Halifax Congregational Church Flea Market

Saturday, Sept. 16th
10a - 3p
503 Plymouth St.

In collaboration with the Halifax Farmers Market, the Halifax Congregational Church will be holding a flea market! They are taking sign-ups for tables at $25 and deadlines for these payments will be on September 13th. However, entry for shoppers is entirely free.

Fun at the Farmer's Market

At this Farmer's Market, vendors consistently bring smiles on their faces, enthusiasm to their work, and stories to tell.
One of those stories is from Fred Corrigan, the owner of G. Ellen Flowers. On Ellen's passing, Fred's daughter suggested he create flower prints. Fred’s been engaged with this art for the years since then. Printing flowers is a genuinely beautiful art. Fred sells them within bookmarks and especially cards. He mentions that many of them make for good portrait pieces.
Another tale woven by this farmer’s market would be Allison’s Creations. She creates various trinkets with interesting spins on them. She began work on these over a year ago, starting with glasses and water bottles. Some have fun phrases, while others give certain vibes to recognizable brands. Wanting to do more, she is now making keychains, stickers, and signs. The keychains are tiny branded everyday household items from ketchup bottles to coffee containers.
Attendees also saw wonderful fairy doors at Sharon’s Suncatchers and delightful imaginings at Victoria’s Art. The musicians gave the place a very homey country vibe; a bouncy castle was perfect for the kids, and the food pantry was there to accept donations. All in all, a darned good day to get out and enjoy Halifax.

Photo Credit: Brian Coleman
Story Credits: Brian Coleman, Miriam Heath Intern Writers, Bridgewater State University & J. Rose
Historical Tidbit:
YMCA Camp On West Monponsett
In 1926, Halifax was a place of summer residence for many people who admired its scenery and cordial atmosphere. There were four hundred and thirty-seven non-residents owning property in Halifax, but just one hundred and 
ninety-seven residents who lived here full time.
Monponsett Lakes were bordered by attractive summer homes. The shore of West Lake was the recreation ground for the Boston Young Men's Christian Association  (YMCA), which maintained a summer camp there on seven hundred acres of land. 
sue and her plant 2011
Respectfully submitted, Sue Basile
Town Hall

Holmes Public Library

Council on Aging
506 Plymouth Street

Food Pantries
Halifax Congregational Church
503 Plymouth St. (Rt 106)
Tuesdays 2:30 - 4p
St Vincent De Paul
Our Lady of the Lake Church
580 Monponsett St, Halifax
(781) 293- 7971
2nd & 4th Saturday 9a
Lynn Fowler
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Labor Day was created to recognize the social and economic achievements made by American workers in the nineteenth century. There was such excitement at the improvements in our quality of life, state and local celebrations around the country were organized by workers and unions. Between 1885 - 1894, 32 states had passed an official Labor Day holiday.

Although there is not a clear founder, records show Peter J McGuire (General Secretary of the Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners), and Matthew Maguire ( a machinist and Secretary of the Central Labor Union in New York) both played a role in the founding of a national Labor Day.

President Grover Cleveland made Labor Day national holiday, signing it into law, June 28, 1894 for the first Monday in September. Labor Day is often celebrated with parades, parties, and festivals.
By Siara Morel Ortiz, Intern, UMass Boston.
Halifax Elementary School Open House

Thursday, September 7th 5:30p - 7
464 Plymouth St.

The school year is here! Halifax Elementary is hosting an open house for parents and kids on September 7th. For more information on this event and others, visit the official HES website.
United Way Day of Caring

Monday, September 11th
Greater Plymouth County
Spend the Monday morning helping out! Help your local communities by cleaning up, organizing or clearing out. Sign-ups are still active and you'll get a free T-shirt for the day itself.
Golf Tournament
to benefit the Massasoit Community College’s United Student Fund
Mon. October 2, 11am- Shotgun Start
Thorny Lea Golf Club, Brockton
Brockton, Canton, Middleboro and online
FY 2024 Curbside Collection Program

Starting: Monday, Sept. 4th
499 Plymouth St.

The Curbside Collection Program, a town-wide trash and recycling program, will begin on Monday, September 4th.

For answers: check out the forum video below, or see the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page on the Town of Halifax website. For additional questions, please email RSWP@halifax-ma.org or call the Halifax Recycling Center at (781)-293-1732.
Holmes Library Storytime

Starting Thursday, Sept. 7th
Thursday and Friday each week
470 Plymouth St.
For families wanting to bring the wonders of literature to their little ones, the Holmes Public Library will be holding sessions soon! Check out the Library for more information, sign-ups are free. Any further questions please call (781) 293-2271 or check out: holmespubliclibrary.org
Chicken Parmesan Dinner

Saturday, Sept. 9th
503 Plymouth St. (on Route 106)
Reserve tickets by Wednesday, Sept. 6th.

