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Thursday, July 4

May your celebrations of the 4th of July be

blessed and safe!!

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Message from Pastor Brian

Last Thursday marked what may be the first and only debate prior to electing our next President of the United States. Sadly, political polarization has led many of our fellow citizens to apathy, antipathy and indifference, rather than careful and considered engagement and....

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Church Council Update

Dear Congregation,

I would like to thank everyone that planned, participated in, and supported the 170th Anniversary activities in May. It was fun to see all the different painted Dala horses, and the Chime Choir performance was outstanding. It was great to have so many participate in the Congregational photo. Copies of the group photo will be printed soon.

On behalf of the Church Council, I have a few updates to share with you. You may have heard or seen that the west lawn of the church has been under minor construction. It probably will not surprise you to hear that water, due to the heavy rains this spring, has been coming into the southwest corner of the building. The area affected by the water is the corner of the undercroft by the old bathrooms and stairs that lead outside and extend to the carpet near the large classroom. After investigation, the Property Committee determined that drainage pipes under the sidewalk and across the lawn were broken in a couple areas and plugged in another. The Church Council approved immediate repair of the drainage pipe in May. Soon the concrete sidewalk will be reinstalled, and restoration of the lawn will take place. Many thanks to the members of the Property Committee for their time vacuuming water and for identifying and organizing the repair and restoration. The cost of the repairs and restoration is approximately $13,000. Financial gifts to help offset this repair would be greatly appreciated.

After all the work is complete on the west lawn, I invite you to see the tree that was planted there in honor of the 170th anniversary. There is a plaque that will be installed nearby that reads: “We thank God for 170 years of faithful ministry through Chisago Lake Lutheran Church! Blessed is the one who trusts in the Lord, whose confidence is in him. They will be like a tree planted by the water... It has no worries in a year of drought and never fails to bear fruit." Jeremiah 17:7-8”

In Christ,

Chris Lundberg

Church Council President


SUMMER PARADES! Thank you to all who came out to work on the float last Sunday! Work will continue this Sunday, July 14, from 3-6pm at the Strenke’s, 15776 345th Street Center City. Anyone is welcome come and join the fun work! Any questions or interest in float building, being on the float or walking and handing out candy, contact Rod at 651-442-1748.

DONATIONS of parade candy are being accepted! You can bring them to the office or place them in the bin in the narthex. 

Lutheran Disaster Response

Due to the horrific, ongoing violence in and around Gaza, a severe humanitarian crisis continues to escalate in the Holy Land. The ELCA is walking with many partners in the region, including the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Jordan and the Holy Land and Augusta Victoria Hospital, to address the most pressing needs for people in the areas surrounding Gaza, including the West Bank and other occupied territory. Right now, Lutheran Disaster Response is helping meet many basic needs such as food, water, basic and emergency health care, shelter and medical supplies. There is so much yet to be done.


Help Us Make Worship Even More Meaningful at CLLC!

As we celebrate our 170th year of mission, ministry, and worship at Chisago Lake Lutheran Church, we are seeking your input regarding the experience of worship here both now and into the future. We welcome your feedback as we balance a rich and faithful approach to worship and music in the Lutheran tradition with services that offer welcoming, inspiring, and engaging experiences to current and next generations. Throughout June we are inviting our members and guests to take a few minutes to complete a brief worship survey. Hard copies may be found at the Welcome Desk at our Main Entrance or you can click the link below.

 Thank You - we value your input!

Your RightNow Media account is free and waiting for you! With 25,000+ videos available there is something for everyone and every stage of faith and life! go to you may also text CLELC to 49775, you will receive a text back, welcoming you to RightNow Media and providing you with the invite link to register. Check it out today!

Click on the photo above to view a video about RightNow Media!

We are so excited to offer members and friends of

Chisago Lake Lutheran

this amazing gift!!

RightNow Media is a streaming service you can use for group bible studies or

your own personal or family viewing and/or study.

Celebrating 170 Years

On May 12, 1854, the Swedish Evangelical Lutheran Congregation of Chisago Lake was officially organized at a congregation meeting presided over by The Reverend Erland Carlsson of Chicago as he traveled through the area.

This congregation is now known to you as Chisago Lake Lutheran Church! We recall and honor how this congregation began with the dreams of those stepping out in faith to a new and different life and place. They brought with them their faith and love of Christ binding them together as a community and spreading message and ministry of Jesus. 

We remember their steadfastness and faith as we step forward in sharing the ministry and faith here at Chisago Lake Lutheran church.

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Acolyting Sign-Up



The Lodge of Taylors Falls

We warmly invite you to our community coffee hour every Thursday at 2:30pm. Enjoy complimentary coffee and a slice (or two) of homemade pie, courtesy of your neighbors at The Lodge of Taylors Falls, 1051 Mulberry Street!


Join Pastor Brian For Our New Adult Forum Series

Following an immersive journey through the history, geography, and accounts of Jesus through the Gospels, join Pastor Brian and others as we now explore what happened next and investigate the lives of the very first Christians. Beginning in Jerusalem and using the Book of Acts as our roadmap, we will travel the Mediterranean region to share the people, places and events that launched the Christian faith, including the missionary journeys of Paul and the apocalyptic visions and writings of John of Patmos found in the Book of Revelation. Join us in the Green Room most Sundays following worship this Spring and Summer!

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 Tuesdays, 6:00 - 6:30 pm

Although we will still utilize our beautiful and historic sanctuary, the service itself will be less formal, featuring contemporary music (both live and pre-recorded) centered around the key lesson and sermon from the previous Sunday. Please help us spread the word and invite your family, friends, neighbors and co-workers to join us!


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