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July 2024

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Saturday, October 26, 2024

Genesis Center, Calgary

October is Learning Disabilities and ADHD Awareness Month! Boost your understanding and personal support toolkit at our one-day conference this fall. Find Your Path: Strategies for Success is all about practical take-aways on executive functioning, mental health, advocacy and more!

Look for registration, tickets and more information in next month's newsletter.

The Anxious Generation

by Johnathan Haidt

Warning! Not a beach read. But if there is only one non-fiction you delve into this summer, consider this one.

"After more than a decade of stability or improvement, the mental health of adolescents plunged in the early 2010s. Rates of depression, anxiety, self-harm, and suicide rose sharply, more than doubling on most measures. Why?"

Haidt clearly explains how smartphones, social media and the internet have had 'catastrophic' impacts on our youth, but also has a plan for taking back childhood.

Website & Book

News For Parents

Stampede Tips for Parents

Stampede is the “Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth” with a ton of fun...but it can also be noisy, overwhelming, with long, boring line-ups and sometimes, embarrassing meltdowns.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. With tips gathered from experienced Stampede parents in our Network, both you and your child can enjoy the grounds with a bit of planning and preparation.

Stampede Tips

Summer survival guide: Hacks to help your family thrive

Tune into this podcast from Understood for "tips on screen time, sleep, summer camp, travel, and more. Plus, learn ways to give kids the structure that many of them need over summer vacation without it feeling like a burden."


Making the Most of Summer For Your Child with LD

"School can be very challenging for a child with LD so, come summer, look for opportunities that allow your child to explore and shine in other areas."

Calgary parent Lorrie Goegan shares her summer tips.

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Summer Camps

If you are still looking for day or overnight camps for children and teens with LD or ADHD, check out what these organizations have to offer your family this summer.

Amicus Recreation

CanLearn Society

LDA Edmonton

Outdoor Play Resources

Let's get outside! Research is increasingly confirming the benefits of free play in the outdoors. It's critical for healthy brain development, emotional regulation, creativity, mental health, improved social skills and real connection. These are things we all need but they are truly imperative for our children and teens with LD and ADHD.

Read more about this innovative study as covered by CTV News - University of Calgary researchers seek individualized non-drug treatment for ADHD.

Participate in the MRI ADHD Study
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News For Adults

7 Steps to Design Your ADHD Friendly Summer

by Jacqueline Sinfield, Untapped Brilliance

"Do you plan your summer? Or does it just unfold? Summer doesn’t have to be about going into relaxation mode. It is really about creating a change from your regular day to day life to make sure summer is special."

7 Steps

8 Tips for Surviving Your ADHD Summer Vacation

By Terry Matlen,

ADD Consults

"Adults with ADHD have a notoriously difficult time with transitions, even good ones." Here are Terry's tips for what to consider before, during and after your vacation.

8 Tips

When Learning Disabilities in Adults go Undiagnosed

"For adults, having an undiagnosed learning disability can affect career choice, limit job advancement and lead to a number of psychological and emotional issues, including depression and feelings of low self-worth."

But it doesn't have to be this way. Learn how to recognize the signs of a potential learning disability in an adult and what steps to take next.

Undiagnosed Adult LD

News For Educators & Professionals

road signs pointing to destination cities around the world

What Destination and Tour Operators Should Know about Accommodating Travelers with Learning Disabilities

"Like all travelers, individuals with LDs are interested in having meaningful travel experiences. Tour operators and destinations can help make that a reality by tailoring their offerings, offering in-person assistance, and embracing technology."

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Summer Professional Development for Educators

If you have time and energy to spare this summer, check out our Network resource page which lists reputable organizations that offer courses and workshops to enhance your skills teaching children with Learning Disabilities and/or ADHD.

For easy reference, they are organized by topic:

  • Reading and Literacy
  • Writing
  • Math
Educator PD Courses

News For Employers

ADHD at Work Webinar

Workplace Strategies for Professionals with ADHD

Webinar July 23, 2024

ADHD Expert Cheryl Chase, Ph.D. has tailored this webinar specifically for professionals with ADHD and their employers, offering a guide to implementing effective strategies for career success.

"When ADHD comes to work, it can bring with it incredible creativity and resilience. It can also bring problems with focus, time management, organization, and task completion, which can affect on-the-job performance and future opportunities. It’s important to understand and recognize the common patterns and behaviors associated with ADHD in a work environment and develop strategies to enhance job productivity and satisfaction."

The Learning Disabilities & ADHD Network is a collaborative initiative of a broad group of organizations, which is operated through Foothills Academy and supported by an Anonymous Donor at the Calgary Foundation.

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