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This is a very special month because Venus stations retrograde on July 23, until it goes direct on September 4. Scroll down to find out more about this month's Venus retrograde.

Take the time to look at the sky to see Venus as an evening star, as it moves closer to earth especially if you live in an area with clear skies. As an evening star, Venus rises in the morning after the Sun rises, and sets in the evening after the Sun sets. That means that you will be able to see Venus in the evening sky over the next few weeks as it moves closer to earth until it moves close to the conjunction with the Sun. Take time to view the sky and if you live in an area where the skies are clear you will especially be able to have a beautiful view.

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As many of you know my book Venus: The Evolution of the Goddess and her Planet was published in 1993 and while it has been out of print for a while, it is still available on used book sites. The book, which was published by HarperCollins, was very well-received and went into a second printing, but a book will only stay in print with a major publisher for a certain period of time. I have wanted to revise the book and bring it up to date for a while, and finally have been able to begin that process. I am working hard to finish those revisions within the next six months and publish it again. Of course it might take longer than that and I have already received grants from the New York NCGR and the Urania Trust to help the project along. So watch out for my Kickstarter campaign which I will let you all know about as soon as I get it up and running, and I hope you will support it with a small donation.

The other big event this month is the Nodes changing signs according to the tropical zodiac. This happens every 18 months and so the North and South Node, which have been in Taurus and Scorpio since January 22, 2022, will enter Aries and Libra on July 17, 2023. Rāhu/Ketu, the sidereal Nodes, which have been in Aries and Libra since March 17, 2022 will enter Pisces and Virgo on November 29. (These are the true Nodes.) The Nodes show where you must do house cleaning, so to speak, meaning to review your life, and eliminate the things that are causing a negative effect, and turn things around so that the area they are in will be a positive and growth-oriented as they can be. This will take place over the next year and a half. Use the above dates and the zodiac that you use in your practice.

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This month's lunations occur with the Full Moon on July 3, 2023, 11:38 AM GMT, Tropical 11° Capricorn 18’. Sidereal 17° Sagittarius 13’ pūrvāṣādhā, and the New Moon on July 17, 2023, 6:31 PM GMT, Tropical 24° Cancer 56’. Sidereal 0° Cancer 50’  punarvasū. If you have any planets, points, or angles around those degrees (I would take a one degree orb) then whatever is represented by that planet, point or angle, will be prominent and important until the next lunation, meaning that if something in your chart is conjunct this month's Full Moon on July 3rd, it will be prominent until the next Full Moon on August 1, 2023, and if something in your chart is conjunct this month's New Moon on July 17th, it will be prominent until the next New Moon on August 16, 2023. The New Moon represents beginnings and can help you to institute a change you have been thinking about while the Full Moon is an accomplishment or culmination and gives the push to continue on that path. If your birthday is between July 2-4, then the Full Moon is in your solar return (varṣaphala) or close enough that it will be important for the year ahead until your next birthday, meaning that it may be year when things you have been working on will manifest, or feel like they are moving in the right direction, so continue with whatever is fulfilling you. If your birthday is between July 16-18, then the New Moon is in your solar return (varṣaphala) or close enough that it will be important for the year ahead until your next birthday, meaning a change is bound to happen, so work on that change. It could be a physical move, job change, relationship change, or simply working on yourself to integrate new patterns and habits into your life. Expect a great deal of transformative experiences that will make you want to change or take a step in a different direction. Take your time but do head in that direction, since otherwise it will happen to you whether you initiate it or not. (Scroll down for more Celestial Events.)