Join the Halifax Congregational Church for a delicious home-cooked meal! Their Chicken Parmesan Dinner includes an appetizer, salad, a chicken parmesan dinner, garlic bread, dessert and a beverage. Tickets are $16 for adults and $10 for children. There will be a very small amount of tickets available at the door.
To reserve tickets, or if If you would like to attend the dinner but don’t have a ride, please call Susan Mahan at 781-293-0422. Take-out is also available. For more information, visit the Halifax Congregational Church's official website.
Climate Can-Do: Limit Fast Fashion

Fashion is another tool to help combat climate change and protect the environment.

First, how does fashion harm the environment? In efforts to meet demands and popularity for society’s trendiest clothes, many big clothing brands end up wasting fabrics and energy as they rush to pump out clothes for consumers at cheap prices. This is known as fast fashion.
According to the United Nations Environment Program, the “pollution, waste, and emissions of fast fashion are fueling the planetary crisis” as "plastic fibers are polluting the oceans”. In addition, the “wastewater and toxic dyes” from the industrial plants that are used to create the clothes only further contaminate the surrounding natural environments.

Sustainable clothing: While buying sustainable and organic clothing is a healthier alternative, it can also be expensive or inaccessible for many people. Fortunately, there are still many ways to limit your own fashion consumption and help the planet without sacrificing your wallet.

Diversify your clothing store options: Buying secondhand clothing from local thrift stores or on-line platforms such as ThredUp, Depop, and Poshmark is an excellent alternative for getting clothes.

Consider clothes before buying them: We all have that item, or a few, that sit in the back of the closet untouched for the past two years. This is why the Milken Institute School of Public Health at George Washington University suggests buying an item only if you can see yourself wearing it at least 30 times. Thinking twice is a good way to limit how much fast fashion and wasted clothing ends up crowding your closet.

Support brands that have good sustainability practices: This online directory: Good on You allows you to search your favorite brands and view their sustainability/ethical work ratings. The website also provides a wide range of stores that solely produce sustainable fashion that you can occasionally invest in. By researching, staying mindful, and practicing eco-friendly shopping habits, you can reduce carbon costs and the impact of waste on our landfills and atmosphere!

This Climate Can-Do Article was written by Angel Benjamin, BuzzAround Writing Intern, Brown University. Focusing on actions which individuals can do in the face of our climate emergency. We can do!
Have you tried Chrissy's Ultimate Chicken?
Two breaded chicken cutlets layered with fried prosciutto, ricotta cheese, mozzarella cheese, and garlicky spinach served with cheese raviolis and marinara sauce. You don't want to miss this!

Hazardous Waste Day

Saturday, Sept. 16th
9a - 12p
Highway Barn, 60 Hemlock Lane

Halifax has a town-wide Hazardous Waste Day to allow people to safely deposit their chemical and potentially dangerous waste by safe means. This means anything from aerosol cans to mothballs.
It is completely free for the citizens of Halifax and does not require any sort of enrollment in any trash or recycling program.
More Information can be found here: www.halifax-ma.org/hazardous-waste-day-2023
Halifax School Committee
Aug. 28th, 2023
Video Courtesy of Area 58
Halifax Board of Selectmen
Aug. 22nd, 2023
Video Courtesy of Area 58
Nessralla Farm
Suddenly, You'll Love Running to the Store for Milk & Bread

Pick up some fresh veggies & fall flowers while you are here.

Nessralla Farm
Local Growers, Doin' Good!
*Frequent Flyer Cards.
416 Plymouth St. , Halifax, MA
(781) 293-6792
Mold Guys Restoration
Air Duct / Vent Cleaning * Restoration & Rebuild * Water Damage & Mold

We are there when you need us!

(781) 910-5029
How's Your Internet?

The Massachusetts Broadband Institute needs your input. The survey asks people about their experience using the Internet in the state. Massachusetts can provide everyone with better internet service and digital support by providing your input. To fill out the survey, visit the Massachusetts Broadband Institute website.
Transportation Night

"Thank you to everyone who came out to say hello at Transportation Night last night! We had a great time meeting new friends and saying hello to old ones. Thank you to the Holmes Public Library for hosting everyone and thank you to the The Plymouth County Sheriff's Department for bringing a motorcycle and the child ID tent! We can’t wait to see everyone next year!"
Have fun with us and bee entered to win:
$15 gift certificate to Pinches & Pounds
Candy Store Rt 18, Whitman!

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Did more residents or non-residents own properties in Halifax in 1926?

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