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A Tower Garden for your company?
ernie lynch
Lynch Group manufactures hydraulic and electronic components. CEO Ernie Lynch has taken major steps toward integrating green and clean technologies into its facilities, and has plans drawn up to take its upgrades even further.

Executives that are focused on clean technology and sustainability demonstrate that while the bottom line still reigns supreme, there is room for business leaders to take action and exercise corporate social responsibility by adopting environmental technologies.
Lynch hopes his example will encourage his employees as well as other companies to do what they can for the environment.  Read on and contact me if your company has a green initiative!
Transforming a Community with TG
Over the years South Dallas has been coined the "food desert," as it lacks an array of healthy dining options, fresh produce stations and diverse grocery stores. 

There is no denying the fact that Alaric Overbey wants organic food to be available at a regular price... "This not a job for me," insists Overbey. "I do this all day, every single day because this is something that I enjoy."

"We want to feed the world," says Overbey. Read on...

It's April and this month it's all about "A's":  Activity, Vitamin A, Alkaline eating, Algebra (a.k.a. math) and more.  Enjoy!

Take A Hike!
Solidify your spot on the A list with Activity in April!  Now that spring has officially arrived, change up your workout routine and add some hikes. According to goodhiker.com, hiking leads to:
  • Improved cardio-respiratory fitness
  • Improved muscular fitness
  • Lower risk of coronary heart disease and stroke
  • Lower risk of high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes
  • Lower risk of high cholesterol and triglycerides
  • Lower risk of colon and breast cancer, and possibly lung and endometrial cancer
  • Increased bone density or a slower loss of density
  • Reduced depression and better quality sleep
  • Lower risk of early death 
  • Weight control; hiking burns up 370 calories an hour
  • Click here to find the BEST hike in your state!
Up your veggie shopping game!
1 cup carrots = 113% of your Vite A RDA!
As we know, not all produce is created equal.

This article contains some excellent advice from farmers and others who purchase produce for chefs and specialty markets. These people are pros at   picking the most flavorful of the bunch, supplying kitchens in America that turn out five-star dishes. 

The quest for the best produce should involve shopping in farmers markets wherever possible...But even if shopping in farmers markets isn't possible, there are little tricks you can use to find the best of the bunch in the grocery store.

First things first: "When buying produce, use all senses: sight, sound, taste, smell, touch," said Nathan Bochler, a former executive chef who now works for Specialty Produce. For example, "When selecting artichokes, grab the flower - the compact head - and slowly squeeze it. You should hear it squeak." That's a sign of freshness. Pick things up, smell them, squeeze them. When it comes to vegetables, firmness is usually a good thing, denoting freshness and crunchiness.  Read on
A to C
bok choy
Eat more A - Alkaline foods (primarily plants) to get more C - Calcium . This article has many ideas on how to put more A on your plate.

Surprising Dairy-Free Sources of Calcium
Fun fact: Calcium is the most abundant mineral in the body, and is found naturally in a wide variety of foods and beverages and added to many others! But whether lactose-intolerant or sick of wine and cheese parties, there's no need to rely only on dairy products for that daily dose of calcium. Here's why we should get enough calcium-and all the unexpected ways to get enough of it. Read on
Algebra for everyday living (a.k.a. Sugar Math)
We are consistently encouraged to eat less sugar, but do you really understand what food labels mean regarding the amount of sugar in products?  

Sugar Math: the FDA recommends that sugar be less than 10% of daily calories 
  • If you eat 2000 calories per day, 10% = 200 sugar calories
  • Convert to grams by dividing by 4 = 50 grams
  • Convert to teaspoons by dividing by 4 = 12 teaspoons
Now consider:  can you really "afford" that soda or that blended coffee drink?
Asparagus, reimagined
salad Some cooks will tell you that asparagus  is really only worth eating in the springtime...what do you think?

For this month, asparagus has been reimagined into a delicious salad! From the Love & Lemons website, "Bright, crunchy asparagus pieces are tossed with handfuls of leafy greens in a tangy dijon vinaigrette. But the real special part here is the salty, crunchy, nuttiness from the toasted sesame seeds and almonds." 

What are you waiting for?  
EVENT:  Healthy Brain, Body, Life!
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