Join Us For #GivingTuesday
November 2019
Dear Friend of DKT,

We invite you to celebrate Giving Tuesday with DKT International. Giving Tuesday was started as an alternative to the shopping-heavy focus of Black Friday and Cyber Monday; Giving Tuesday is about giving back to others and to the community.

On Giving Tuesday (November 26 th ), join others in donating to non-profits like DKT International to make positive change.

DKT International is a registered non-profit organization that harnesses the power of social marketing to provide family planning, HIV/AIDS prevention, and safe abortion products and services in some of the largest countries with the greatest need. DKT works to increase the availability and affordability of a full spectrum of modern birth control methods, strengthen the supply chain to increase the availability of contraception and improve method mix variety, and increase demand and inspire new contraceptive users through advertising and educational campaigns.

In 2018, DKT’s average cost of providing one year of protection for a couple was $1.57. Your donation on Giving Tuesday will be used to increase access to contraceptives for couples in places like DRC, Cameroon, and Myanmar.

You can participate in DKT’s #GivingTuesday donation campaign  here .

Thank you for your commitment to DKT’s mission!

Christopher Purdy