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July 2024

President's Message by Kay Wildt

In a letter to the Third Army, titled "Training Letter No. 5", General George S. Patton declared, "Those who pray do more for the world than those who fight, and if the world goes from bad to worse, it is because there are more battles than prayers."

On July 4th let us pray and thank God for His gift of our beautiful land, for the patriots who fought King George, for the brilliant Founders who developed a form of government unrivaled to today. God gave us our Freedom, and the Founders made that our nation's guiding belief. We are a blessed nation and have been for 248 years. We pray to keep it.

On the Ballot

Advice from an Expert

As conservative election expert Richard Viguerie reminds us, we need to switch the blame game from Biden and give all the credit for the bad economy, crime, inflation, etc. to the Democrat Party because that's who we'll be fighting in the election.

"Liberal, left, leftist, progressive, woke, socialist, Marxist won’t be on the election ballot this fall."

Most don’t realize that Democrats have launched a SPIRITUAL CIVIL WAR against traditional values, Judeo-Christian Americans—and it’s up to us to spread the word to our friends and family.

Many feel that Democrats are simply our political opponents and that we disagree with them on funding government agencies, the size of the national debt, our tax policies, etc.

"NO, not only do the DEMOCRATS want to end the America we know and love and replace our government with a one-party socialist/Marxist government, but they also want to destroy Western Civilization and replace it with a one-world government run by the elite.

The DEMOCRATS are not our opponents—they are our enemies. They are fully engaged in spying, arresting, jailing, bankrupting conservatives that are effectively opposing their agenda and it’s getting worse by the day."

Prayer For Spiritual Victory by Gay Dillard

Heavenly Father, what a privilege and joy it is to have the freedom in Christ to draw near to the throne of grace, that we may receive mercy to find help in time of need. Father, as the days get darker and the wickedness of the world seems to be filling up to its brim with evil, hypocrisy and hatred, help us to realize that there is an increasing need to draw near to You and to remain protected under the shadow of Your wings.

Father, sometimes, as we live in this physical, tangible and visible world, we find it difficult to remember that there is a spiritual, intangible and invisible realm where the forces of evil are planning tests and plotting temptations for the saints of God. Increase our awareness and understanding of the spiritual sphere, and equip us in Christ to stand against the forces of evil, fully furnished with the spiritual armor

of God, which alone is able to protect us from the enemy's vicious and

prolonged attacks. Thank You, that Your plans and purposes will never fail and may we never ever forget that greater is He that is in us than he that is in the world. In Jesus' name, Amen.

Summer of Liberty Series

NCFRW has engaged Professor Christin McMasters “the Liberty Belle” to present an educational Zoom-call series this summer discussing the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

Join us on July 23rd for our third Zoom call to learn more about "Liberty and Our Rights."

Other sessions will be: August 6th and 20th.

If you missed our previous sessions, you missed great presentations. As one attendee said, "The Liberty Belle series is exceptional!"

The link to register for the next session is below.

Please share this invitation with your friends.

July 23 Zoom Registration

If you missed our previous sessions, you missed great presentations.

As one attendee said, "The Liberty Belle series is exceptional!"

To view previous sessions, see below:

There was a technical glitch on July 2nd, so start at 6:15.

View May 28th - Passcode: i@i&+36F
July 2nd Passcode: HnPC4V^w


We need help from patriots like you across the state to work and door knock in important races, like NC's First District Congressional race - to win the US Congressional seat where Laurie Buckhout is challenging the Democrat incumbent. And that is just one of the many races that we must win.

NCFRW's Campaign Co-Chair, Leisa Rowe, and Kyshia Brassington, NFRW Campaign Committee member and our RNC Committeewoman, are forming strikeforces to target those important races.

If you would like to volunteer to help on the strikeforce team, please contact Leisa Rowe: leisa.rowencgop9@gmail.com.

NFRW Resources

Do you ever want tips on how to:

Run a voter registration drive?

Hold a successful fund raiser?

Use social media?

Increase your membership?

You are part of the largest nationwide grassroots organization in America dedicated to saving our freedoms by electing fellow Republicans. As a member of a local club, you are automatically a member of the NFRW.

