welcome@ralstoncreekcohousing.org for address.
August & September Video Chats

Friday, 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm
August 20th & September 17th

We started our video chat before COVID, a way for people all over the world to find out more about Ralston Creek Co-housing. But, it is perfect finding out about us without having to leave home, great for finding out about us from out of state. Grab your favorite cuppa, get comfy on your couch, and meet with us online.

We hold a video conference every 3rd Friday that you can join through a browser on your computer or smart phone. On the call, we’ll introduce ourselves and show you pictures and details about our community plans at Ralston Creek. You will be able to see and hear everyone on the call and ask questions.

To register for the meeting, send us an email at welcome@ralstoncreekcohousing.org and we’ll send you the link you will need to attend the meeting. If you’re out of the area, this is Mountain Time.
Neighborhoods Protect Maple Valley Park

We frequently have mentioned the Ralston Creek Trail as an enormous asset to the Geos Neighborhood and Ralston Creek CoHousing. Over the last year it has served as a focal point for controversy and neighborhood organizing as Amazon sought a zoning change in order to build a 24/7 distribution center next to the trail and Maple Valley Park. Many objections were raised for many reasons, including the noise, water, and light pollution that would be created in the park. After more than 11,000 signatures were collected, an excellent presentation made by the Protect Maple Valley Coalition at the city hearings, and hours of individual 3-minute testimonies were given against the zoning change, the City of Arvada councilors votes 5 to 2 against granting the zoning request. According to Protect Maple Valley Park officers, this is the 2nd time ever that Amazon has been blocked from building a distribution center.
Geos Neighborhood has an active cadre of residents who participated in the effort to protect Maple Valley Park. The hearing can be seen at https://arvada.org/about/gallery?cat=Arvada+City+Council+Meetings#gallery-2. More on the community efforts to protect the park can be found at their website at https://protectmaplevalleypark.com/.
Virtual Happy Hours

2nd Fridays, 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm
August 13th & September 10th

Join the members of Ralston Creek Coousing for a lively discussion online. Bring your favorite snack, dessert, and/or beverage and let’s discuss community living! Held every 2nd Friday. We usually have a theme to get us started talking, although we don't always pay attention to it. August, it's ice cream. You can come ready to tell us your favorite flavor or a story about ice cream history.

If you would like to attend, please send us an email at welcome@ralstoncreekcohousing.org and we’ll send you the link.
Moving the Goats
Stay tuned for next date
Geos doesn’t mow the weeds in the areas where the houses haven’t been built. We have goats to keep them under control. They move with their fencing around the property, munching on the plants and fascinating the neighborhood children (and their parents). A group of dedicated Geos and Ralston Creek Cohouser goat keepers get together to move their fences to a new “pasture” every month or so.

We don't have a date yet for the the next move. If you want to be notified, send a note to norbert at norbert@discovergeos.com. Sometimes we follow with apple juice and coffee for the goat crew and their supporters. Anyone who wants to help with the goats is welcome, and the rest of us cheer them on!

If you don’t know where the goats are, meet at Tori’s Townhouse,15047 W. 68th Pl., Arvada, CO 80007. She’ll send you out to the goats.

Become an Explorer

Want to know more about cohousing and Ralston Creek? We welcome you to become an Explorer Member. As an Explorer, you will have the opportunity to fully explore Ralston Creek Cohousing, attend business meetings, and get to know (and have a lot of fun) with your future neighbors.

For more information about the membership process, please visit our website Path To Membership
Want to know more? Give us a call or send us an email!

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