Join us for 31 Days of Nurturings

and Count Your Nurturings


Are you buzzing with the fullness of fall?

You're probably already counting - and counting on - others at the same time your children count on you  and your calendar fills with seasonal activities. Sound familiar?

Whether you're deep in the calendar shuffle or sailing along, we invite you to count on us for 31 Days of Nurturings. 

The 31 Days of Nurturings is a month of easy, rewarding, everyday parenting that can subtract stress and add enjoyment and family flourishing.

We know how valuable your time is, so we've used research to generate low-demand, high-value actions that every adult can take to help you, your child and family flourish.

Join us for 31 Days of Nurturings in October. Participate at your own pace in your own way. However you choose to join in, we'll count i as another agreement that the world needs exponentially more of this kind of "family-friendly math."

Ready. Set. Count Your Nurturings!

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Celebrate the many small things you already do everyday that helps your child flourish.


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