Hello everyone,

I hope you are all staying healthy and happy this summer. As always we are sending out positive energy to all of our supporters and friends. I hope you are all using your beautiful minds to create a positive and safe atmosphere for yourself and your families during these uncertain times.

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Wishing you the best,

April Grace
Director of Communication, Raymon Grace Foundation
Notes from Raymon
Howdy Folks,

Several people have asked me questions about the insanity of the world conditions and some liked my answers and some didn’t 

I tell people what I believe is true, but not always what they want to hear. Safest thing to do is don’t write and ask for my opinions if you might not be able to handle the answers. I don’t really have all the answers anyway.

It seems that most people are affected by about the same things because ‘Energy is Contagious’.

When you folks living in cities are surrounded by thousands of people, you are affected by their negative emotions. You are also affected by TV.
Best prevention for not being brainwashed and depressed by TV is ~~~ DON’T WATCH IT.

The same principle applies to many other problems people cause for themselves. Example~~ if you don’t want a hangover~~ Don’t drink alcohol.

Now that you are aware of being influenced by the thoughts, feelings and actions of others, what can you do about it?

Here is what I do for people with a fair degree of success. I simply neutralize the negative effect of the offending problem on them. 

Just remember, energy work is like taking a bath~~~it doesn’t last forever. 
So you need to do it often.

For those of you who have been contacting me about energy clearings, I am glad to help you as much as time permits. If you want help, then contact me directly at   raymon@raymongrace.us    
Will respond to you soon as I can.

Will close with a bit of cowboy philosophy. 

If it ain’t true, don’t say it.
If it ain’t yours, don’t take it
If it ain’t right, don’t do it.

Enjoy Summer

A few years ago, I was featured in a film called E~Motion along with some other people around the world. I never met any of them as the producers met me and filmed my segment of the movie.

Dr. Brad Nelson, author of ‘The Emotion Code’ was one of the other people in the movie. He contacted me about a year ago and I wrote an endorsement for his book. 

I also used his technique for removing negative trapped emotions with good success. 

Brad and his wife Jean were coming to East Tennessee and he wrote to arrange a meeting. Thinking he might want to meet Jeff Jones who has lived on water for 23 years~~and Jeff wanting to meet him, we got a few people together at Jeff’s office and Tom Pratt catered BBQ from his restaurant. 

It was a nice friendly meeting of telling stories and exchanging ideas. A good time was had by all. We need to do this again.

Here is the group from left to right front row. Raymon, Sonya, Jean, Brad and Zhe, Jeff's wife. Back row: Jeff. Joey, David, my brother, and Tom.
Upcoming Classes:

  • August 15-17 in Abingdon, Virginia
Contact Raymon at raymon@raymongrace.us to register