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Peace Days 2021: Rise Above For Peace 

Join us for our annual Peace Days Festival starting today, September 10th and runs until September 21st. This 11 day festival includes virtual and in-person events.

The intention of the Peace Days Festival is to encourage individuals, organizations, businesses and institutions to raise awareness, start a conversation and promote positive peace and peaceful literacy locally, nationally and internationally.

Through our collective actions and commitment, we can serve the cause of peace by nurturing understanding and compassionate action to promote inclusion, human dignity, justice and a sustainable earth.

For more information, please visit our website:

  • Share your Story. After your event keep the conversation going and add to the network of individuals working to make a difference!
  • Promote Peace Days events.
  • Attend one of the scores of events taking place this September.
  • Donate because every little contribution helps and your contribution would be utilized in the organization and promotion of Peace Days.
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Have a question or comment? Email Mr. John Melnick at for more information.

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