July 2018

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IDDSI Resources - How do I find them?
New resources are being developed and posted as they become available.  Please make sure to check our website regularly for updates. To locate resources:

  1. Go to www.IDDSI.org,
  2. Click on the Resources tab
  3. You will see a menu with different options including:

  • IDDSI 101: contains posters for printing and sharing
  • Implementation: conversion charts, audit sheets, implementation guides and NEW flow test card templates and ordering information.
  • Presentations: Powerpoint presentations to use when educating others about IDDSI
  • Publications: IDDSI publications – including our systematic review and the development of the IDDSI framework.
  • E-bites: access all our monthly newsletters
  • Videos:Testing method videos
  • Webinars:recordings of our webinar series.
  • Resources from IDDSI users:  The global community shares IDDSI resources they have developed.
New and Upcoming Resources
  • IDDSI Flow test and Food Test cards: Just posted on our website under resources/implementation tab – a quick easy picture reference that demonstrates how to perform the IDDSI flow test to determine what thickness level a drink is. Food test cards are also available. All of these are available in sizes for North America, UK and Australia. These can be downloaded for printing in the size of a business card that can fit in your pocket, purse or wallet!  You can also order cards following the instructions on our ordering page.

  • Consumer handouts: Soon to be posted – easy to read 1 page handouts for each IDDSI level. These include a brief description of the food or drink along with pictures of the recommended testing methods. There are handouts for BOTH adult and pediatric populations. 

  • Pictures and descriptions of texture modified foods and drinks:  IDDSI food and drink descriptors can be found on our website. These outline the characteristics of different food and drink levels.

We are working on developing a library of photographs for the different modified food levels (3-6 or7) and drink levels (0-4). We will post these as visual resources BUT we urge you to not rely solely on pictures and descriptions only to determine whether a particular food or drink meets the criteria for an IDDSI level.

Instead use the recommended testing methods  to ensure foods and drinks are indeed the correct consistency. Testing method offer a more consistent objective method of ensuring food or drinks are of the correct texture or consistency.
Having trouble accessing our website resources? Some tips:
  • Download and use our free IDDSI app instead. It works on iOS and Android platforms.
  • Try clearing the CACHE in your browser
  • Speak with your IT support team.
IDDSI Quiz: True of False?
You can perform the IDDSI flow test with any 10 ml syringe.   
FALSE:   Not all 10 ml syringes have the barrel size of 61.5 mm and the size of nozzle necessary to perform the IDDSI flow test.  See the correct syringe details here. If you are having difficulty sourcing the correct syringe,contact your medical supplies purchaser or local medical supplies outlet.

See our June 2018 e-bite for some examples of syringes with coding which have the correct dimensions.

You can test any liquid product with the IDDSI flow test. 
TRUE:  The flow test can be used to test any type of liquid product provided it does not contain any lumps, particles, seeds etc. This means naturally thick drinks such as 'yogurt drinks' as well as those thickened with a commercial thickener product can be tested using the IDDSI flow test. 

IDDSI is mandatory for everyone.
FALSE: While some countries, regions or organizations may mandate the use of the IDDSI for patient safety, it is not mandatory. However, given that the goal of IDDSI is about safety for those with dysphagia, we hope everyone will consider the benefit of implementing the IDDSI framework.

IDDSI testing methods can offer more accurate confirmation of the correct food texture and drink consistency.  
TRUE: Testing methods allow you to test any specific food or drink at the point of serving. Foods and drinks can vary depending on ripeness, brand, method of preparation.  For example, consider a piece of banana- generally considered to be a soft food.  If the banana was quite unripe ( green) it may not pass the fork pressure test so is not soft enough for an individual who requires a Level 6 diet.  We discussed this in our January 2018 e-bite .

You only need to use one of the recommended testing methods to ensure a food or drink is the correct texture or consistency.  
FALSE:   A number of characteristics need to be considered when ensuring a particular food or drink meets the criteria for that level.  For example: An individual who has poor ability to chew the foods needs foods in small soft particles (2-4 mm) which corresponds to the minced characteristic in Level 5. The process of chewing also involves the addition of saliva to the food particles to aid in moistening and lubricating the food into a cohesive bolus for easy and comfortable transit when swallowed.  This corresponds to the moist characteristic in Level 5.  To ensure a cohesive moist and minced texture, you must look at the size of the particles, how soft the particles are and the moisture content. 
Tests used include: Fork pressure test to ensure soft small pieces and the spoon tilt to ensure enough moisture.

The IDDSI audit sheets outline all the required testing methods needed for each IDDSI Level of food or drink. Access them here (under the Implementation tab).
IDDSI Webinar Series
Preston Walker and James Ball
Our webinar series will begin again in September 2018.  

On September 18 & 19, 2018, we will feature Carly Barbon from Swallowing Rehabilitation Research Laboratory, Toronto Rehabilitation Institute, University Health Network to share ideas on how to talk about liquid thickness with your patients after evaluating their swallow.

On October 16 & 29, 2018, Preston Walker and James Ball talk about a range of practical solutions on how to prepare texture modified foods that are delicious, nutritious and look great!

If you missed any of our previous webinars – you can still watch them at our YouTube channel.
The #IDDSIchallenge winners!

We were thrilled to partner with the National Foundation of Swallowing Disorders to present the 2018 #IDDSI challenge . We received over 30 entries from all over the world!  

Many thanks to our esteemed judges, Ed, Laura, Julie, Preston and Luis Riquelme for reviewing and evaluating all the entries. The 2018 #IDDSIchallenge winners are: Ben Cook (Australia), Michal Benyamin (Israel), and Hannah Barnes (New Zealand).
IDDSI Translations
Several languages are currently up for peer review. Please take a moment and see if a language you are fluent in is available for review. Your comments, thoughts and suggestions are always appreciated!

We're working on a Peer Review Sheet to facilitate your comments per section of the  documents .

Check out our Translations tab .
IDDSI on the Move
  • July 2018 – New Zealand Institute of Food Science and Technology Annual Conference – Hamilton NZ
  • July 2018 – Charlestion Swallowing Conference @ Northwestern University, Evanston, IL
  • July 2018 – ASHA Connect conference, Baltimore, MD
  • Aug/Sept2018 Dietitians New Zealand Conference-Auckland NZ
  • Sept 2018 New Zealand Speech-Language Therapists Association Conference –Dunedin NZ
  • September 2018 Invited speaker for IDDSI Yokohama, Japan and Hiroshima, Japan.
  • October 2018 Keynote address on IDDSI at the Biomouth Conference, University of Canterbury, Christchurch, NZ
  • October 2018 – Pediatric Dysphagia Series Conference, Cincinnati, OH
  • October 2018 – Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics/FNCE Conference, Washington, DC
  • October 2018 – Institute of Hospitality in Healthcare, Sydney, Australia
  • November 2018 – American Speech-Language-Hearing Association convention, Boston, MA
  • November 2018 – Iowa AND Conference, West Des Moines, IA

Please let us know what you are doing in your part of the world. We would be happy to share it with the rest of the world.
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