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“Technology allows us to maximize recovery while supporting our tagline:

‘Injury law made personal’”

- Attorney Howard Ankin

Our goal at Ankin Law has always been to make our client’s cases as successful as possible while trying to be the best lawyers we can be. We constantly re-examine every aspect of our law firm, from how we answer our telephone calls to documenting the evidence of our client’s cases to moving cases faster to resolution. Every aspect of our law practice and how we engage our clients is analyzed and then analyzed again. We have to. We strive to make our services the gold standard in the legal field, which many law firms attempt to follow.


Chicago is one of the most competitive legal markets in the country and potential personal injury clients are heavily marketed to. Many law firms from across the country attempt to obtain clients here. With many not even knowing the location of the courthouse, we at Ankin Law do not work remotely but continue to suit up daily and advocate live at the courthouse. We feel that the educated consumer who knows the level of our advocacy and knows that we are actively involved in most bar associations and legally connected organizations in this city and state appreciates the level of professionalism we can provide. But to avoid being confused with imitators pretending to provide services like us, we continue to leverage what works. We also desire to eliminate what does not make a client’s experience as positive or as pain-free as possible. The details for us, as the rest of the world, are in the data. As we move forward in an A.I. world, no law firm is better than Ankin Law, which commits every resource to software, technology, and computer-related assistance and staffing.

This month, we launched an initiative to map out how our departments work and how they can be made more efficient. Managing Partner Ian Zenziper led this effort, assembling a team of technology and software consultants to propel the firm to the next level.

At Ankin Law, we are not afraid to embrace technology, including AI, if it helps us maximize recovery for our clients. Our commitment to 'injury law made personal' is unwavering. We understand the importance of the personal touch in our practice and are dedicated to maintaining it in an evolving legal landscape.

- Howard

Defining ways to improve services

Managing Partner Ian Zenziper talks about a recent firm-wide process-mapping effort to improve how the firm works with clients to be more nimble, efficient, and personal.



Attorney Raquel Gross

“I won't hesitate to go to trial for our clients if that's what it takes

to get them the compensation they

deserve "


- Attorney Raquel Gross


Growing up in Brazil, Raquel Gross's parents made sure she knew how important it was to help others. From a young age, Raquel knew she wanted to advocate for those less fortunate, so law was a natural fit. She worked in labor law in Florida before moving to Chicago. Today, she advocates for clients every day and enjoys appearing in front of a judge and a jury of her peers to compensate her clients when they’ve been wronged.

Attorneys at Ankin Law often handle hundreds of cases, but despite the firm's size and her caseload, Raquel remains grounded in doing what's right for her clients.

“Realizing that on the other side of that phone, on the other side of that application to sign up a case, is a person” said Raquel. I tell my support staff all the time we have to understand that we are working for them.”

Today, this veteran attorney doesn’t hesitate to go to trial if that’s what it takes to get her clients the compensation they deserve for their injuries.

"I want the attorneys on the other side to know we mean business."

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Client Stories:

There was something different about Ankin Law for Tiffany K.

After a fall at work, Tiffany K. needed to contact an attorney and would be in for a pleasant surprise when she found Ankin Law.


Having seen our commercial on television, she called 312.600.0000, and her case was assigned to attorney Josh Rudolfi. With the help of legal assistant Cassie Madison, Tiffany was able to reach a settlement with her employer in just a couple of months. The way the firm settled the case impressed this workers’ compensation client.


“I’ve worked with lawyers before, but not as understanding as Josh and Ankin Law,” said Tiffany.

“They don’t see you as just another client; they see you as someone who needs help. This commitment to helping their clients made me feel secure and cared for,” Tiffany shared.”

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Meet Tristan Lora, the man who lays out the NASCAR Chicago street race.

It's a city within a city—a 2.2-mile race course configured within the Loop for two packed days of stock car action and other attractions. This is NASCAR's Chicago Street Race, which returns to the city for a second time in as many years on June 6th and 7th.

Months of planning are required for this 48-hour event, which falls at the feet of NASCAR's Director of Operations. Tristan Lora moved to Chicago from Austin, Texas, in late 2022 to put this event on. He designed this "racing city" from the ground up, staging the first event in 2023 during a historic rain storm last July.

In 2024, Tristan is back again, making the set-up time shorter as Chicago welcomes back NASCAR this July. We profiled the director of operations in this edition of "Chicagoans You Should Know."

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Behind the scenes at our office photo and commercial shoot

Over 85 attorneys and staff were on hand for Ankin Law's photoshoot atop the Royal Sonesta Hotel. The views were spectacular, 39 stories above Wacker Drive. Given the large gathering, Howard also filmed a commercial where the entire office shouted our tagline: "Injury law made personal."

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Mass Torts

Ankin Law is investigating a cause

of action against several products linked to illness and death in Illinois, such as Hair Relaxer, Round Up, NEC, Camp Lejeune, and PFAS. If you have questions about a mass tort, call Ankin Law at 312.600.0000.