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Leveraging the Laboratory 2019:
 A Mayo Clinic Laboratory Event!   

Nashville, TN September 24-25, 2019

If you’re an administrator or manager in a hospital laboratory, then the Mayo Outreach Lab Conference in Nashville, TN is for you! Learn from health system executives, industry experts, and hands-on managers how to create a strategic vision to achieve outreach program success. Join your industry peers in learning how to leverage your laboratory!

Register here , then look for us in Booth #N at the Hilton Downtown Nashville!
Tip of the Month: Cleaning and Disinfecting Devices  
Whether it’s a handheld scanner or mobile computer, in a healthcare environment these devices can get dirty! Even dust and debris can carry germs and bacteria, shift after shift. Not only is this harmful to users, it can also impact operational performance if dirt builds up on the keypad or touchscreen or if the trigger or lens on a barcode scanner is not properly maintained.
Cleaning your device is important – and even more important to properly clean without harming the plastic housing. Here are a few suggestions to keep your barcode scanning and mobile computing devices clean and performing optimally:
  • Avoid using harsh chemicals
  • Avoid abrasive cloths to wipe down the device, use a clean, lint-free microfiber cloth
  • Clean lightly but often to prevent buildup
  • Apply cleaning solution to the cloth instead of the device

Having a problem with your device? We can help! Contact our helpdesk for support.
New Devices, New Connectivity, New Year!  
With 2020 right around the corner, now is a great time to begin planning your mobile device strategy for improved device performance, courier productivity and process efficiency. Considering an upgrade to new technology is more than just a way to have the latest-and-greatest. Today’s Android mobile devices offer greater security, faster performance and improved reliability, particularly based on the end of life support of Windows Mobile and Windows Handheld OS de-activation of Verizon 3G networks.

This month’s MCE blog can help you make your way through the planning process; then contact us to find out how we can be of help to you. 
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