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Figure Drawing at
Oklahoma Contemporary

 Clothed Live Model
 Oklahoma Contemporary Arts Center  Free For OAG Members.  There is a  charge for non-members .

 Nude Live Model
 Oklahoma Contemporary Arts Center
 Free For OAG Members. There is a  charge for non-members. Members  and non-members must be 18 or  older.

Upcoming Events

50 Penn Place
Deliver "Re-Emerge" submissions

50 Penn Place
"Re-Emerge" opening reception

Oklahoma Contemporary
Member meeting
Sara Sebastian demo

Inclement Weather
Please check the media or Oklahoma Contemporary's website for possible closing on Oklahoma Art Guild meeting dates.



Got News?
If you are an OAG member with news you'd like us to include in an upcoming newsflash, let us know at by the first of the month.



About Us

The Oklahoma Art Guild (OAG) is a non-profit organization founded in 1954, with the objective of creating, promoting and developing all forms of the visual arts.  The membership includes professionals, amateurs, art enthusiasts and patrons of the visual arts.


April Demonstration  
Patta LT
Monday, April 17
Oklahoma Contemporary Arts - 7-9pm

Patta LT is a full-time studio artist living and working in Norman. She's been creating and selling her art  professionally for over 30 
y ears. Her formal education is in fashion design, clothing, and textiles with a BA from the University of Oklahoma. She began her career as a clothing designer, and now hand painted  silk is her medium of expression. Her mission has always been to create amazing wearable art pieces that the owner can enjoy for years and even decades.  Her interests are in the joy and practicality of a timeless wardrobe of accessories and essential pieces that a person will wear and enjoy as an art piece that will translate for daytime to evening wearability. She believes art and wearable art shouldn't be disposable; it should last, living with you year after year until you give it to your friends or your children.

Patta is passionate about the creative processes she uses.  She is fascinated by the explosions of color created by mixing a very limited number of dyes. This creates a fusion of contemporary design concepts as well as layers of colors within the pieces.  She also enjoys recreating images of her Native American heritage and combining them with contemporary concepts. Some of that subject matter includes what she calls Oklahoma images: scissortails, cattails, native flowers, buffalos, horses, etc.  By transferring the medium of hand painted silk to a larger format, she is able to create comfortable, wearable garments and accessories that can be draped on the human frame as well as displayed as decorative wall art.   
Don't forget OAG Artist of the Month!
We are resurrecting the OAG Artist of the Month! We want to see what you have been working on! Bring a piece of your work so that members can again identify you with your "style".

Call for Art
May 12-June 13, 2017
50 Penn Place

Best of Show 2014
"Sunflower I"
Behnaz Sohrabian
The Oklahoma Art Guild announces a  call for entries for our member art show "Re-Emerge" which will take place May 12-June 3, 2017 at 50 Penn Place, 1900 NW Expressway, Oklahoma City, OK. 

Open to all OAG  members. (You may join at submission.)

If you have any questions or would like to volunteer, please contact  Annalisa Campbell at 404-204-1120.