The dog daze of summer are here in full swing. Join us for some indoor training in our climate-controlled training center.  We're offering a little bit of everything this year.  In the meantime, play it safe outdoors.  If it's too hot for you, it's too hot for your dog as well.  Walk wisely in the early mornings, or in the evenings, and give your pup a safe, shaded place to rest during the hottest hours of the day.
Dora: Thank You to a One-of-a-Kind Girl

Why do I keep doing this?  It never gets any easier to say goodbye.  But I can't imagine my life without the company of dogs.

The End of an Era

Redfern's Bewitching Endora
October 31, 2007 - July 10, 2019
Today we said goodbye to a legend-many, many people heard the stories of Dora and her escapades! But first and foremost, Dora was a loving and beloved family member who thought she was invincible!
Some of her more notable 'achievements'
* Eating 7 leather leashes (value $30 EACH) before she was 9 months old-and continuing to eat them at every opportunity for the next 10 years!
* Whelping and raising 27 wonderful puppies-most of whom are still with their original families. Out of her 3 litters, she only lost ONE puppy-her very first one!
* Earning Canine Good Citizen and Rally Novice titles and a Therapy Dog certification.
* Eating 12 buttercream Easter eggs AND the waxed paper bags they were each in. (That was a total of 24 OUNCES of buttercream filling covered with chocolate!) And never having a sick moment.
* Carrying an entire lemon meringue pie up a full set of stairs to let us know that she would like a piece and never turning it upside down! (She took matters into her own paws later in the day and ate 7/8ths of it!)
* Mothering all the puppies in our home for the past 10 years-she happily let them snuggle and try to nurse whenever they wanted!
* Sleeping in her favorite spot-UNDER the covers with her head on the pillow next to mine! Great on a cold, winter night but not so good in July!
* Vigilantly protecting all of us from the bad dogs and monsters on the TV....
* Managing to get all 4 feet ON the dining room table to help herself to my cup of chai-at 10 years old!!!

We knew she was not her usual self when she refused to eat her breakfast. After 5 days of progressively getting weaker and developing real problems with walking, I took her to the vet who found a mass in the area of her pancreas and we made the always painful decision to let her go. She was ready-but I was not.

Run free, Dora, and say hi to your mom Scarlett, grandmom Maida, great-grandmom Sheri, and great-great-grandmom Fern! We will all miss you and will treasure the wonderful pups you gave us! And soon, I promise, I will be able to smile when I say your name!

Redfern Canines Training: Join Us!

We offer training classes ranging from brand-new puppy to canine tricks to beginner/advanced obedience, and so much more.  We have classes for dogs that have never had any formal training, and dogs that could teach us a thing or two. 
Click the link below for detailed class descriptions,                                                  training dates and registration.

See our complete training schedule and register right here at

Here are just a few of our classes:

  • Puppy
  • Advanced Manners
  • Rally
  • Agility
  • Reactive Rover
  • Canine Good Citizen
  • Tricks
  • K9 Sampler
  • Nosework
  • Therapy Dog Preparation
Portia's Piece

There's a New Trainer in Town:
   Well, not REALLY 'new' but new to training at Redfern!! And I am VERY excited about it!
   Lee Livingood has been one of my favorite people ever since I was a wee little one and met her when I first came to live with Betsy!
   Lee has been training a LOT longer than that, though! She started training dogs professionally in 1996 and, until now, has specialized in individual training for dogs with behavioral issues and in training greyhounds. (Lee actually is the author of Retired Racing Greyhounds for Dummies which won the DWAA award for best in 2001 for the best the best single breed book!)
   Lee joins Betsy, Cheryl, and Roseanne in their commitment to force-free, positive reinforcement based training and will primarily be teaching Redfern classes on Tuesday evenings.
    Join me in saying hi to Lee!                                            Love, Portia
Make Traveling with Your Dog Easier This Summer
  1. Safety First - Make certain vaccinations are up-to-date.  Rest stops and new places in general expose your pup to new things.  Always take a copy of your vaccination records along, in case you need them.  Many clinics will send you copies via email, so they're always with you.
  2. Be Secure.  Don't let your pets roam unsecured in your travel vehicle, or at your destination.  It's safer for everyone and it's the best way to start off happy memories of vacation.
  3. Dogs Can Be Car-Sick Too.  Check with your vet prior to your trip to get proper dosing for motion sickness remedies.
  4. Please Identify. Wear a collar with contact information on your dog at all times, even if your pet is microchipped.  Make certain the contact information includes your cell phone number, and your landline hours away.
  5. Don't Change Fido's Diet. Dogs are highly susceptible to upset stomachs when their diet is changed.  Don't be tempted to provide unusual food as a vacation treat. Stick with what you know and everyone will be happier.
  6. Fireworks and Loud Noises Are Scary. Have a plan of action to keep your pup calm and comfortable if they are reactive to such things.
  7. Ticks are Everywhere. Protect your pet with a tick preventive and followup by checking both yourself and your dog after spending time outside. Tick tweezers make getting rid of unwelcome riders much easier. Invest in a set before you go and save time and aggravation on the road.



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Need A Cool, New Party Place? 
Redfern Canine Center is climate-controlled and available for party and meeting rentals.  We have a perfect open space for musical chairs and games of tag.  We also have an ADA restroom, lots of tables and chairs, and free parking.  We're conveniently located at 7540 Allentown Boulevard, with easy access to Route 81, and just minutes from Hershey, PA.  Rentals start at $50 for two hours. For more information, contact .
And the Award Goes To... 
Our Amazing Summer School Teams!

Congratulations to the Redfern teams that have worked so hard together.  We recognize the work and effort that goes into training and working together.  Well done! 

Tricks Intermediate--                Tricks Advanced--
   Sharon Sipple & Reese            Sharon Sipple & Reese
Rally Novice--
   Martha Kenworthy & Dozer--with scores of 95, 95, & 100!
Rally Masters--
   Sharon Sipple & Reese (only the 2nd Pekingese EVER to get it!)
Canine Good Citizen--
   Katie Burton & Holly                Emily Stence & Lola
   Karen Hess & Gabbie              Cindy Johnstonbaugh & Ozzie
   Karen Kangas & Yuki              Kaitlin Widdowson & Lily 
   Heather Andy & Marley           Devon Barrick & Dozer
   Donna Brahm & Ginger          Chris/Tara Davis & Briar
   Debbie Jansen/Joe Grossman & Rosie
   Kevin Lindsey & Quincy         Karen Noss & Maverick
   Milena Robiglio & Loki            Melissa Roscosky & Walter     
New Therapy Dog Teams--
   Debra Farrington & Gracie     Betsy Howell & Blanche
   Tina Orndorff & Rosie
Redfern Canines