You won't want to miss this night of celebration, learning, and fun! In a state where wolves are vastly misunderstood, persecuted, and characterized as vermin or pests, WWA seeks to elevate the position of these important sentient, family-oriented creatures in Wyoming by celebrating their connection to humans. 

The evening will feature The War In Between and Wolf Spirit, two films that showcase how humans interact with and connect to wolves. The War In Between is the story of Lockwood Animal Rescue Center (LARC) located in Los Angeles, California and founded by Navy Veteran Matthew Simmons and Dr. Lorin Lindner. The rescue center is home to the Wolves and Warriors Program where veterans learn valuable skills while interacting with the rescued wolves, wolfdogs, coyotes, parrots, horses, and other animals who call the sanctuary home. Matthew and Lorin and the LARC’s Wolves and Warriors Program have been featured on Animal Planet in the show Wolves and Warriors, which can be seen on Animal Planet and Amazon Prime.

Film director Julia Huffman will also be present this evening to present her short film, Wolf Spirit. Wolf Spirit is the follow-up story to the award-winning film Medicine of the Wolf which WWA brought to Jackson in 2017. Julia’s film features world renowned scientist and photographer Dr. Jim Brandenburg who has lived with and studied wolves for over 45 years. Jim speaks about the connection that wolves have to humans, the relationships between them and why nature is more complete with them present. Julia will offer her perspective on interviewing and travelling with Dr. Brandenburg in the north woods of Minnesota. Following both films will be a brief discussion and question and answer period with Julia, Matt, and Lorin.

Shannon Marie Schacht will be live painting a wolf piece that will be auctioned off at the end of the night and several other art pieces and items will be available for auction and raffle including beautiful images by Tom Mangelsen, Jim Brandenburg, Nicolette Maw, Matt Flint, Gisele Olsen, and Helen Seay. In The Center Lobby, the Valley Bookstore will be present selling books featuring wolves and WWA will be selling their new wolf leggings featuring artwork from Shannon Marie Schacht. Informational booths will feature the status of wolves in Wyoming and will offer an opportunity for attendees to send a message to Governor Gordon explaining how wolves are important to them. Complementary hour d ‘oeuvres will be served with a cash bar for drinks. Events in the lobby are free, $15 tickets available for purchase at The Center includes both films and are available at the door or online.

Hope to see you on August 24!
Kristin Combs
Executive Director
Order Your Wearable Art Today! All Proceeds Benefit WWA's Programs to Protect Wyoming's Wolves

Wildlife artist Shannon Marie Schacht has so graciously donated a beautiful wolf image that is featured on our these super comfy leggings. Look great at your next fitness class and support wildlife in the process!


The Wyoming Game and Fish Commission set the hunting seasons for wolves at their meeting on July 18. Despite the fact that there were 147 comments against the regulations as proposed (53 of which were from Wyoming residents from 23 cities statewide and only 2 comments that wanted the regulations kept the same) the Commissioners voted to keep the hunting seasons the same with no discussion. Several members of the public stood up and spoke out against the extended hunting season that begins September 1 and ends December 31 except for area 13 which is now open until March 31. Pups that are no more than a few months old will be in the cross hairs again this year with up to 50% of Wyoming's wolf population killed by December 31. We will continue to advocate for the protection of wolves in Wyoming to stop this assault on our native wildlife.

Watch this video at the 6:04:10 mark to see the presentation and public comments at the Commission meeting.

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has finally officially re-registered the Yellowstone Grizzly Bear as an endangered species . They have remained protected by the ESA since a federal judge ruled in favor of conservation groups but the paperwork was finally officially filed in the Federal Register.

The Wyoming Game and Fish Commissioners denied our petition to require hunters in grizzly territory to carry bear spray. Commissioner Crank made the issue about delisting, not about human safety or preserving bears' lives. As usual, the Commission deferred the issue and didn't want to add further regulations to hunters even though they are disproportionately involved in conflicts with grizzlies and are a source of mortality for the bears. On a good note though, the Commissioners agreed that everyone in the backcountry should be carrying bear spray and that it is a useful tool for protection for both people and wildlife. We hope the Wyoming Game and Fish Department continues to push for bear spray to be carried as the best available tool for protection for both bears and people.

Tune into this video at the 7:25:02 mark to watch the proceedings and to listen to what the Commissioners had to say.
Grizzly Event Tuesday, August 20 in Bozeman
Author Dan Flores Comes to Jackson
If you haven't had a chance to read Dan Flores's book Coyote America, there's no better time than right now. Historian Dan Flores will be at the Jackson Hole Historical Society on Wednesday, August 14 as part of their summer history talks. Coyote America details the history of coyotes in America and how these creatures have persevered and come to live alongside humans in cities despite being vilified and persecuted for more than a century.

The talk goes from 5:30-6:30 pm at the Jackson Hole Historical Society at 225 North Cache Street in Jackson. An in-depth discussion with the author will follow and requires pre-registration and a $10 donation. Contact to register.
Your donation goes further when given through Old Bill's! Donations are generously matched by Mr. and Mrs. Old Bill and all the Old Bill's Co-challengers. Thank you to the Community Foundation of Jackson Hole for organizing and running this yearly event which supports our community. The Old Bill's giving season ends September 13. Join us on the town square on September 7 for run day!
Wolf Photo: Carl Marshall