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A monthly report of events and resources for our passionate, growing local multisport community.

It takes a village to raise a multisport athlete...
- Note from Nancy Jones

From every corner of the valley, slithering in steadily from all crevices and backgrounds... is the multisport athlete. We pool in these unique and wonderful little communities where virtually zero divisions concerning age, ethnicity, social status, or any other typical human tendency to 'separate', can exist . It's this beautiful and most natural phenomena about which many earth moving organizations could truly stand to study.

And never is this so apparent than within our little LV Tri Club . We multiply in conscious humans like Mogwai (*Gremlins) and it's almost as though there's some unwritten rule within our group that 'only the most amazing individuals need apply'. Except no such rule actually exists. Positivity. Smiles. Selfless acts. Community supporting behavior. These are all concepts/things that are infectious. And our LV Tri Club is truly afflicted, spreading great attitude, love, and support faster than ANY zombie apocalypse.

And thank goodness for this rapid form change in the name of being the very best representative of one's self AND helper to others, because this multisport stuff is HARD! The workouts are hard. The races are hard. WE NEVER, EVER DO THIS WITHOUT OTHERS keeping us afloat, rolling, and still vertical. And our own experience is never quite as fulfilling as when we are multipurposed in our multisport - our race/training and the ability to help others as well.

So, let's vow to keep this trend that so easily comes to our community by always thanking and supporting our fellow athlete. It doesn't happen alone.... It takes a village.

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LVTC Race Events: 

September 8, 2019 Triathlon, Aquabike, Duathlon, Relay, Youth Tri

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Summer swims
‪Wed July 24
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Member Spotlight!

This month’s spotlighted member is a relative newcomer to the sport, but a man who is improving at a rapid pace!- Shawn Roof

Prez Corner:

Thoughtful notes from a fearless LVTC leader.

Happiness = We/I
How do you define ‘happiness’? What makes you smile or laugh? What ‘makes your day’? What makes you say ‘Wow, that was a good day’?

Each Las Vegas Triathlon Club event that we have, I always walk away ‘happy’ and proud to be part of a club that enjoys good strong competition and challenges while at the same time enjoying each other’s friendship and support. Each event is a great social event as it is a healthy competition. Even when the gun goes off and even during the race, I see so many members encouraging each other, helping each other, and enjoying celebrating each other’s accomplishments.

In the ‘real world’ I teach Biomechanics – which is the ‘physics of sport.’ I think equations … ∑F = ma, ∑T = Iα, and so forth. The wonderfully simple heading graphic atop this newsletter explains the following:

 ‘We’ represents other people: e.g., other club members, other community members, …
‘I’ represents the individual. That is, the more that ‘I’ give to others (‘We’) the bigger the ‘happiness quotient’. For example, if the ‘We’ (i.e., supporting and encouraging others) is a value of ‘10’ and the ‘I’ is a value of ‘1’, the Happiness Quotient = 10.
But, if the ‘We’ is only a ‘1’ and the ‘I’ is a ‘10’ … the happiness quotient is 0.1 … not so happy.

In words, what this equation means to me is that the more that an individual can give to a community, the more encouraging we can be of others, the more that we can enjoy celebrating other achievements, then the happier the individual will be.

In short: There is such a great feeling encouraging others and watching them achieve their goals.
What is also great about this equation is that the individual can also go after his/her goal … set those goals high and work to achieve them. But when you increase the ‘I’ value, you have to also increase the ‘We’ in order to still achieve a high level of happiness.

From Day 1 of being involved with the club, I’ve been impressed with how open and caring our club members are – I see members loaning and donating gear to help new athletes get started. I see people getting together for group rides / swims / runs to help encourage each other with training. Fantastic.
The ‘We’ value is high in our club!

Go after great individual achievements – and, at the same time, help and encourage others and your happiness quotient will be high.

~John Mercer

Coach's Corner!
Check out our LVTC member coaches for resources, education, and training opportunities for all abilities!
Featured this month: Nancy Jones.
Check out her bio and contact info HERE
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