There are resources for you to use on the NFRW.org website - short videos, as well as articles that explain various topics that are valuable to you as the election season draws near. Go on the website and discover what is there for you.

My Faith Votes by Margeaux Holland

The Write Now Campaign is LIVE!!!

This year, 25 million Christians won’t vote—unless we act. That’s why we are working with My Faith Votes’ 2024 Write Now campaign. In just four simple steps, you can participate in a campaign that has proven to get out the Christian vote. All you have to do is print a pre-written letter, write a brief note of encouragement at the bottom, pray over the recipient, and mail it. It is that easy.

My Faith Votes just released its first lists of names and the letter to download to those who have already signed up. If you wish to increase the number of names you will contact, please go the MFV site, find your account, and make your changes there. https://www.myfaithvotes.org/

Thank you, MFV! And thank you to the hundreds of folks who have volunteered. We have a big job ahead of us, and to succeed, we need YOU!

REMINDER..... once you are finished addressing envelopes, stuffing letters and they are ready to mail, please hold them until the date MFV asks us to mail them! This is an important step....timing is everything, especially now.

I am glad to help answer any questions you may have. We are live now!

Margeaux Holland - margeauxcarolina@yahoo.com

Thank you to all those who have already signed up for this project. There is still plenty of time to take part. Make it fun; have a writing party and include your friends, even if they are not club members.


68 cents, That's cheap to keep your Constitutional Republic.

Sign Up for "Write Now" Campaign

Honor your exceptional member

To be nominated by one's club as a Tribute to Women honoree is a privilege and an acknowledgment of years of hard work on behalf of one's club and our party.

Our biennial Tribute to Women will be held Saturday, November 16, in the Koury Convention Center's Sheraton Four Seasons hotel. The celebratory dinner occurs during the weekend of our Fall Board of Director's Meeting, November 15 to 17.

Each club is invited to nominate an exceptional member for recognition. Vice President Stephanie Broughton of the Coastal Region chairs the Tribute to Women celebration and will be in contact with club presidents to determine honorees.

Armed Services by Betsy Miller


July military anniversaries and observances

7/1 Women's Army Corps & Cadet Nurses Corps

Air Force Nurses Corps

7/2 US Army Air Corps Established

7/4 Independence Day.

7/27 Korean War Armistice Signed 1953

7/28 National Buffalo Soldiers Day

7/29 Army Chaplain Corps Anniversary

7/30 Navy Women's Reserves (WAVES)

Emergency Planning

Whether it is a storm or an attack on our power grid, as was the case in Moore County in December 2022, prepare for natural and manmade disasters by having a plan and resources to support yourself and your family.

Here's an idea that you may consider for your community.

Moore County Family Readiness Muster

Saturday, August 17

Freedom Hall (formerly the Aberdeen Primary School Gymnasium)

310 Keyser Street, in Aberdeen

10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.


Remember those promises you made to yourself during the Moore County power outage of December 2022 about being ready next time?


Here’s your chance to finally be prepared for future attacks on our power grid or water system, hurricane season fallout, or other crises in a rapidly changing world.


We’ll have subject matter experts and displays. We’ll enjoy some burgers and dogs on the grill, and socialize a bit with our neighbors.


Questions? Contact Kenneth Benway, the event organizer, on his Facebook page.

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Become an NCFRW Regent!

Contributions to NCFRW enable us to bring great speakers to our meetings, positively impact our state and nation, recruit and elect conservatives, advocate for good government, and offer training and communications.

We're fighting for you, our families and our nation.

Please help support our work with a gift from your heart.

We are grateful for help at every level. Thank you!


Save these dates

July 15 - 18: RNC Convention, Milwaukee, WI

November 15 - 17: Tribute to Women, Sheraton Greensboro at Four Seasons

To speak, or not to speak

Questions from the press...

With a critical election, sensitive topics and potentially explosive issues in the news, if you are contacted by the media, chances are they want a "gotcha" comment from you.

Ensure that you know the differences between our platform and the Democrats'.

You are not required to engage with the press, but if you choose to, ask for their questions in advance in writing, and respond in writing, so you cannot be misquoted.

This election is ours to lose. Don't give away that advantage with words that can be misconstrued or twisted against us or against our candidates.

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