September 2021


Dental hygienists are helping patients understand the role of the oral biofilm for periodontal and systemic health

A Proposed Resolution and a Glossary for Oral Biofilm was presented to the House of Delegates of the American Dental Hygienists’ Association (ADHA) in June 2021.

A Quick Poll, directed at Dental Hygienists, sought to learn more about these issues to guide further research on oral disease prevention.

The results revealed that:

·     Of the 151 respondents, only 5% had little to no knowledge of the inter-relationship between the oral biofilm and dental plaque! 67% had quite a lot or a great deal of knowledge.

·     65% of the respondents most of the time educate their patients on the impact of the biofilm on oral health and systemic disease, and 35%, some of the time. But only one third uses a disclosing agent to educate the patient. 

·  Check all the treatments respondents use for helping patients maintain and improve periodontal health:


The dental hygienists’ armamentarium for fighting periodontal disease is extensive.

Member Spotlight


South Central Region Practitioner is elected President of the Academy of General Dentistry (AGD)

Network Member Bruce Cassis, DDS, MGD, a general dentist from Fayetteville, West Virginia, joined our Network in 2012. He participated in the clinical studies Factors for Successful Crowns and QuitAdvisorDDS: A Point-of-Care Tobacco Cessation Tool for Dental Settings, and in several questionnaire studies. Most recently, he has assisted in recruiting new members into the Network.

Dr. Cassis was installed as the President of the AGD at their Annual Meeting, held virtually on October 25, 2020. According to an AGD article announcing his election, Dr. Cassis has had many leadership roles nationally and locally. He was AGD Vice-President and President-elect as well as West Virginia AGD President, PACE Council chair, and the first Communications Council chair. Since joining AGD in 1986, he has received AGD Mastership and Fellowship awards and the 2018 Lifelong Learning and Service Recognition honor.

"In both private practice and on behalf of the AGD it is always my goal to help promote oral health literacy for my patients and the communities I serve," said Dr. Cassis. "It has always been a pleasure to work with UAB and the National Dental Practice-Based Research Network, a relationship that I value and look to continue in the future." He is a practitioner who is not only leading the charge in dentistry, but also willing to expand the knowledge of dentistry through practice-based research.

Completed Studies

Strategies for the Removal of Deep Caries Lesions

Thank you to the practitioners who participated in the survey. We had excellent participation (70%)! Remuneration for participants is being completed now. 

The data analysis is in progress, and we look forward to sharing the results with you in the Fall!

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