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Retrograde Cycle of Venus/Śukra 2023

Venus enters Retrograde Arc or Shadow. June 19, 2023. Tropical. 12°Leo 12'. Sidereal. 18°Cancer 06'. āśleṣā
Venus Stations Retrograde. July 23, 2023. Tropical 28°Leo 36'. Sidereal. 04°Leo 30 maghā
Sun-Venus Inferior Conjunction. August 13, 2023. Tropical. 20°Leo 28’. Sidereal 26°Cancer 22’. āśleṣā  (The conjunction is
midway through the retrograde cycle, and when Venus rises as a Morning Star a few days after the conjunction.)
Venus Stations Direct. September 4, 2023. Tropical. 12°Leo 12' Sidereal. 18°Cancer 06'. āśleṣā
Venus leaves Retrograde Arc or Shadow. October 7, 2023. Tropical 28°Leo 36'. Sidereal. 04°Leo 30' maghā

Venus retrogrades every 18 months and the next time will be July 23rd through September 4, 2023. You can see above the degrees where Venus stations according to both the tropical and the sidereal zodiac. As I spoke about in the June 2023 newsletter (conta.cc/3Xms5nz) Venus has entered the retrograde arc, or shadow, which is when it crosses the degree where it will eventually station direct. This year that is Tropical. 12°Leo 12' Sidereal. 18°Cancer 06' and it crossed that degree on June 19th. Even though the actual retrograde station has not taken place we will already begin to experience the types of events that will occur when Venus indeed retrogrades. It also means that if you have any planets, points, or angles in your chart between Tropicaal 12°Leo 12' Sidereal. 18°Cancer 06' (where Venus goes direct) and Tropical 28°Leo 36'. Sidereal. 04°Leo 30' (where Venus goes retrograde) Venus will conjoin it three times, when it goes direct, when it retrogrades and when it goes direct again. If you have anything that is one degree ahead or behind the above degrees then you will really feel the transit twice because that will be on the stationary degree which is where Venus stays for a period of time. Take note of what has been happening or what will happen when Venus hits something in your chart at that degree. If you do not have anything that falls in between the above degrees, look at the house that it is in, since Venus, which normally passes through a degree in a day or two, will now hang around tropical Leo for four months, and sidereal Cancer-Leo for five months.

Retrograde planets occur when the planet is closest to earth and slows up in its orbit as seen from the earth. At present Venus is still an evening star, rising and setting after the Sun and is at its most spectacular if you look at the evening sky. It will eventually conjoin the Sun in an inferior conjunction, midway through the retrograde cycle and closest to earth, and then 3-5 days later will rise as a morning star. (More about that as we get closer to the conjunction.) Right now one of the important facts of Venus moving towards its retrograde station is that rather than going through a sign in about a month, it will be in one sign for four months, or straddle two signs in five months. This year Venus will be in tropical Leo for four months and sidereal Cancer and Leo for five months. This will lengthen the influence Venus has in those signs in your chart, and will cause you to pay more attention to those areas in your chart. And while Venus does represent love, money, harmony, and happiness, when it travels through the signs where it retrogrades, it causes it to act more like an outer planet, meaning that Venus wants those areas of the chart to be happy, and will be forced to make changes, and eliminate unpleasantries in order to achieve that goal. So during this time, look at any planets, points, or angles Venus conjoins during this period, but also look at the houses that encompass tropical Leo, and sidereal Cancer and Leo since those areas will need to be looked at, examined, tweaked, and ultimately changed even a little if you want to achieve the harmony that Venus enjoys. (Scroll down for more information about Venus influencing the houses.) This is the time period for Venus through tropical Leo and sidereal Cancer/Leo.

Tropical Venus Ingresses during the retrograde
Venus enters tropical Leo June 5, 2023
Venus stations retrograde 28° Leo 36’ on July 23, 2023
Venus stations direct 12° Leo 12’ on September 4, 2023.
Venus enters Virgo October 9, 2023.
4 months in one sign.
Sidereal Venus Ingresses during the retrograde
Venus enters sidereal Cancer May 30, 2023.
Venus enters sidereal Leo July 6, 2023. 
Venus stations retrograde 4° Leo 30’ in maghā on July 23, 2023.
Venus retrograde re-enters Cancer August 7, 2023.
Venus stations direct 18 Cancer 6 in āśleṣā on September 4, 2023.
Venus direct re-enters Leo October 1, 2023. 
Venus enters Virgo. November 2, 2023.
5 months between the two signs Cancer and Leo.

