Bay Area Hosts CAGOP Convention

May 17-19, 2024

Burlingame California

Dear SPARC Members, 

We are excited to announce that the CAGOP Convention is happening here at the Bay Area on May 17- 19. You have an opportunity to participate in several events co-hosted by SPARC. You can also participate in other convention events as a guest. For more information, please click on this link: 2024 CAGOP Convention

There are three (3) events that SPARC is co-sponsoring and you can come without registering for the convention. 

Bay Area Welcome Reception Party 

Friday at 9-11 pm 

Venue: Poolside Pavilion 

SPARC is a major sponsor for this event. As members you’re invited to our dessert party with live  music and no-host bar (cash only). The theme is Bay Area Sports, and we’ll be serving ice cream!

California Congress of Republicans (CCR) Statewide Gathering 

Saturday at 3:15 pm 

Venue: Harbour A 

This is a CCR organizational meeting, of which SPARC is a chapter. It offers a chance to hear  updates on agenda items for Sunday’s delegate’s meeting and to learn about activities in other  chapters.


Studio 24 Party 70’S Music 

Saturday, 9:00 pm – Midnight 

Venue: Cypress ABC 

This is an all-ages party sponsored by SPARC, CCR, Young Republicans and Log Cabin – an  opportunity to meet and mingle with fellow Republicans.

This is our May members’ event, and we’re counting on strong SPARC participation at the convention. Your presence will make a difference – see you there! If you want to join SPARC, please use this link to sign up: JOIN SPARC.


Very Truly yours,