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Looking for Provider or Families Information?

Basic Heat Safety, Health and Awareness

Everyone Loves Ice Cream on Hot Days

Lunch and Learn for Directors and Administrators

Everyone Loves Ice Cream on a HOT Day

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Looking for Provider or Families Information?

The Early Learning | NY State Department of Education has a wonderful easy to use web site providing resources for Providers and Families. Take look at some of the information that is avalable:

  • Child Nutrition | NYSED page has information on the various food and nutrition programs available to schools and day care programs

  • Regulations and Guidance page provides a doorway to finding information on licensing and regulating day care and a doorway to updated COVID-19 info..

This is barely makes a dent in available information. There are resources for professional development, special needs programs, and more.

Basic Heat Safety, Health, and Awareness

Taking care of ourselves and the children in the new hot summertime temperatures are important, in fact life saving.

The 3 most important basics for good hot weather health is:

  1. Stay hydrated
  2. Shade is better than direct sun
  3. Know the signs for heat exhaustion which leads to heat stroke if not caught in time.

The National Public Radio (NPR) article and the chart pictured in the illustration can be downloaded. The NPR article has information on hot weather basic needs and supporting information. The chart explains the symptoms of heat exhaustion and heat stroke.

8 Mistakes to Avoid if You're Going Out in the Heat (NPR)
Heat Exhaustion VS HeatStroke Poster

Lunch and Learn for Directors and Administrators

ChildCareEd's Group Admin portal features online tools which clients can use to purchase clock hour at a flat rate and then assign class hours to staff. An educated staff is important to the growth and success of all childcare programs.

Orientation includes lunch for staff and a bundle of complimentary bundle of

12 hours of Online Self-Paced CEU training.

Directors and administrators need to attend a brief orientation via Zoom to learn about ChildCareEd's Group Admin program. During the Orientation, staff learn how to use the portal and questions are answered.

Registration continues through 11 August. Limited Time and Availability.

Lunch and Learn Bundle Details and Registration
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Everyone Loves Ice Cream on Hot Days

Everyone Loves Ice Cream on HOT Days

Sometimes it is jut HOT and nothing feels refreshing... Why not make some ice cream? This method uses two sizes of ziplock bags to make small servings for 1 or 2 people. The entire process takes less than 45 minutes.

Check it out! Make Your Own Ice Cream (YouTube)

If you need a There is lots of info in the video to create a STEM activity.


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