During this retrograde, as a general rule in the world there will be a lot of rethinking and reviewing anything represented by Venus, which can mean love, money, relationships, vehicles, and even homes and the security they bring. Venus may not bring the love, wealth, confidence and harmony you look to Venus to bring, but instead there can be discord, misunderstandings, high expectations, which will need to be lowered to avoid disappointment, and overspending (especially this retrograde since it coincides with summer vacation time, but watch it since it will bring more debt in the fall). Watch for the days around the conjunction, between August 11th-15th, since that means that Venus is combust, and to the ancients who looked at the sky the disappearance of Venus from view meant that everything Venus represents could disappear. Once the heliacal rise takes place around the 16th-18th, there may be some anger and even violent moods because now Venus will be in a new morning star phase, which the ancients likened to a more aggressive period of time. (More about this in the August News and Views, and in the Webinar on the Next Six Months. Scroll below.)

On a personal note, during Venus retrograde periods, the ability to love, value, and earn may be curtailed or delayed. Money markets may not rebound as quickly, and people may be stuck in relationship limbo. If single, you may not meet people as quickly, or a new relationship may simply take longer to blossom. There should be more saving and conserving since money can fluctuate, rather than borrowing and spending. Even if you wanted to indulge in a second home or new car, you may not have much of a choice, since interest rates will still be high and lending institutions will continue to be cautious, and extra funds might not be readily available. Try not to act impulsively when it comes to matters of the heart or bank account. If it can be avoided, try not to get married, plan a honeymoon, or ask for a raise or promotion. Wait until Venus goes direct to do the legwork if you are involved in mediation, lawsuits, or job negotiations, and wait another week or two until Venus regains its speed, to pursue them fully. What makes Venus retrograde periods productive are the time and space they offer for planning strategies related to Venus generally, but also the house that Venus passes through and any planets, points, or angles, retrograde Venus conjoins.

What makes this retrograde cycle even more intense is the fact that Venus will square Jupiter and Uranus three times as follows.

Venus D square Jupiter D.     June 11 2023.   5°Le-Ta 37’/ 11°Cn-Ar 32'
Venus R square Jupiter D      Aug 22 2023. 15°Le-Ta 18’/ 21°Cn-Ar 12'
Venus D square Jupiter R      Sep 17 2023. 15°Le-Ta 18’/ 28°Cn-Ar 34'

Venus D square Uranus D     Jul 2 2023.      21°Le-Ta 46’ / 27 Cn-Ar 41'
Venus R square Uranus D     Aug 9 2023     22°Le-Ta 54’ / 28 Cn-Ar 49
Venus D square Uranus R     Sep 29 2023.  22°Le-Ta 40’ / 28 Cn-Ar 34’ 

That makes the journey of Venus even more intense as it aspects two slower moving planets. In the world, that means that prosperity and harmony will go through many twists and turns, and while Venus goes direct on September 4, the same day Jupiter goes retrograde, the fact that Venus squares Jupiter and Uranus close together will create a lot of world changes between now and the end of September. This is especially true for the world markets and for country leaders. On a personal note look at any planets, points, or angles in your chart that fall around the degrees above and take a one degree orb. That simply means that this is the time to make changes where your attitudes towards love and money especially are concerned. But you need to also of course see where the degrees fall in your chart.

Harmony, and the desire for love and peace could be shaken up, especially during the first two conjunctions, when Venus is direct, then retrograde. The third conjunction takes place when Venus is direct and there may just be some movement in a better direction after harmony is disrupted. We will keep revisiting this as the months move forward.

The good news is that Venus will shake things up in order to restore a feeling of harmony, prosperity, love and happiness. If you are having relationship issues, go to counseling now because when Venus goes direct you will use the tools you have acquired to heal and communicate more. If you have been spending too much money, but want to go on a costly vacation, just do budgeting and find a great way to travel that is not necessarily luxurious and out of your income range, but is still fun, stimulating, and exciting. This is the time to do research and utilize all the travel bargains available to you. It is not a good time to acquire more debt. And this period is one in which working hard to perfect professional and personal relationships will have a very happy ending.

