Thomas Edison & Kids on Porch for 4th of July
Thomas Edison with his three younger children on the porch steps for the 4 th  of July, ca 1900.  Madeleine, on the left is just over 12 years old with a look as serious as pre-teens from any time can be. Charles, 9 years old, is seen in the background, in bare feet, holding something unknown. The youngest, Theodore, almost 2, is beside his father, looking tentatively at something off the steps and out of the picture, perhaps on the ground. Edison appears to be looking at the same thing, in a pose of exclamation and anticipation, rarely captured in photographs of him. Could it be a firecracker ready to go off? We’ll never know. Hope you have a 4 th  of July as fun as Thomas Edison did those many years ago!
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Happy 4th of July!

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What of these materials was not used by Edison for filaments in his light bulbs?
Carbonized Cotton Thread
Carbonized Bamboo
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How many inventions were patented by Thomas Alva Edison?

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1,093 American Patents

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