Calling generations of all nations to the simplicity and purity of devotion to Christ!
4 Saved at Panfork Camp
Two Youth Camps - 5 Salvations

God gave Mike and his family the opportunity to go back to Texas where he preached at the Panfork Baptist youth camp just outside of Wellington, TX. Although the camp was very small (31 students), there were 4 public professions of faith in Christ and 9 public decisions of renewed commitment. Both campers and Panfork staff were encouraged by the Holy Spirit's ministry through Mike's preaching. While in Texas, Mike and his family were able to spend a few days with family and see the Grand Canyon on their trip home.  
1 Saved at H2O Camp
55 students and 16 adults attended H 2 O high school camp for First Baptist Salem, OR. This was the sixth year Mike has preached at H 2 O since 2009. 1 teen girl was saved .  About a dozen responded publicly on Tuesday night in prayer and rededication.  More than 19 stood in the final session and shared publicly how God worked in their lives during the week.  With these, total salvations this year to date are 33.  Praise the Lord!  Thank you for investing in these lives.
Men of Simplicity (MOS) Projects 2016-2017

As Mike continues to minister and preach the Gospel to teens, he is also following God's lead to disciple and equip men to live simply and purely devoted to Christ. This is strategic to the restoration of the family, the revival of the church, and reaching communities and the nations with the Gospel of Christ.

To that end, Mike
continues to lead each Monday night the pilot MOS group (started 2009) in Gresham, OR. He will also continue leading monthly the Coulee Baptist Assoc. MOS (started in Oct 2015) in Wenatchee and Moses Lake, WA. There are six churches from the association involved.

In addition, this fall Mike will launch and lead MOS at two churches in the Portland area: Wednesday nights at Open Door Baptist Church, in Troutdale, OR and Thursday nights at Lake Bible Church in Lake Oswego, OR. We are expecting to equip more than 100 men each month this year through the MOS gatherings!  
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Making Progress on Our Goal

We announced at the end of April a need for 20 new financial partners who will invest in the Kingdom of Christ through the work of Simplicity Ministries® at $100 a month.  Since then we have gained three new partners.  Praise the Lord!  Every partner, every dollar is gratefully appreciated.  If you, or someone you know would like to help us reach our goal, please join us.     

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Simplicity Ministries
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Upcoming Ministry Events | Our Prayer List
  • Aug 15 - Gresham MOS Leadership Training
  • Aug 22 - Gresham & Open Door Baptist MOS - Vision & Intro Gathering
  • Aug 25 - Lake Bible Church, Lake Oswego, OR - MOS Vision & Intro Barbecue
  • Sept 4 - Eastmont Baptist Church, Wenatchee, WA - Preaching AM services
  • Sept 6-9 - Open Door Christian Academy, Troutdale, OR - Spiritual Emphasis Week
  • Sept 7 - Open Door MOS each Wednesday - Troutdale, OR
  • Sept 8 - Lake Bible MOS each Thursday - Lake Oswego, OR
  • Sept 10 - Wenatchee MOS and Moses Lake MOS 2nd Saturday each month - Coulee Baptist Association in WA
  • Sept 12 - Gresham MOS each Monday, Gresham OR
  • Sept 25 - Oct. 2 - New Life Fellowship, Rifle, CO - Revival
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