In the upcoming webinar and in the August News and Views we will talk more about the four and eight year cycle of Venus when the conjunction occurs at around the same degree every 8 years with the same type of conjunction and then every four years with the opposite kind. That means that on August 15, 2015 there was also an inferior conjunction between the Sun and Venus during its retrograde cycle at Tropical 22 Leo 39 /Sidereal 28 Can 40, and on August 14, 2019, there was a superior conjunction with the Sun and direct Venus at Tropical 21 Leo 11/Sidereal 27 Cancer 9. If you do have something around those degrees you can go back to those dates, and continue to go back every four and eight years to see what may have happened or at least the area of your life that may have incurred change. . 

Read if you use Indian astrology. If you have a planet, point or angle in your chart between Sidereal 18° Cancer 06'- 04° Leo 30' then you will get the transit three times and this is what may accentuated, examined, and transformed by Venus:
Sun.  power, vigor; Moon. maternal, mind; Mars. strength, courage; Mercury. speech, learning; Jupiter.  knowledge, wealth; Venus. love, happiness; Saturn. sorrow, fear; Rahu. intensity, compulsion; Ketu. extremes, spirituality; Lagna. destiny, vitality.

If you do not know which houses sidereal Cancer-Leo occupy, look at your ascendant, or Moon, or even your Sun, and just count from there. General descriptions for bhavas (houses) are as follows:  

1. appearance, destiny, temperament, personality, constitution; 2. Money, family life, food, speech, early childhood; 3. Siblings, Fine arts, courage, desires; 4. Mother, happiness, real estate, vehicles; 5. Children, romance, investments, speculation; 6. Open enemies, work, competition, obstacles, illness; 7. Marriage, partners, contracts, passion; 8. Life and death cycle, research, accidents, other's money, inheritance; 9. Father, teacher (guru), religion, higher learning, opportunity; 10. Career, status, public recognition, reputation; 11. Profits, rewards, gains from work, awards, older siblings; 12. spiritual practice, secret enemies, foreign travel, debt, confinement.

Read if you use tropical Western astrology. If you have a planet, point or angle in your chart between Tropical 12° Leo 12’- 28° Leo 36' then you will get the transit three times and this is what may accentuated, examined, and transformed by Venus:

Sun.  vitality, individuality, ego; Moon.  emotions, habits, conditioning; Mercury.  communication, intelligence; Venus.  love, beauty, creativity; Mars.  physical energy, aggression, courage; Jupiter.  expansion, abundance; Saturn.  limitation, disciplined, fear; Uranus.  originality, independent, rebellious; Neptune.  spiritual, immaterial, imagination; Pluto.  intensity, power; North Node. power, place where you must strive; South Node. place where it is easy, habits; Ascendant. personality, destiny; IC. home, family, mother; Descendant. partnerships, contracts; Midheaven. career, father

If you do not know which house tropical Leo occupies, look at your ascendant, or Sun, and just count from there. General descriptions for houses are as follows:  

1. personality, body, appearance; 2. finances, possessions, values. 3. communication, siblings, short journeys, learning; 4. family, mother, home; 5. children, recreation, entertainment; 6. health, service, pets; 7. marriage, contracts, partnership; 8. business transactions, sexuality, life and death matters; 9. higher education, travel abroad, publishing, law; 10. profession, status, father; 11. gains, friendships, hopes, dreams; 12. compassion, spirituality, limitations, solitude

(We will talk about Venus retrograde more in-depth in the Next Six Months webinar on July 26. Scroll down for more information and register at www.ronniedreyer.com. Early bird ends July 12th. This webinar will cover the Venus cycle, which shows Venus as a force of nature that represents all aspects of love and war, fertility, and prosperity in addition to the other planets' retrograde cycles, October eclipses, etc.)
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