A few photos from my trip to the Swiss Bionics headquarters in Fort Lauderdale. 

I recently visited the Swiss Bionics headquarters in Fort Lauderdale and thought you would enjoy seeing the people behind the scenes that help to bring us this remarkable product.  Dana Colwell is the office manager, Michelle takes care of customer service and shipping and Greg Musser is the President of Swiss Bionics US.  While Greg has been to visit us a number of times here in Oregon, it was a pleasure for me to finally meet the administrative staff that I deal with on a daily basis. 

We are very excited to announce that Greg is coming to Portland to do a presentation on  September 29 and I hope all of our local owners will come to hear what he has to share with us. We will hold our event at the Ecotrust Building,  721 NW 9th Avenue in Portland 97209.

12:30pm:  Doors Open & Welcome! 

1:00pm to 1:45pm: In-depth Review - "How to objectively, seriously and correctly compare PEMF devices for home use!"

2:00pm to 2:45pm: PEMF application parameters and a review of the latest PEMF Research."

3:00pm to 4:00pm: Networking 

T here will be no charge for owners or guests but you must register so the venue can plan for adequate seating.

This would be a great opportunity to introduce your family members or friends to the iMRS. This is a beautiful event space and we will provide some snacks so that we can hang out afterwards and learn even more from the healthcare professionals who offer the IMRS to their clients.  

Pulse On!

(with thanks to my colleagues in NY who put this info together)

Some sensitive individuals will be able to feel their iMRS mat, pillow, and probe working. Others will only be able to tell their iMRS is working by judging the long-term effects they experience in their health. If you fall into the second group, there is a simple way to test your iMRS.

A Gauss Meter (sometimes called EMF meter) is a simple electronic
device that is designed to alert you to the presence of EMF fields. You turn it on. Then, turn on your iMRS and it will show you the PEMF in action. They are inexpensive. Check Amazon and look for "magnetic wave testers" or "gauss meters".
Any gaussmeter will work as long as it will measure the intensities and frequencies the iMRS produces. Make sure the unit you buy can measure:
  • intensity range 0.09 - 300 micro Tesla
  • frequency range 3 - 15 Hz
Any electronic device can break from time to time. It happens. A gauss meter is the best way to ensure that your PEMF system is operating correctly.

We have tested the Cell Sensor and think it is one of the best both because of its low price and because its flashing lights make it obvious when the iMRS is turned on and working.
It's incredibly easy to use:
  • Take it out of the box.
  • Install a common 9-volt battery.
  • Plug the cable for the sensor into the side of the meter as shown.
  • Set the meter to the most sensitive setting (1-5 gauss).
  • Press the white button on the front of the meter to turn it on. It will flash to let you know it's working.
  • Put the sensor (shown at the bottom of the photo) on top of the mat or pillow, or next to the probe. You may need to move it around a bit to get the best results.
  • Turn on the iMRS. Set it to the highest intensity setting and set the organ clock for morning (other settings will work, but these work the best).
  • The meter will start flashing.

If you have a smartphone, you can download an app that can show you your iMRS is working. They are typically called Magnetic Field Detector or Gauss Meter.
Be sure that the one you download can detect and display fields in the 1 microTesla range. 
Frankly, these apps are not terrific, but they will show something happens if you put your phone on the mat or pillow and turn your iMRS on to the highest setting.
A note of caution about both these apps and the compass method discussed below.
Because the results on the app or compass may appear small, it is easy to think that the EMF coming off the mat or pillow is not strong enough to get the job done. Nothing could be farther from the truth. 
The only purpose of the app or compass is to clearly show that EMF happens when you turn your iMRS on. Don't draw any other conclusions.

Don't want to spend $20 for a gauss meter? There is another way to test your mat with an ordinary compass.
It's not as reliable as the gauss meter, but it will work if you have a reasonable quality compass (not something out of a box of Cracker Jax).
This works for the iMRS Mat and Pillow. It's not as easy to see for the Probe.
Put the compass on the iMRS Pillow or on the foot section of the iMRS mat. Take note of where the compass needle is pointing.
Then, set your iMRS controller to the highest intensity and turn it on.
You should see the needle move in response to the Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Field. You may need to move the compass around a bit to get the best results.

Some people are concerned that the PEMF signal may not be reaching all parts of their body. If you have a gauss meter, it's easy to discover the facts. 
You will need a gauss meter. The compass and app techniques may not produce good results for lower intensity settings. Even less expensive gauss meters may not register the PEMF through some areas of the body.
To do the test, turn on the iMRS and turn on the gauss meter. Lie on the mat or use the pillow/pad or probe as you would normally. Then, put the gauss meter on the area of the body you want to test. That's it! 
A gauss meter that has an audible tone works best for this because it may be difficult to see readings on a meter. The meter suggested above will work well but may be false negatives for the lowest iMRS intensity setting.

We can also assure you that if something is not working, you will get an error message on your console that either indicates the Applicator is not plugged in correctly or that there is an Applicator Cable Break.  Give us a call to help troubleshoot and then it may be necessary to submit a support ticket to Swiss Bionics as indicated in the article above.  

Warranty Issues and Repairs 

Swiss Bionics has implemented an online repair system and owners are encouraged to submit their own requests for quicker service.

You must have your Customer ID which is located on your invoice, and your Serial Number, located on the back of your console or tablet.  If you cannot find your ID, there is a place to request it when filling out your ticket.  You will then briefly describe your problem and submit your repair ticket.

We are always happy to help troubleshoot your device first, and if we determine that a repair is necessary, we can assist in submitting the repair order.  We are finding, however that it is most efficient if you do it since the office will communicate directly with you to arrange a repair or replacement.  

Helpful Websites
  • www.pemfassistance.com  - Hermina Danneil's membership site - highly recommended for healthcare professionals and owners who desire indepth information.
Informational Books
  • Magnetic Resonance Stimulation - Maximizing the Field by Dr. Joel Carmichael  Available for $155 from Dr. Carmichael's office (303)290-8342
  • Power Tools for Health - What PEMFs do for You - William Pawluk, M.D. - available on Amazon or from Dr. Pawluk's website
  • PEMF: The Fifth Element - Bryant Meyers - available on Amazon
  • Healing is Voltage - Dr. Jerry Tennant, M.D. - available on Amazon
  • The Body Electric - Dr. Robert O. Becker, M.D. - available on Amazon
  • Practice of Magnetic Field Therapy - Dr. Christian Thuile, M.D.
  • The Healthy Conscious Traveler- Dr. Robyn Benson- available on Amazon
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  • Healthy Space
  • MRS Community Portland 

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